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From the author of THE GUARDIAN HERD series comes a whimsical tale about friendship, lemonade parties (where everyone wears yellow, including the pets), and adorable animals The Pet Washer (2012) is the author's indie novel.

The Guardian Herd: Dark Water Trials #1: Promise Keeper



It's spring break for the princesses of the seven kingdoms. As the royal families flock to their second castles on the island of Windym, the townsfolk struggle to keep up with their outrageous demands.


Cianna works overtime at The Royal Pet Palace and Day Spa. She is the pet washer. Here, animals are cleaned, massaged, bedazzled, and dyed to match the outfits of their masters. Cianna is popular with the pets because she invents special shampoos, flea treatments, pet foods, and toothpastes to keep them as healthy as they are clean.


Polly is the princess. She owns the finest dresses, the fastest horses, the largest castle, and befriends the prettiest royals in the seven kingdoms. When Polly discovers Cianna, she believes she's found the perfect girl to add to her upcoming dance performance.


But as the two prepare for the Spring Festival, their worlds collide in unexpected ways.


"The Pet Washer is an incredible tale of an unlikely friendship." -Beachbound Books

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