9 hours ago

Nov 15

Hazelwind and Echofrost become mates and have a filly named Everhope. I will post a picture later of the family but it looks really good
Nov 13

So I was looking through my photos and I came across a Starleaf pic. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And you get the point. So
Oct 1

I just trok the pegasus love quiz in the games section, and on the question "When its down to Morningleaf, are you Team Star or Team Brackentail?" I picked Star and then saw how many people picked Bra
Sep 24

Colt of Bumblewind and Dewberry. Bay overo colt with light-green feathers, white face, black mane and tail.
Sep 24

Don't they look so cute?
Aug 3

Starbreeze is the colt and Lillydawn is the filly I hope you like them !:)
Jun 25

yes I know that this is not from TGH but I couldn't resist (they were to cute) and I know that this hasn't been confirmed by anyone, but never mind lets start, its like a brother sister relationship b
May 30

Here we go! Ok, anyone with their own Starleaf foals post here! I think it's time to see them ALL. Here are mine, Thunderstar (older colt) and Morninglight (younger filly) Thunderstar: black yearling
May 28

(theyre from my series that i am writing) Oaktail Left Lightfrost Right
9 hours ago

Am I the only one who totally got no reason what so ever ships Shysong and Redfire?
Nov 14

So I was reading Warriors: Legends of the Clans, Pinestar's Choice and I was nearing the part where Pineheart receives his 9 lives from Star Clan. And look who gave him his ninth life.....  MORNINGS
Nov 13

This was a photo from the latest edition of the TGH newsletter: It is over a month until the next book comes out! Am I the only one having problems with waiting? I mean seriously? It's the Bumbleberry
Sep 25

(Spoilers for all of the Books, especially Windborn) So I know a lot of you ship Clawpebble; that’s fine with me (I used to ship it to!) but I was thinking about all my favorite ships, and I realized
Sep 24

I FINALLY decided to be useful once again and decided to create what I imagined their twin foals would look like! on the left: SILVERSTORM - Brown blanket Appaloosa with brownish black mane and tail.
Sep 15

I love the ship Hazelfrost (mostly because it consists of my favourite character and my second favourite character's brother) and I thought about what they're future foals would look like! So (apart f
Aug 1

Hello everyone and happy Valentines Day!!! I hope all of you have a good time hanging out with your family and friends and all the people you love. (I also hope you all have a wonderful time eating th
Jun 17

WARNING: The following content is a very descriptive rant about a gf-stealing loser called Brackentail who is very dumb and ooves bashing his head onto poles while playing Pokemon Go, even though ther
May 29

May 28

Filly of Redfire and Ashrain. I don't know why... :/ I just like this ship.


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