Nov 22, 2017

The Love Story of Windwing and Wispiflower 6


Coperpool: Yes, Wispiflower. I overheard.

Windwing: -twitches ears nervously- Is the disease deadly?

Coperpool: It can kill you if not treated properly.

Coperpool: Quick question. Why did I see Wispiflower crying after you finished talking? That’s not part of the symptoms.

Windwing: -stomps hoof- Does Junetree know what to treat her with? -ignores the question-

Coperpool: I thiiiiink so. If she doesn’t than I can get hold of the medicine mare. Her name’s Pineberry right?

Windwing: -nods-

Coperpool: Sooo... Do I get my question answered?

Windwing: -doesn’t hear him and is lost in thought-

Coperpool: Ummmm, hello?

Windwing: -hears Coperpool and perks ears- What?

Coperpool: Are you going to tell me why Wispiflower was crying?

Windwing: -pins ears, suddenly angry- Why do you want to know?

Coperpool: -throws up wings- I don’t NEED to, just curious! But I won’t question.

Windwing: -sighs- I need some time alone -trots further into the forest-

Coperpool: -turns to Mapleglade- Why do YOU think she was crying? And why was he so angry?

Mapleglade: -shrugs- Maybe they got into a fight?

Coperpool: -gapes- I bet you’re right. But if it was than it really is none of our business.

Mapleglade: -nods in agreement- I’m gonna go see how Wispiflower is doing

Junetree: -perks ears- I think I hear someone coming. Maybe it’s Windwing.

Wispiflower: I doubt that. He was pretty mad at me for being so dumb.

Mapleglade: -trots up to the mares- Windwing doesn’t think your dumb, I think he’s just exhausted

Wispiflower: -head snaps from Junetree to Mapleglade- Oh, it’s you. And I don’t know.... -starts weeping silently again-

Mapleglade: Wispiflower, Why would Windwing think you’re dumb?

Wispiflower: Because I was.


Junetree: Yeah she kinda was.

Wispiflower: -head snaps back to Junetree- Did you SPY on us?

Mapleglade: -glares at Junetree- Not helping any

Junetree: ..... Whatever. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. It’s in the past.

Mapleglade: What’s wrong with you now Junetree?

Mapleglade: -looks at Coperpool- Mares are grumpy today

Rainblaze: -smacks Mapleglade on the face with wing-

Junetree: What? What do you mean?

Wispiflower: You didn’t have to say it out loud..

Rainblaze: -looks at Wispiflower and Junetree- Ignore him

Wispiflower: Ok

Junetree: It’s pretty easy.

-smirks at him-

Mapleglade: -snorts-


-brightens- Junetree is going to-

Junetree: -puts wing on Wispiflower’s mouth-

Wispiflower: Oh yeah, sorry.

Mapleglade: -tilts head in a confused way- Going to what?

Wispiflower: Never mind. -looks disappointed-

5th month

Wispiflower: I don’t get how this whole conversation could take so long. Oh, right. The Herd all ate that sleeping herb that if you eat enough can work for up to 3 months.

Rainblaze: Huh?

Wispiflower: Good morning.

Mapleglade: -shakes head and stands up- What happened?

Junetree: We ate the sleeping herbs.

Mapleglade: How long ago did we do that?

Rainblaze: -stands up also- I was wondering that too.. I feel taller

Windwing: -wakes up in the forest alone and in shock, noticing its fall when he fell asleep in the summer-

Windwing: -shakes head, remembering the sleeping herbs-


(Mean while)

Mintbreeze: -watches Windwing through the bushes in the forest with wings wrapped around her swollen stomach-

Junetree: About three months. It’s crazy. I feel taller too.

-grimaced- I feel heavy. -she looked by the grass and noticed that her belly had grown with the foal over the 3 months and also saw Mapleglade staring at her- I can explain..

Mapleglade: -eyes wide- What’s going on?

Mintbreeze: -steps out to Windwing from behind-

Windwing: -lowers head and nibbles on some grass, unaware of Mintbreeze-

Mintbreeze: -walks silently up to Windwing and nuzzles his cheek, making him jump-

Windwing: What are you doing here?!

Junetree: Ummmmm. Ugh, this is silly. I don’t care if I get limited. So.. the thing is... I’m with foal...?

Mintbreeze: -wraps wings around her stomach- Our foal is growing

Windwing: -bares teeth- YOUR foal is growing. It’s not mine.

Mapleglade: Who’s foal exactly?

Junetree: Well...

Wispiflower: Don’t be ridiculous and think she cheated on you. Tell him June.

Junetree: -mumbles before she says- It’s you’s.

Mapleglade: How is it mine?

Mintbreeze: -walks in front of Windwing and looks him in the eye-

Windwing: -stares at Mintbreeze’s unusually glowing eyes and pins ears-

Junetree: Ummm...

Wispiflower: Just TELL him.

Junetree: I... I think it was when we... umm.. slept together the second time..

Mapleglade: -stomps hoof-

Junetree: WHAT?!?!

Junetree: What did I do wrong?

Mapleglade: I’m suspicious

Junetree: Of what?

Wispiflower: Yeah, suspicious of what exactly Mapleglade? -gasps- Did you think she cheated you?!

Junetree: -gasps- I would NEVER do that to you!!

Mapleglade: Hmmmm

Wispiflower: -rolls eyes- C’mon Mapleglade, you don’t really believe that she would cheat you do you? If you do than you’re not as smart as I thought brother-in-law of mine.

Mapleglade: -shakes head- I don’t trust you when your with Shadowquake

Mapleglade: Well, I don’t trust him

Junetree: -rolls eyes- I only spend time with him because he has flight school tutoring from me because he dropped out of flight school when he was a foal and he felt ashamed so one day out of the blue he asked me if I would tutor him.

Mapleglade: Maybe, But before you know it he’s gonna ask you to be his mate!

Junetree: Nah, he already asked Pebblepebble. I still don’t get why her sire and dam chose that name.

Mapleglade: Pebblepebble? That’s quite the name

Junetree: I know right?

Wispiflower: I’m gonna go apologize to Windwing. I’ll be right back.

Mintbreeze: -stares into Windwing’s eyes and starts to control his mind, telling him that she is his mate and with his foal-

Windwing: -feels a strange feeling in his head and blinks, then shakes head-

Mintbreeze: -nickers and uses wing to make Windwing look at her- Are you excited for our foal?

Windwing: -almost falls over and it seems that his mind went blank- -says slowly without even knowing what he is saying- Definitely

Wispiflower: -walks in the direction Windwing had stormed and sees him with Mintbreeze- -her turn to storm forward- What are YOU doing here?!

Mintbreeze: -smirks- Your beloved Windwing is mine now, he’ll even admit it. Won’t you Windwing?

Windwing: -stares at Mintbreeze in a ghost-like way- -says slowly- She’s my mate..

Wispiflower: -can tell there’s something off but can’t place what it is- Windwing are you okay?

Wispiflower: -checks him over for blood or anything out of the ordinary-

Windwing: -moves away quickly from the strange mare and walks beside Mintbreeze- Who are you?

Wispiflower: -gapes- Are you really that mad at me?!

Mintbreeze: -rolls eyes- Windwing has been playing with you this whole time, Wispiflower. He wouldn’t admit that he loves me, but now he came to his senses and confessed. -nickers- Let’s go Windwing

Windwing: -nods slowly staring at the white mare suspiciously-

Mintbreeze: -mumbles under breath- I hope he stays like this after dusk..

Wispiflower: What was that?

Mintbreeze: -pins ears- Nothing you need to worry about. Let’s go Windwing -gallops into the sky-

Windwing: -follows without hesitation-

Wispiflower: -gapes- What just happened?

Rainblaze: -walks up to Wispiflower- Did you find Windwing?

Wispiflower: Ummm, sort of. I also found Mintbreeze. They were together. I feel like the whole thing was a scam.

Rainblaze: -stops- What do you mean?

Wispiflower: Mintbreeze AND Windwing say they’re mates.

Rainblaze: -jaw drops- Windwing? He said that!??

Wispiflower: I didn’t realize how mad he got.. -so devastated she can’t cry-

Rainblaze: -paws ground- That doesn’t sound like him at all..

Wispiflower: I felt like something was kind of off.. At the time I wasn’t sure what it was, but now I think Mintbreeze used the love spell herb. Didn’t our elders say it wears off at night?

Rainblaze: -perks ears- Love spell herb? I’ve never heard of that, but I’ve heard of something close to that. It’s when if you eat it, your mind gets all wonky, and if someone says something to you, like how Mintbreeze said “Windwing, your my mate,” he believes it. And it does wear off at night. Maybe it is the love spell herb.

Rainblaze: -suddenly realizes something- Uh oh. Wispiflower we have to go get him this is not good...

Wispiflower: Okay..

Rainblaze: -jumps into the sky- Where do you think they went?

Wispiflower: -points- They flew that way.

Rainblaze: -nods and starts flying into that direction-


(Mean while)

Mintbreeze: -flies quickly to the mountains with Windwing behind her and lands in a big cave- This is where we’ll stay for now

Windwing: -nods- Where do you get the food and water?

Wispiflower: I think she might have brought him back to the Blue Mountains.. I’m beginning to hate that place.

Rainblaze: Same



Mapleglade: I still don’t trust Shadowquake.

Junetree: -snorts- If that’s what you decide. -shudders- I don’t get restricted for not telling you do I?

Junetree: Or any other reasons that you may have?

Wispiflower. Tell me again, what does this herb do to a pegasus? Are there temporarily lasting breaks at curtain times of day?

-basically breaks- Why did I just HAVE to get sick with a rare decease that made me blow up at Windwing when I was going to tell him.. Never mind the thing I was going to tell him. It was private.

Mapleglade: -paws ground, not answering-

Rainblaze: -shrugs and puts wing on Wispiflower’s back- It’s ok, Windwing doesn’t hate you. Once we find him, I’m sure everything will be okay

Junetree: Either say something or go eat a rotten apple.

Mapleglade: Make me.

-sits on rump and starts to act immature and stubborn-

Wispiflower: -paws ground- I don’t know..

Rainblaze: -nickers- Cheer up. We’ll get rid of Mintbreeze first, then get Windwing. I’m sure he won’t even remember that you guys had a fight

Junetree: Sometimes you’re even more immature than I am.

Mapleglade: -smirks-

Wispiflower: -rolls eyes- You almost had me going there until the part about he won’t remember we had a fight because he definitely will.

Junetree: Don’t you make faces at me.

Rainblaze: I doubt he’ll remember


Mapleglade: -pins ears and sticks up head, then sticks out muzzle, glaring at her-

Junetree: Gee! Don’t I deserve SOME extra kindness for being with YOUR foal?

Wispiflower: Look, there are the mountains!

Mapleglade: -shakes head and smirks again-


Rainblaze: -perks ears- Good

Junetree: -pouts- What did I do to deserve this?!

Mapleglade: Everything. You did everything.

Wispiflower: Actually we’re way closer than I thought. I guess talking really does pass time.

Rainblaze: I guess it does

Junetree: LIKE WHAT?

Mapleglade: Like everything.

Mapleglade: -holds back a nicker-

Junetree: -rolls eyes- I thought mates were soposed to communicate.

Mapleglade: -shakes head and uses wing to spell out the letters-


Junetree: Ugh. What do I have to do to make you talk?

-thinks to self- I SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID THAT.

Mapleglade: -snorts softly and suddenly falls asleep-

Junetree: What the... Oh, I get it. You were just tired.

Mapleglade: -falls over-

Junetree: Did you seriously just fall asleep, wake and stand up, and fall over again?!

Mapleglade: -snorts and starts to snore-

Junetree: Okay then. If that’s how you’re gonna be then I’ll go tell Shadowquake that I except to be his mate.

Mapleglade: -pins ears but stays fake-asleep-

Junetree: I’m going to tell him RIGHT NOW. -crouches down by his ear- Didn’t you hear me? RIGHT NOW.

Mapleglade: -kicks her back leg with front hoof-

Mapleglade: -nickers inside-

Junetree: -looses balance for a sec but regains quickly and starts walking VERY slowly toward where Shadowquake was- I guess you really don’t care what happens to your own mate, Rainblaze warned me.

Mapleglade: -rolls over onto back and kicks legs up in the air, snorting-

Mapleglade: -keeps eyes closed-

Junetree: -bursts out- WHAT THE HECK DUDE?!?!

Mapleglade: -makes weird mocking sounds-

Mapleglade: -plants back legs on ground and rises up with eyes closed, so he is sitting like a dog again-

Junetree: -chanters back and kicks him kinda roughly kinda playfully on the stomach- Snap out of your weirdoness now PLEASE.

Mapleglade: -opens eyes slightly and kicks her in the front shoulder-

Mapleglade: -bolts away quickly-

Wispiflower: -glides down to the ground and starts looking for the secret tunnel they used before- Can you help me look for a cave? It’s how we got in last time without anyone seeing.

Rainblaze: -nods- I’ll go this way -points to her right-


Mintbreeze: -pins ears- Windwing, two mares are here. We have to go, their looking for you

Junetree: -grazed but is a really fast at recovering- COME BACK HERE MISTER. I WANT TO TALK THIS OUT LIKE A NORMAL COUPLE!!!

Oakbrook: -flies over mountains, looking for Rainblaze- -sighs and thinks to himself- It’s been to long without her. Where could she be?

Mapleglade: -flies into the sky and whinnies to her- I DONT WANNA BE A NORMAL COUPLE!!

Junetree: Fair point.

-wing palm- Can we be a normal couple for just a second?

-very serious and almost in tears-

Mapleglade: -stops- What’s wrong? You seem like the world is coming to an end

Coperpool: -flies up next to Mapleglade to explain his sisters complicated life style- So, ummm, I kinda heard that couples, even weird couples like yourselves are going to have to be really understanding when the mare is with foal....

Mapleglade: -snorts- I don’t believe she’s with foal..

Coperpool: Weren’t YOU the one to ask her why she looked it?

Mapleglade: -shrugs- I don’t want a foal anyways. Yet.

Coperpool: Don’t say that out loud! She might hear you! Plus you may have no choice....

Mapleglade: -stomps hoof, annoyed-

Oakbrook: -looks down at a cave and sees a few blue/purple and blue/green feathers-

Oakbrook: -perks ears and lands in the cave-

Wispiflower: -startled and goes into attacking position- Who are you?!

Rainblaze: -turns around- What’s goi- -gasps- OAKBROOK?!

Nov 22, 2017

Here is (finally) number six!!

Nov 22, 2017

okay I'm confused. who are all the couples in this?

Nov 22, 2017

I’ll make a post with the links on it.

Feb 5, 2018


Feb 5, 2018

Flamefrost, I never answered your question did I? If you’re still wondering, Windwing and Wispiflower are together, Mapleglade And Junetree Are together, and Coperpool and Rainblaze are together. Although you probably figured that out by now lol

Feb 5, 2018

I’m really glad you like this Whameera!

Feb 6, 2018

Ah, okay! But what about Racewind and Mintbreeze? Or have they not come in until after number 6?

Feb 8, 2018

-face palm- You seriously haven’t read number one yet?

Feb 8, 2018

but I will try to soon, but they are so long that I don't usually have time

Feb 8, 2018

Actually I understand the plot pretty well even if I don't always know who's with who and who's trying to be with who else and everything

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