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Anok is a large continent on a planet of eight continents. Most of the action in the first three books takes place in the western portion of the land mass.


The pegasi are aware that other continents exist and that some are inhabited by Landwalkers (humans). But Anok is protected by powerful wind and water currents that prevent it from being discovered.

The Guardian Herd, Map of Anok


The Trap is a forest in Northwestern Anok. It is called the Trap because it's so dense that once a pegasus enters the woods, he or she cannot fly out. The overhead canopy of branches is too thick. Large pegasi cannot fly between the trees either.


Ice tigers, white bears, and wolves hunt in the Trap. Since PEGASI cannot fly to escape them, they must run for their lives on the ground. So while the Trap is not a safe place to live, it is one of the few places in Anok where pegasi can gather in large numbers and not be seen from the sky, making it a wonderful place to hide.

The Guardian Herd, Map of the Trap from Book #3 LANDFALL


The Flatlands are located in the Interior portion of Anok. Here lightning storms, ferocious winds, and dire wolves cause great danger to the pegasi. However, this region also provides lush grazing landsand thousands of lakes. Famine and drought are not problems here, but the windy plains are considered dangerous for young foals and weanlings who aren't used to flying.

The Interior of Anok is also the ancient homeland of the Lake Herd pegasi. This herd disappeared four hundred years before the birth of Star. There are many legends about their disappearance; they were slaughtered by wolves, blown away in a massive storm, or they fled Anok in fear of Nightwing the Destroyer, but no pegasus knows for sure what happened to them or, if they fled Anok, where they went.

The Guardian Herd, Map of the Trap from Book #3 LANDFALL


South of Anok, across the Dark Water ocean, there lies a continent inhabited by humans. The Sandwen Realm and the Daakuran Empire define their territories. Dangerous animals and hordes of giants occupy the lush jungle lands.

In the spin-off trilogy, RIDERS OF THE REALM, a small herd of pegasi journey south in search of a new, safer home, unaware of the humans who seek to capture them.

Riders of the Realm, Map of the Sandwen Realm



Three hordes of giants live in the mountains of the Sandwen Realm. They are Great Cave horde, Fire Horde, and Highland horde. All giants speak Gorlish, a form of sign language. They raise and train saber cats, miniature dragons, and elephants to do their bidding. They have been at war with the Sandwen Clans for one thousand years.

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