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ANCESTORS: deceased pegasi who live in the Golden Meadow.


ANOK: a massive continent inhabited by wild pegasi.


BLACK FOAL: once every hundred years, a black foal is born. The foal will inherit the power of the Hundred Year Star on the foal's first birthday. 


BLOODBORN: a direct descendant of the Seven Sisters, male or female, is known as bloodborns. Only females can rule a clan and track their lineage.


BURNERS: miniature fire-breathing dragons with five heat settings. They live in the Sandwen Realm.


CLOUD SWEAT: the moisture that collects on pegasi when they fly through clouds.


DAM: an equine term for mother.


DUD: a pegasus who is born unable to fly.


GOLDEN MEADOW: where pegasi go when they die. There they live in one great herd. When they migrate, they appear in the night sky as bright lights.


GORLANDER: a red-haired, pale-skinned giant. They live on Mount Crim in three hordes: Fire horde, Great Cave horde, and Highland horde. They speak Gorlish, a form of sign language.


HUNDRED YEAR STAR: the golden star that appears in the sky each century on the day the black foal is born. It remains for one year. On the foal's first birthday, it transfers its power to the foal and then disappears for another hundred years. 

KIHLARI: "Children of the Wind", tame pegasi warhorses ridden and trained by Landwalkers (humans). They live in the Sandwen Realm and are sacred.


LAND HORSES: non-winged horses, unable to form complicated language. They are distant cousins to the pegasi.


LANDWALKERS: the pegasus term for humans. They don't live in Anok, but they do live on surrounding continents.


LEAD MARE: the female leader of a pegasus herd.


MEDICINE MARE: a female healer in a pegasus herd, experienced with herbal treatments and wound care.


OVER-STALLION: the male leader of a pegasus herd.


PEGASI: the plural term for pegasus.


PEGASUS: a winged equine, a distant cousin to the horse and unicorn. 


RIDER: a human Sandwen warrior who has Paired with a Flier, a winged warhorse


SANDWEN CLANS: there are seven human clans in the Sandwen Realm, and each is ruled by a queen.

SEVEN SISTERS: the Sandwen clans were founded by the seven sisters of legends


SIRE: an equine term for father. 


STARFIRE: the power that is transferred from the Hundred Year Star to the Black Foal.


STEED: another word for pegasus.


THE BEYOND: where pegasi go who are killed by a Destroyer's silver starfire. They are trapped there and cannot reach the Golden Meadow until their Destroyer is defeated.


UNDER-STALLION: a male with no authority in a pegasus herd.


VEIN: the neutral land between pegasus territories. It's usually safe to travel in the Vein.


WALKER: a pegasus who cannot fly because it's either a dud, injured, disabled, or weak. 


WEANLING: a pegasus who no longer drinks milk but is not yet one year old. Pegasi are weaned around five months old.


YEARLING: the name for a pegasus who is one year old.

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