Aug 3, 2017



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So I recently read the short story in the back of Stormbound, which is about Nightwing waking

up and Hollyblaze's death. And even though it was sad, it made me dislike Nightwing even more. In the beginning of the short story, he and Hollyblaze are looking at some crocodiles when some stallions come up and start fighting Hollyblaze. Nightflame (his old name is so cute) cowers in a bush, and because of this Hollyblaze dies. And later, he hides away when an evil stallion fights the herds. HE IS SUCH A COWARD. And in the short story in Windborn, he is killing Jungle Herd pegasi because he is jealous. I don't think I will ever understand him.

Aug 3, 2017

Villains are confusing

Nov 25, 2018

Nigtwing, Nigtwing, Nigtwing...

Dec 3, 2018

Why do they want to be evil? I never entirely got Nightwings motives.

May 24Edited: May 24

I get it, I do. But, if you think about his real wants and actions you can see the inner hatred, and death, and evil. He only wants what he wants! I'm not just saying this because I love TGH, I'm saying this because I've known REAL people like that. My dad was like that... They can feel sorry for themselves all day! But really, they are bad. Just. Bad. Nightwing only has sympathy for HIMSELF! He was only sad because he felt like the "VICTIM" He should be the Over-Stallion of Anok! He should be the one the foals love! He should be the OLNY living Black Foal! Bla, bla, bla!

Nightwing is BAD, EVIL, THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF ALL TIME! And, to be truthful, *starts in a low voice* the human race is so lucky that Nightwing isn't real. O.o Lol, we would all be DEAD!

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  • Star grew up in a herd that he had friends in, and he felt somewhat safe in Sun Herd. Nightwing may haven't had a life like that, so maybe this caused him to become a destroyer?
  • Frostfire is not all bad in fact he is one of my favortie villins in TGH . Riversun i feel bad for her having mean parents and being a orphan must be hard for Rivesun . Brakentail is one of the best pegsi in TGh I know he was mean and rude only becuase Thunderwing belived that in the 1st book now Brakentail saw he was being a jerk and changed to be nice.
  • (Minor spoilers for the short story in the back of Stormbound) (You might also be wondering why I posted this in ‘Misunderstood Villains’. Nightwing’s mother isn’t exactly a villain (or at least she isn’t shown to be one yet), but to me, it looks like she didn’t make any impact on her son or effort to make him good. So in my mind, she is a misunderstood villain until we understand her more) So most of you probably know that Nightwing (or Nightflame) was the only known Black Foal with his mother to survive his birth. All of the other mares died along with their foals (except Star). You also may know that Nightwing has never mentioned his mother or said her name; he doesn’t even think about her in his short story in Stormbound. The only way we know about her is because Morningleaf mentioned her. Did Nightwing hate his mother so much that he basically forced her out of his brain? Why didn’t she help her son overcome his hate, or did she...? Was his mother one of the reasons why Nightwing became bad? Did Nightwing kill his mother? Nightwing is obviously guilty about Hollyblaze’s death and has nightmares about his guilt, but his mother is not shown in any of his memories. Why is this so? Did the legends lie about her surviving Nightwing’s birth?


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