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Broken Love: Chapter 12: Not what He Ought to be


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~Here's chapter 12! Enjoyyyyyy~ (Warning: Tis one is kinda dark...you'll see why)





The name wouldn't stop replaying itself in Whisperfrost's mind.



After several months of wondering who her father was, wondering why he left, wondering why he never came back, wondering why Ravenleaf never spoke of him, Whisperfrost had finally found out her father's name, and she was never going to let it go.

"Mama? Why did he leave? Did he not love me?" Whisperforst asked, as soon as her mother had paused.

Ravenleaf looked down and shook her head vigorously. "You weren't born when he...left." There was hesitation in her voice, it was expertly covered up, but it was there. Whisperfrost looked at her tiny hooves. "Why-why did he leave?" Whisperfrost asked, yearning to hear the story. Ravenleaf sighed, and folded her wings, getting comfortable.

"It was about 4 years ago, although I remember it like it was yesterday....

I was 8 years old. Moonsight was 14. We were friends, slowing coming to like each other more and more. I had just enlisted in the army, and he was a flight instructor. It's been a year since the Black Tongue plague broke out in Snow herd. Right now, only a handful had died, but that wasn't a concern to Twistwing, for we had an enormous army of 2000 steeds." Ravenleaf waited to the ooh's and awe's from the foals to die down before continuing. "Moonsight was very drastic. He was smart, but also secretive, took things too literally, and very hot-headed. But, under all the toughness and mysteriousness, he was soft...at least to me. Moonsight was also hungry, not for food, but for power, but I realized that too late." She paused to take a breath, then continued, her eyes becoming dull. "It was late summer. Moonsight and I were now very close. We did everything together. One day, he asked me to be his mate, and I said yes. We were happy, all until our numbers started decreasing. We went from 2000 steeds to 1000 steeds in 2 months. All deaths were because of the plague. Twistwing was becoming cold...well, colder. He was proud of his army, but now, his army was fading. Not wanting the other herds to see his weakness, he ordered all the medicine mares to quarantine all the sick steeds and find out what caused the sickness and how they could cure it. But, unfortunately, most of the medicine mares died within a week." She paused to lift her head towards the sky and nicker sadly. Ravenleaf lowered her head again and sullenly continued. "This is when Moonsight started changing. He started coming up with drastic ways to help save the herd. He told them all to me, and I told them that each idea wasn't going to help. I was almost horrified. "If fate wants to take away our herd mates, then let it be so. It is not our place to interfere. The plague will stop, and if it doesn't, I hear Twistwing is planning to migrate to the other end of the territory." I told him. But, he became angry at me and he snapped, "Fate? Who cares about fate?! Destiny? Screw it! Migration won't solve anything. I don't care about fate or destiny. I put matters into my own hooves and not wait for so-called fate to decide for me!" Then, he stormed off. I didn't know where he was going, but I figured he just went to the lake to cool off.

I was wrong. He went to Twistwing and told him of all his ideas to help rid the herd of the plague. And, of course, Twistwing agreed to one....

In the dead of night, Twistwing ,along with a battalion, went to where the quarantined steeds were held....and he-he killed them. Every last one. Even foals. Even elders." Ravenleaf's voice cracked. She bit her lip and dug her sharp hooves into the soil. Whisperfrost, who had been listening patiently, rushed to her mother and embraced her. "I'm so sorry Momma." Whisperfrost mumbled to Ravenleaf. They let go of each other and Whisperfrost resumed her place next to Alderflare, who looked shocked and concerned. "It's okay. Momma's okay, now." Ravenleaf said, composing herself.

"That battalion, the one who helped Twistwing murder all those poor, sick steeds, was...was led by my mate; Moonsight." Ravenleaf said, looking up toward the rising moon. Whisperfrost's eyes shot wide open. "No! You don't mean...that he... that my father helped to kill them?!!" She asked, afraid of the answer.

Ravenleaf nodded slowly. "I'm sorry, honey, but your father not only came up with the idea, but he also led the battalion to kill them..." Ravenleaf replied, wrapping a leafy green wing over her daughter. Whisperfrost started to tremble violently and Alderflare nuzzled her shoulder gently in support and concern. Ravenleaf pressed her forehead to Whisperfrost and whispered soothing words to try and calm her scared, confused, and overwhelmed daughter.

Whisperfrost expected her father to be this amazing, kind, trustworthy, stallion and everything else that a father should be.

But, instead, Moonsight was a killer of hundreds.....




(WOW!!!! This was a dramatic one!!! I hope you like it!!!I just don't like how dark it is...sorry about that)

Apr 21

Wow, that was Awesome!

Apr 21

I actually like the dark side. lol Great story!

Apr 21

O.O.....................................................................................................................................................................................................WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! Woah that toke a dark turn! But it was also realy gooood! I need to know what happens next!!

Holy Hundred Year Star .... gtg but I'll add to this later.

Whisperfrost, your parents define your appearance, not your soul. Be who you are, and that can be anyone no matter who your family is or was.

@Flamefrost Thank you Flamefrost! I'll tell Whisperfrost you said that lol. Can I use that? I feel like in the near future someone might tell her those words, but I don't want to copy you.

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