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Star is born to Sun Herd. He's a dud colt with over-size wings but an ancient phrophecy declares he'll become the most powerful pegasus in Anok. Star is calm, thoughtful, and imaginitive. His best friend is Morningleaf and he's adopted by Silvercloud. Star is the "star" of the first four books of the Guardian Herd series.


She's the filly of Sun Herd's leaders, Thunderwing and Silvercloud. She's loyal, impulsive, and protective of Star. She counts higher and faster than most pegasi and would like to become a lead mare when she grows up. She is born to Sun Herd.


She's a twin filly born to Crystalfeather. She's friends with Morningleaf and Star. Echofrost is logical and athletic. She doesn't trust foreign pegasi, and she's slow to forgive others. Her wish is to join the Sun Herd army as a spy. Her twin is the colt, Bumblewind.


Bumblewind is loyal and supportive of his friends, but has no ambitions of his own. He's one of the few pegasi who can see Star for who he is, not the future Healer or Destroyer, but as a pegasus colt who just wants to fly and play. Bumblewind loves to eat, and he gets along with everyone. He is the twin of Echofrost.


She's the lead mare of Sun Herd. She's selfless and resourceful. She believes Star will grow up to become the Healer and unite the herds of Anok. Silvercloud is tired of war and she risks everything to support Star, but deep down she wonders if this is a mistake. Her foals are Hazelwind and Morningleaf. Also known as Silverlake.


He's the over-stallion of Sun Herd. He's protective, strong-willed, and a popular leader. His herd trusts him to keep them safe. He's afraid Star will grow up to become a Destroyer, and so he decides to execute him. His mate is Silvercloud and his foals are Hazelwind and Morningleaf. Also known as Thundersky.


She's a young battle mare and the filly of a deceased Sun Herd medicine mare. She's fierce, flirtatious, and protective of her herd. She's quick to tease her friends, but even quicker to defend them. She's athletic and learns new skills quickly. Bumblewind has a huge crush on her, which makes him her favorite target when she's joking around. 


He's born to Snow Herd, but his mother Petalcloud trades him to her sire in Mountain Herd. He's raised there and pushed hard by his grandsire Rockwing. Frostfire becomes the youngest captain in the history of Mountain Herd's army. He fights for approval by being cruel and aggressive, but he has unresolved anger and sorrow toward his mother for abandoning him. 


She's a runt and a dud filly who is born to Mountain Herd's over-stallion Rockwing and the lead mare Birchcloud. Shadepebble is sweet, friendly, and naive but extremely determined. Her right wing is smaller and shorter than her left, so flying is a struggle for her. Shadepebble is raised to be afraid of foreign pegasi, but her curiosity helps her overcome her fears. Read Shadepebble's Interview HERE.


He is born to Sun Herd and the colt of Rowanwood. Brackentail bullies Star when they are young colts and insults him by calling him a "horse" and a "dud". He threatens and challenges Star, but deep down Brackentail is jealous of him. Their relationship changes as they grow older. Brackentail's crush is Morningleaf and he likes to follow her wherever she goes.


She's born to Mountain Herd and is one of Rockwing's and Birchcloud's few surviving foals. She wants to lead a herd of her own, so she deserts her sire and joins Snow Herd. She quickly becomes lead mare, but Rockwing demands her first born colt in exchange for her freedom. She gives him Frostfire. Her mate Icewing is furious about it, but Petalcloud cares only for herself. Her sister is Shadepebble.


He is born to Sun Herd and the colt of Thunderwing and Silvercloud. His younger sister is Morningleaf. Hazelwind is duty bound, loyal, and a natural born leader. At one point he leaves to form his own herd, but after Nightwing the Destroyer returns to Anok, Hazelwind realizes that all pegasi must band together and support Star. Echofrost holds a special place in Hazelwind's heart. Read an Interview with Hazelwind HERE

Echofrost and Rahkki from RIDERS IN THE REALM, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
Shysong from RIDERS IN THE REALM, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
Tuni and Rizah from RIDERS IN THE REALM, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez


Echofrost is born to Sun Herd and Rahkki Stormrunner is born to the Fifth Clan. She crosses the Dark Water ocean in search of a new, safe home for her small herd. When Rahkki's people spot the wild pegasi, they try and catch them. Echofrost's greatest desire is to live free, but she ends up captured. Rahkki is drawn to her and will do anything to save her, at great cost to himself. This unlikely pair must learn to trust each other in order to survive.

Fighting beetles from RIDERS IN THE REALM, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez


A favorite pastime among the Sandwen clans is to fight beetles. They find them in the wild or buy them in the empire. The male beetles are placed on pedestals in cages. The Sandwens place their bets as the beetles shove each other. The first one to fall off the pedestal is the loser. These are not fights to the death.



Each Gorlan horde utilizes animals in war, work, and for companionship. Great Cave Horde trains saber cats, Highland Horde raises elephants, and Fire Horde breeds burners, tiny fire-breathing dragons. Here is a Great Cave teenager riding his saber cat into battle.


She is born to Jungle Herd. She crosses the Dark Water ocean with Echofrost and Storm Herd, only to become captured and locked in a stall. Shysong appears to become tame, but her inner strength will surprise everyone.


Tuni Hightower is a Headwind in the Sky Guard army. Her tame Kihlara steed is Rizah. They are best friends and talented warriors. Tuni and Rizah are kind to Echofrost and try to help her. Echofrost would like the golden pinto mare to join her and become wild, but Rizah can't imagine a life without Tuni.

A Gorlan giant from RIDERS IN THE REALM, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez


The Gorlan giants live in three hordes on Mount Crim: Highland horde, Fire horde, and Great Cave horde. They fight aboard elephants or saber cats, and some fight from the ground. They also train miniature fire-breathing dragons called burners. These reptiles shoot five different colors of flame at different heat levels. The giants and the Sandwens have been at war over stolen farmlands for 1000 years.



After Rahkki wins Echofrost in a contest, he must outfit her and himself with armor. This is very expensive and Rahkki sells something precious in order to fulfill his obligation. Here you can see the matching brands he and Echofrost (Sula) received after their Pairing ceremony. Echofrost cannot stand the armor and riding tack, but decides to cooperate until all pegasi in the Sandwen Realm have the chance to live free.

Granak from RIDERS IN THE REALM, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez


Each Sandwen clan has a guardian mascot. Granak, the Father of Dragons, is the guardian for the Fifth Clan. The queen and her Borla (healer), sacrifice sows to Granak to keep him happy. They believe that a well fed guardian will bring good tidings. He is 16 feet tall at the shoulder and his drool is toxic.



I'Lenna and Shysong have  a special bond, but I'Lenna has no idea how wild her mare truly is. Shysong (Firo) exhibits more self-control than Echofrost, and she cares for I'Lenna, but all she truly wants is to live free!



This ancient crown is made of dragon's teeth. The center ornament is an iridescent black dragon scale. The teeth are tipped with sea pearls. This crown was lost after Queen Reyella's assassination. 


These highly anticipated twin foals are born in book three of RIDERS OF THE REALM. Due to spoilers, I will say no more!


Tak is a burner, a miniature dragon trained by Fire Horde. He shoots five different colors of flames with five different temperatures, from freezing to electric hot. "Tak" means "sun" in Talu, the language of the Daakuran Empire. He is a rare gold-colored dragon but the others in his flight don't like him. He befriends Rahkki and follows him everywhere.

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