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"Readers will be enthralled. The story is action-packed and full of adventure, making it difficult to put down. A great choice for libraries serving middle grade students who crave more fantasy and a perfect readalike for fans of Erin Hunter's "Warriors" series."

School Library Journal


"Alvarez offers strong worldbuilding and an evocative picture of winged horses in action. An entertaining adventure story."

Publisher's Weekly


"This first in a planned trilogy dives into the nature of humans and horses. An amazing story of survival flecked with themes of captivity and freedom, and a coming-of-age journey with a strong heart."


“An epic adventure that moves at the speed of flight. Thrilling, compelling and
completely enchanting. I fell in love with the Storm Herd, and one particular winged
steed that Pegasus himself would fall for!”

Kate O'Hearn, author of the international bestselling Pegasus series

"Getting swept up in Jennifer Lynn Alvarez's rich world of flying steeds, Landwalkers, giants, and spit dragons was the most fun I've had all year. It's like How to Train Your Dragon meets Watership Down. But with pegasi. A fantastic read!"

John Kloepfer, author of the Zombie Chasers series, the Galaxy's Most Wanted series, and Monster's Unleashed


"Exhilarating! A well-woven tale full of loyalty, bravery, danger, and love. Readers will be delighted!"

Lindsay Cummings, the New York Times bestselling author of the Balance Keeper series

"A story with both wings and heart, ACROSS THE DARK WATER is a breathtaking ride into a rich and dangerous world. Animal-lovers and thrill-seekers alike will cheer for Echofrost and Rahkki at each of the many twists and turns. Clever, epic, and wildly imaginative!"

Kamilla Benko, author of The Unicorn Quest 

"A beautiful tale of loyalty, adventure, and bravery. Readers will want to soar through the
clouds with Echofrost and befriend kind-hearted Rahkki. Across the Dark Water is a
captivating opener to the Riders of the Realm trilogy."

Jill Diamond, author of the Lou Lou and Pea series

"Honor and courage soar on every page!"

Jenn Reese, author of the Above World trilogy

"A riveting, richly imagined epic tale of loyalty, bravery, and friendship that will make your heart (literally) soar--a pulse-pounding adventure! Jennifer Lynn Alvarez is a true master of her craft."

Kristen Kittscher, author of The Wig in the Window and The Tiara on the Terrace

"Gorgeously detailed and with heart-wrenching conflict, Across the Dark Water is a
breathtaking read sure to please new fans and old. Jennifer Lynn Alvarez’s fantasy world
is richly developed with a cast of characters readers will sure to love, both winged and
human. I read it as fast as a Pegasus can fly and am already longing for more."

Mindee Arnett, critically acclaimed author of Onyx & Ivory


"From page one, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez weaves an epic tale of a doomed black pegasus foal named Star, whose race against time lift the reader on the wings of danger and destiny, magic and hope. It's a world I did not want to leave, and neither will you." 

Peter Lerangis, New York Times bestselling author in the 39 Clues series and of the Seven Wonders series


STARFIRE (book #1) selected for inclusion in the exclusive "ABC Best Books for Children 2014" catalog. 

American Booksellers' Association (ABA)


Praise for STARFIRE

"Chock-full of adventure and twists, making it difficult to put down. Readers will be clamoring for the next book in this adventure."

School Library Journal


"Alvarez’s world is lush with description and atmosphere, and her premise has much to offer. Fans of animal fantasies should find it enjoyable."

Publishers Weekly


"Will prove popular with both animal-lovers and fantasy fans. ...A good choice for reluctant readers. The clever resolution will get kids psyched for more tales from the Guardian Herd."



"This epic adventure is richly developed. Compelling."

Kirkus Reviews



''This series' rapid-fire pacing keeps the book moving to a cliff-hanger ending.''



“Filled with fantastical action, and rich with description. A well-paced and engrossing story. Alvarez has created a series that will be beloved by readers.”

Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)


Praise for LANDFALL

"Perfect for fans of Charlotte's Web and the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, Alvarez advances the story arc thoughtfully and gives a cliffhangar ending that will leave readers clamoring for the final series installment."


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