Jan 11, 2018

Wingless Legends: Part 11


Edited: Apr 9, 2018


The two fillies collided, both biting each other angrily. Wingsong reared and sent her front hooves to Sunmist’s shoulder. Her unsharpened hooves caused no bleeding, but Sunmist shrieked in pain and fury. Rearing also, Sunmist pounded her hooves onto Wingsong’s bare back. The wingless filly took the chance ane grabbed Sunmist’s left wing. Biting down with all her might, Wingsong could feel the thin bones snap through the thick feathers.

Sunmist whinnied and flapped her free wing vigorously. Letting go, Wingsong felt herself turn around and send her back hooves flying towards Sunmist’s already-broken wing. A loud crack and shocked whinnies filled the air.

”Stop!” Icebreeze, Icewood, and Stormwind neighed all at once. Wingsong perked her ears and paused. Sunmist gasped for air, instantly collapsing with her broken wing laying limply on the groumd. Wingsong outstretched her neck, panting uncontrollably, blood still dripping from her nose. Her front knees buckled, and she landed on her rump. Wingsong looked at Sunmist, horrified at what she saw.

The palomino pinto filly was a wreck. Bite marks covered her body, but they were only minor injuries. Her left wing was destroyed. The feathers were torn and bleeding, and the wing itself lay at a strange angle. Knowing instantly what Wingsong had done, she looked away in shame.

Wingsong’s brother Icebreeze and cousin Icewood trotted up to her. ”What happened?” Icebreeze cried. Wingsong’s ears drooped. ”I attacked Sunmist.” she whispered. Icewood looked ay her curiously. ”What was that loud crack?” Wingsong shook her head slightly, not wanting to answer. Icebreeze sighed and directed Icewood’s head with his wings toward Sunmist. The young colt gasped.

Stormwind trotted up to his twin sister. ”Are you okay..?” he whispered. Sunmist glared at him, re-newed anger burning in her eyes. ”No! Your wingless friend over there destroyed my wing! Now I’m going to be a cripple like her!” Wingsong felt equally re-newed and shot her head towards Sunmist. ”I broke one wing, I’ll break the other!” Sunmist’s eyes turned from anger to fear. Tucking her tail, she curled into a ball. Instantly Wingsong regretted what she had said. ‘When had a temper like this risen?’ she thought. ’Sunmist had already been put through horrible trauma, why put her through more..?‘


Jan 11, 2018

Phew! Finally got it posted!

Jan 11, 2018

I haven't read your other ones. :(

Jan 11, 2018

Wait, what was the trauma? but btw GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Jan 12, 2018

The trauma was when Sunmist and Stormwind had escaped from Desert Herd. They had to dodge Redwing’s (the Desert Herd over stallion) scouts and traveled for moons trying to find a safe place, and all the predators

Jan 12, 2018

Its not to bad of trauma, idk what other word to use. But thanks!!

Jan 12, 2018

This as positively ammmazzzinnnngggg Cass! Please write more soon!!!

Jan 12, 2018

I love it!!!!

Jan 20, 2018

This is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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