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Reader: Are pegasi like horses?

JLA: Pegasi are like distant cousins to horses. They have a similar physical structure (except for the wings) and they make similar noises, but in other ways they are much different. In fact, being called a "horse" is an insult to a pegasus. Also, pegasi are self-aware and experience powerful personal emotions. While horses' eyes can water from allergies or injuries, pegasi cry when they are sad. Pegasi have a more varied diet than horses too. They eat raw bird eggs, nuts, melons, tree barks, most plants, tree leaves, kelp, reeds, and all types of grass.

Reader: How long do pegasi live?

JLA: The average lifespan for a pegasus is ninety years.

Reader: Why are pegasi so aggressive when horses seem to be afraid of everything?

JLA: Well, remember, they aren't horses, but not all horses are spooky. Some are quite brave. The pegasi, even the mares, have the personalities of stallions. Each one is fiercely protective, even when they are afraid, maybe especially when they are afraid! They must watch out for predators and enemy pegasi from foreign herds, so they rarely let down their guard.


Do you write any other books?

Yes! I have a new trilogy called RIDERS OF THE REALM. I also wrote THE PET WASHER, but since it is my indie novel, it is only available online (in paperback or kindle formats). A book store can order The Pet Washer if you ask them.

Reader: Do the pegasi make any kind of art?

JLA: Not really. Pegasi possess an utter lack of imagination or appreciation for beauty. Star will take time to enjoy a sunset or admire a pretty bird, and his friends think that's crazy. He's a rare pegasus. The others would rather be doing something. They don't like to be still unless they are eating or sleeping.

Reader: Do you have any writing tips for me?

JLA: Absolutely! Lots of kids tell me they start writing books but don't finish them. I did the same thing when I was a kid! I had a million "Chapter One's" but no "Chapter Two's". That's okay, I think it's part of the process for future authors, so don't feel bad about it. But eventually you will need to finish your stories so that you can practice writing endings. In between the novels that you begin, write short stories and finish them. Then go back to working on novels.

But one day, you must decide to push through and finish a book no matter what, even if you decide the book is terrible. My suggestion for how to do this is to write every day and write fast, without judging yourself. Once the book is finished, leave it for awhile and then rewrite it. That process will never change. All first drafts need to be revised--always--so get used to that now!

Reader: How old were you when you finished your first book?

JLA: I was nineteen and the book is called The Spotless Forest. It's not published.

Reader: Where can I find the Guardian Herd books?

JLA: Your local bookstore, local library, school library, or at online stores. They are available in print, ebook, and audio book formats. If the store closest to you doesn't carry the series, they can order it for you. If your public or school library doesn't have it, you can make a request for it through the librarian and he or she will probably order it for you to borrow!


Reader: Your books are often compared to the Warriors cats series by Erin Hunter. Do you help write the Warriors books?


JLA: As flattering as that rumor is, it's just a rumor. My only association with Warriors is that my books are housed with the same publisher (and I'm the proud mother of a mega-Warriors fan).

Reader: Will the Guardian Herd books be made into a movie?

JLA: That's up to the movie makers out there!

Reader: How can I win a Guardian Herd prize like a book bag or a poster? 

JLA: See the Guardian Herd Giveaway details HERE

Reader: How many pets do you have and what are their names?

JLA: I own one horse named Maddie, Comet the Wonder Pony lives with us as a retiree, and I lease a horse for my daughter named Stormy. I have two dogs, Daisy and Roxie (we call her Rock Star), and I have three cats named Thunder, Nevy, and Cinder.

Reader: I have a question that hasn't been answered. How can I contact you?

JLA: Contact me HERE. I look forward to hearing from you!



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