20 hours ago

i don't mean to be offensive ot what, but Morningleaf is nosy.
20 hours ago

Though I'm not sure anyone dislikes her yet I thought it would be good to get the message out. River sun is not evil yet. Sure her parents were psychopaths but River sun was only a poor little foal wh
Oct 19

Brackentail bullied Star through out the first year of the black foal's life, he even tried to murder Star. Most of us would have to agree it was pretty despicable of Brackentail to do that, but if yo
Jun 20

there is nothing misunderstood about petalcloud she is downright evil evil to the core
Jun 20

Star grew up in a herd that he had friends in, and he felt somewhat safe in Sun Herd. Nightwing may haven't had a life like that, so maybe this caused him to become a destroyer?
May 24

SPOILERS FOR THE SHORT STORIES IN STORMBOUND AND WINDBORN So I recently read the short story in the back of Stor
Jan 4

i say one of the reasons he's bad is becuase his mother (Petalcloud) traded him to her Sire (Rockwing) he felt abandoned, and he was afraid of Star, and that he wanted to take over the herds. SPOILER
Nov 25, 2018

Frostfiire isn''t that bad! Seriously, I think he got most of his traits from Petalcloud. (SPOILERS) He only betrayed Star to save his colt! And he captured Morningleaf because Rockwing told him to.
Aug 25, 2018

He did seem really evil and cruel, but he was given away to Mountain Herd by his own mother which probably made him bitter. The flashback he had from his point of view was really sad. I also ship him
Mar 24, 2018

I feel like Frostfire was missunderstood! Towards the end of Windborn he was alot nicer and sweet! I think Larksong and their foal changed his attitude!
20 hours ago

I think Nightwing became evil because of what happened to Hollyblaze. In Nightwing's journey, it's said (well, written) that they were looking at baby crocodiles together (well, Hollyblaze) when the m
Oct 27

Now please no one get me wrong on this, I believe that Queen Lilliam was really, truly horrible, but I think that there were probably many things that impacted her bad decisions like NIghtwing. First,
Jun 20

Yeah, so Brauk isn't really a 'villain', but he also isn't exactly everyone's most favorite character. Especially after he mistreated Echofrost, and even ripped out her flight feathers. I honestly thi
Jun 20

I think Rockwing is the way he is because he had a hard foalhood and was treated poorly as a foal. I think he just needs someone to talk to, and to love him
May 24

(Minor spoilers for the short story in the back of Stormbound) (You might also be wondering why I posted this in ‘Misunderstood Villains’. Nightwing’s mother isn’t exactly a villain (or at least she
Jan 31

Frostfire is not all bad in fact he is one of my favortie villins in TGH . Riversun i feel bad for her having mean parents and being a orphan must be hard for Rivesun . Brakentail is one of the bes
Nov 26, 2018

Nightwing losing his colt made me cry, I always feel sad when babies are still born, but this scene particular showed that Nightwing had a heart even though he refused help from Star he was still want
Oct 19, 2018

Brakentail seemed evil in the first book but in the second book he humbly asked to be forgiven, and asked to join Stars herd. Since Star is a kind stallion he let brakentail join his herd, and healed
Apr 28, 2018

Brackentail, even though people have read the whole seires they still think Brackentail was evil but he had no choice and the one whom shall not be forgiven is Rockwing he is the one who made Echofros
Mar 17, 2018

I've been thinking about it, and I at least think I know why Nightflame, the first living black foal in Anok, became Nightwing the Destroyer. Perhaps it was because the pegasi of Anok didn't accept hi


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