Aug 30, 2017

Our Forever: Chapter 10: Loved.


The filly stood there in utter shock, could this actually be true? Rainblurr felt dizzy, she stumbled but was caught by Hazelwind. She looked at Echofrost. "What do you mean this is where I was born and you're my dam?" Rainblurr asked. "Just what I said. This is where you were born and I'm your dam." Echofrost replied simply. Suddenly it dawned on her. This was the interior of Anok, so that hole she had seen when they landed must be the old dire wolf den! Hazelwind and Echofrost had become mates before they left for the Dark Water, and must have had her right before they left and couldn't bring her! "It's true then? My heroes are my sire and dam?!" Rainblurr asked. "Yes it's true. We can't tell you how sorry we are for leaving you behind, you were only two days old when we were due to start our journey to the Dark Water, and Heartclover's foal had died when she gave birth, so we intrusted you to her until we were able to come back." said Hazelwind. Rainblurr lepped forward and they embraced her. "Thank you so much for coming back to me!" she said, happy tears running down her cheeks. "You were easy to come back to!" exclaimed Echofrost, who also had happy tears streeming down her cheeks.


(Back to Morningleaf.)

Star and Morningleaf lay awake together, waiting for their friends to come back. Morningleaf thought of all that had happened to them in the past six moons. She had been pregnant since the second month she and Star became mates, and she already felt like the foal would be here at any moment. "Watcha thinking about?" Star asked. "Well, everything." Morningleaf said, looking up at the stars. "Us, the Herd, our friends, and our foal." said Morningleaf. "I was thinking about our foal to." said Star. Suddenly Morningleaf felt a stab of pain. "Star it's time! Go get Sweetroot! Hurry!" Morningleaf said, starting to pant. Star nodded and went as fast as he could to where Sweetroot was usually sorting erbs. Star was soon back with Morningleaf. "She's ready for you, do you think you can walk?" Star asked. Morningleaf nodded and Star helped her to her hooves. Slowly, they made there way to Sweetroot's tree grove. They arrived after much struggle. Morningleaf's knees buckled and she colapsed, panting hard. Sweetroot rushed to her side. "Star, could you stay with me?" Morningleaf asked, sounding just as frightened as he was. "Of coarse I will, that is if Sweetroot will let me." Star said. "Of coarse you can stay Star, it will motivate her." Sweetroot agreed, then continued. "Are you ready Morningleaf?" Morningleaf nodded, a look of pain on her face. Morningleaf began pushing with all her might, while Star looked into her eyes the whole time, encouraging her to go on. After an hour of this, not one, but two beautiful foals were laying on the ground beside her. Star finally broke his gaze at Morningleaf's face, and saw the two little foals.

Aug 30, 2017

Crowd: -whoops- YAY!! Good story!!!

Me: Thanks everyone! Hope you all like it!

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