3 days ago

Is it okay to write a fan fic about Raphael (my rp character)(domination rp) anyone? Can anyone answer?
Nov 11

Brackentail never stopped nagging Morningleaf to love him. He tried everything. Walking with her, giving her gifts, and just spending so much time trying to impress her. He never stopped getting ideas
Nov 9

Morningleaf started down at the two tiny foals nursing beside her. Normally Morningleaf would feel happy but taday she felt dred. How could I explain this to Star? Morningleaf paced back and forth
Nov 4

Ocean Herd Pegasi Overstallion: Strikestorm-deep brown stallion with crimson feathers, grey mane and tail, white splotch on face. Sire to: Smokeburst, Sharpspurt, Sundancer. Adopted: Nightsong. Le
Oct 7

It's been a while since I posted the next chapter of this fanfic, hope someone likes it. Also ignore the titles, they may change, if the story is by me then then it's the same one as the last. Unless
Jul 23

(WOW. I haven't dine one of these in a LOOONNNGGG time! I've been super busy, but I'll try to keep these updated) ~ ~ Whisperfrost slowly cried into her mother's embracing wings. "My father, Moon
Jul 10

Shadow wing had led him and storm flower to a large oak tree ”what is going on?” Storm flower asked her farther he sighed in reply, he turned his head towards falcon feather “where are the others?” he
Jul 2

In the roar of the Overstallion and Leadmare party, nobody noticed Brackentail's sudden vanishment. He galloped ferociously into the woods, his sharpened hooves kicking up mounds of dirt as he went. T
May 31

If I wrote a fan fiction about my new mane (im spelling it like that on purpose) OC Darkblaze, would any of you actually read it? XD
May 29

Two weeks after the birth of her filly, Dewberry was grazing while Bumbleberry nursed at her side, when a thought hit her like a storm hitting water. 'What if we are attacked? I can't help fight when
7 days ago

“And in keeping with tradition, you will make the journey alone.” The slate-colored face of Ash’s father was solemn, condescending, and stern, as it always was. But then it was – spinning? Ash shook h
Nov 9

ThunderFeather glances around her and spots another pegasus sneaking up behind her. “What is your problem, FlameHeart?!” she whinnies exasperatedly. “I am supposed to get you! Your mom ordered me to!”
Nov 8

Morning Star nudged the fallen leaves aside revealing her prize beneath them. A bush of ripe, blueberries. Morning Star dug a shallow indent in the dirt around the base before gently tugging the small
Nov 4

This one is a little darker with the bad guy When they reached the place they left the foals they screamed. The foals were gone!! Breakingdawn trumpeted the cry of mourning, the herd stilled and looke
Sep 5

Long ago there was a pegasus named Ashstarflight she was the creator of Anok she had 5 sons and they had their children: Whitewing, Waterwing, Hazlewing, Ashwing, Blazewing and Darkwing they ran away
Jul 15

Chase saw the blade coming just in time and grabbed Tanner’s wrist so he couldn’t stab him. He shoved the wrist over to one side, making Tanner gasp in pain as his elbow disconnected. That done, Chase
Jul 10

The day had finally arrived. Nightsky’s stomach threatened to turn inside out with anxiety, but he pushed the feelings down. His dam had to adore his chosen mate, she just had to! His soon to be
Jun 5

It was at midnight, when the moon was at the highest peak in the sky, when Thunderlake screamed. Sunspark jolted awake, confused and ready to buck any steed who was messing with her. "Thunderlake? Wha
May 31

The Secret of the Snow: Intro\NOT Mini story DISCLAMER: This is not a short story. It ended up being VERY long SORRY Somewhere in western Anok, Wind Herd was migrating to their cooler meadow. In the b
May 29

Starfrost was pacing. With good reason, Whitelily had been gone for too long. Maybe it was her swollen belly. They should have checked that Lily wasn't sick. Starfrost finally reared as the panic got


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