Sep 29, 2017

The Love Story of Windwing and Wispiflower 3



(Here we go!)


Windwing: Sure I guess

Wispiflower: -smiles happily- That's good cause I didn't know if you wanted to or not.


Coperpool: -shouts over wind- Can we please talk?

Windwing: -nickers-


Rainblaze: -thinks for a second and stops, letting him catch up-

Wispiflower: Another weird topic related thing I'd like to ask you.


Coperpool: -caught up- So, what's up? And tell the truth.

-puts his forehead against hers-

Windwing: -perks ears- What's that?


Rainblaze: -tenses- I don't know. I'm not use to this stuff.

Coperpool: -nickers- That's cause you're always to busy causing it for other pegasi.


Wispiflower: -pauses for very long time- When can we start?

-imidiatly feels silly-

Rainblaze: -nickers softly- Maybe


Windwing: Whenever you want I guess


-nickers- I really caught you off guard didn't I?


Coperpool: I completely understand how you feel about this. My own sister is going against me! -nickers- But that's just how she is.

Windwing: -nickers back- That's okay


Rainblaze: -nickers- Yeah

Wispiflower: -nuzzles him- This is why I love you. Partly.


Coperpool: Again, so sorry for putting you through that. But I did mean it.

Windwing: -nuzzles her back-


Rainblaze: -looks up at him- It's okay..

Wispiflower: Now would be good since this is probably the only opportunity we're going to get.


Coperpool: Can we land?

Windwing: -nods-


Rainblaze: Yeah

Junetree: Wait, EVERYONE is gone?!

Mapleglade: -looks around- I guess

Mapleglade: -flicks her with his tail- You just realized that?

Coperpool: -lands in a random forest-

-makes sure she followed- I don't feel that brave right now to be honest.


Junetree: YES!!!!

Rainblaze: -follows- Me neither


Mapleglade: -nickers- Oh Junetree


-nuzzled- I think you're the bravest mate, -corrects himself- mare I've ever met.

Junetree: It's not my fault! Wispiflower and Windwing are really quiet!!

Rainblaze: -looks at him- I heard that -nickers softly-

Mapleglade: Or you weren't paying attention -nickers-

Coperpool: -puts wing over her-


Junetree: I was so paying attention!!

Rainblaze: -relaxes and nuzzles him-


Mapleglade: You were not!

Junetree: Fine, so what if I wasn't?


Coperpool: -feels very relaxed with her-

Mapleglade: Told you! They flew somewhere in that direction -points north-


Rainblaze: -looks up at him- I'll be your mate

Coperpool: -thinks didn't hear her right- What?


Junetree: -thinks- I bet I know what they're up to! -explains-

Mapleglade: -nickers- Now I'll be an uncle!


Rainblaze: I will be your mate

Junetree: And I'll be an aunt-in-law!!


Coperpool: -gapes without thinking- Are you serious?

Rainblaze: Do you think I would be joking about something like this?


Mapleglade: -nickers-

Coperpool: -shakes his head finally out of his shock- -relaxes again and let's her lean on him-


Junetree: Wait, will it work the first time?

Mapleglade: I would think so


Rainblaze: -leans against him and closes eyes-

Junetree: Well I guess we'll find out! -points to Wispiflower and Windwing coming back-


Coperpool: -puts other wing over her also- Is this what love feels like?

Rainblaze: -shrugs- I guess

Mapleglade: -nickers- So when will I be an uncle?!

Wispiflower: -glares but can't hide a smile- I'll let you know.


Coperpool: I think so to.

Windwing: -nickers-

Mapleglade: I wonder what it'll look like


Rainblaze: -lays on ground and nickers softly-


Wispiflower: Honestly we're not even sure it worked. That's what I meant when I said I'll let you know.

Coperpool: -realizes he's pretty tired to and cuddles next to her-

Mapleglade: You'll have a foal someday so may as well try to figure out what it'll look like now


Rainblaze: -leans against him and falls asleep with his strong wings over her-

Wispiflower: -nickers- I guess.


Coperpool: -holds her tight-

Windwing: Now you guys need a foal

Mapleglade: ...

Junetree: Yeah!

Mapleglade: Uhhhhhhhh well than uh ok

Junetree: Eh, it can wait. -realizes something- Uh, since we're mates does that mean we have to uhh........ Sleep together?

Mapleglade: Ummmmmmmmmmmm I don't know I guess

Wispiflower: Yup pretty sure.

Windwing: -looks at the setting sun- Well im ready for bed

Coperpool: -wakes up suddenly realizing it's night- -shakes Rainblaze- Wake up.

Wispiflower: Yeah, I'm pretty tired. Oh, and I will let everyone know by tomorrow if it worked.

Rainblaze: -opens eyes and perks ears- What?


Windwing: -nods-

Coperpool: I think we should head back so that they don't get suspicious. Also I think we should keep this to ourselves for now so my sister doesn't kill us on sight.

Rainblaze: -nods- Should we fly separate?

Coperpool: Sure. You can go first since you were trying to get away earlier anyway.

Rainblaze: -nods and stands, opening wings- See ya back there -kicks off the ground and up into the sky-

Coperpool: -waits a few seconds then flies after her-


Mapleglade: -perks ears- Hey what happened to Coperpool and Rainblaze?

Junetree: Oh! I forgot all about them! -sees them coming- Actually, look over there.

Mapleglade: -looks up and notices Rainblaze coming- Where's Coperpool?

Junetree: He's back there, see? I guess there was no success today after all with them.

Mapleglade: -sees him and glares at Rainblaze- That was your chance to get a mate ya know.

Wispiflower: I'm goin' to sleep now. -lays down-

Windwing: -nods and lays down next to her with wing over her-

Junetree: -also glares- How could you do that to my own brother?!

Rainblaze: -lowers head and pretends- I make my own decision. I don't need a mate.

Coperpool: -had given her meeting spot directions for when they got back and signaled to her-

Rainblaze: -slightly nods-

Coperpool: -trots into woods while Rainblaze goes in the opposite direction-

-gets to spot and waits for her-

Rainblaze: -walks away from the group and into the forest back to Coperpool-

Coperpool: -sees Rainblaze coming after a minute or so-

-smiles- Hello again! Did my sis beat you up for 'not becoming my mate'?

Junetree: I think I'm ready to get some sleep.

Rainblaze: -nickers- Thankfully no, but she and Mapleglade were very disappointed.

Mapleglade: -nods and collapses on the ground-

Coperpool: I bet. Anyway we can probably tell them tomorrow. For now I think I'm ready to get some more sleep.

Rainblaze: Me too. -lays down again and quickly falls asleep-

Mapleglade: -sits on haunches- Where did Coperpool and Rainblaze go? Did they leave again?

Junetree: -shrugs- But I very much doubt that they're together.

Mapleglade: -snorts- It'd be cool if they were.

Junetree: Yeah, it would be a good sign.

-lays on ground on her side- I'm goin' to sleep.

Coperpool: -wraps wings around her and pulls her close-

Mapleglade: -falls sideways and falls asleep-

Rainblaze: -rests head against his neck-

Coperpool: -next morning-

-nudged Rainblaze- Good Morning.

Rainblaze: -opens eyes and looks at the bright sun- We just went to sleep two seconds ago! How is it already morning?

Coperpool: I have no idea.

Rainblaze: -nickers and stands-

Wispiflower: -nudges Windwing- Can I tell ya' something?

Mapleglade: -wakes up and says in a loud voice waking Junetree- Rainblaze and Coperpool aren't back yet!

Windwing: -looks at her- Sure

Wispiflower: I think I'm pregnant.

Windwing: -perks ears and stands- Are you serious?!

Junetree: WHAT?! How are they not back yet?!

Mapleglade: -shrugs- Hopefully they are together

Wispiflower: -nickers- Oh course I am!

Wispiflower: I'm not that cruel

Windwing: -stares at her with wide eyes- You're not joking?!

Mapleglade: -glances at Windwing and Wispiflower- -nickers- I think Wispiflower just told him the news

Wispiflower: -smiles- -shakes head- No, I'm not!

Windwing: -rears and nickers loudly and happily- IM GONNA BE A SIRE! IM GONNA BE A SIRE! -bolts over to Mapleglade and shakes him with wings- IM GONNA BE A SIRE! YOUR GONNA BE AN UNCLE!

Mapleglade: -stumbles backwards- Ok ok I get it!

Wispiflower: -sees Mapleglade looking- No, it didn't work. -nickers quietly-

Mapleglade: It better have worked!

Wispiflower: Fine, it worked.

Rainblaze: -perks ears and hears excited nickers- I think Windwing and Wispiflower are gonna have a foal

Windwing: -flies off the ground a bit and rears again, braying as loud as possible- IM GONNA BE A SIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coperpool: Yup

Rainblaze: When should we go back?

Coperpool: Eh, we can go now. May as well celebrate with them.

Wispiflower: -pushes everyone away so she can have a little bit of breathing space- CALM DOWN.

Windwing: -lands and takes a deep breath-

Mapleglade: -prances around a bit and nickers-

Wispiflower: Thank you!

Junetree: -for once wasn't being crazy- You guys can get crazy to! This proves it!

Mapleglade: -nickers again-

Junetree: -shakes head nickering-

Wispiflower: -sees Coperpool come from the North- Hey you! Where have you been? -sees Rainblaze come from the South- And where have you been?

Coperpool: I went to the interior on a little trip by myself.

Rainblaze: I went to the mountains in Mountain Herd's old territory. It's really cool there

Junetree: -nods- Well in case you didn't hear Windwing yell for the first time ever than ask Wispiflower what he yelled.

Rainblaze: -nickers- Oh trust me I heard! -looks at the couple- Congratulations!

Wispiflower: Thanks. -nuzzles her friend-

Coperpool: -sees a mare that he veigly recognizes flying toward him- -recognizes her- Oh no.

Rainblaze: -looks up- Who's that?

Windwing: Who's who?

Coperpool: No one!

-whispers to Rainblaze- I don't know what she wants but we were both in Snow Herd as very young foals and she said many times that when we grew up she wanted to be mates.

Rainblaze: -pins ears and whispers back- Do you.. do you still want to be with her?

Coperpool: -looks startled- Of coarse not! I didn't even like her back then.

Coperpool: Do you really think I'd do that to you?

Rainblaze: -shrugs and flicks him with her tail- Ya never know

Coperpool: -snorts- I guess.

Rainblaze: -nickers- I trust you

Autumncandle: -lands not far from the group- -comes over- Coperpool!! -nuzzles him-

Coperpool: -pushes her away- What are you doing here?

Rainblaze: -steps forward but doesn't say anything-

Mapleglade: -whispers to Junetree- Who's that?

Junetree: Who's this Coper?

Coperpool: Nobody!

-glares at Autumncandle- Can I talk to you for a second?

Rainblaze: -starts to feel a little uneasy-

Autumncandle: That's what I'm here for!

Coperpool: -quickly whispers to Rainblaze- Can you come with us?

Rainblaze: -nods slightly and follows-

Coperpool: -leads Autumncandle to a small clearing a mile from where the others were- Now answer me. Why did you come?

Rainblaze: -waits patiently for an answer-

Autumncandle: -rolls eyes- I'm here to become your mare silly! I thought we discussed this!

Rainblaze: -twitches ears holding back saying that she was already his mare-

Coperpool: -glares- Look Autumncandle, I already have a mate.

Autumncandle: You're just teasing, I'm the only one that you ever wanted to be your mare!

Rainblaze: -exhales in relief quietly but stays tense-

Coperpool: You want proof? -turns to Rainblaze- Well here it is.

(Gonna add Mintbreeze)

Windwing: -looks up into the sky seeing a bay mare- Seriously? Mintbreeze?


Rainblaze: -pins ears at Autumncandle- You don't deserve Coperpool

Mapleglade: -snorts- Oh what a joy.

Autumncandle: HER? Eh, no matter. You can undo it.

Coperpool: -gapes at her- You really think I would do that?! Well you're wrong. You will-

Autumncandle: Be your mare?

Rainblaze: -tries to hold back temper- Why would be become your mate? And you can't undo stuff like this. That's common sense!

Coperpool: Exactly!

Autumncandle: There is no official sign that you're really mates.

Mintbreeze: -lands beside Windwing- Hey there -brushes tip of wing on his cheek-

Windwing: -pins ears and glares at her- Leave us alone, Mintbreeze. You'll never be my mate.


Rainblaze: And there's no sign that you and Coperpool are future mates.

Coperpool: There's plenty of evidence on my and Rainblaze's side. I never felt anything for you Autumncandle.

Rainblaze: -pins ears at Autumncandle and wraps wings around stomach-

Mapleglade: -looks around- What happened to Coperpool Rainblaze and that other mare?

Autumncandle: -sees through corner of eye- -looks at her squarely- Wait, you're not...

Coperpool: -understands immediately- Yes, she is with my foal.

Rainblaze: -looks at Coperpool- Yes, I am.

Coperpool: -turns back to Autumncandle- Leave me and my family alone.

Autumncandle: -huffs- I'll be back though.

Rainblaze: -walks up to Coperpool and bares teeth at Autumncandle- You heard him.


-huffs- -flies away-

Coperpool: -reers-

-let's out last of rage- Thanks, she probably would have hung around for days if you hadn't thought of that.

Rainblaze: -watches Autumncandle leave- -mumbles- I really don't like her.


Coperpool: Me neither.

Rainblaze: -sighs- What was your foalhood like with her?

Coperpool: -snorts-She followed me everywhere. When we'd all play pretend she would pretend that she was going to have my foal. -huffs-I never liked it. How did you think of that though? The pregnant thing?

Rainblaze: I knew a colt when I was a foal who did that to my best friend, but they did end up becoming mates. But I felt this weird cramp in my stomach so I quickly thought of it

Coperpool: That was lucky!

Rainblaze: -nods- Yeah

Coperpool: We should probably get back or they'll get suspicious

Rainblaze: -nods-

Windwing: -sees a bay mare flying towards them- -slaps wing across face- Why does she have to be here right now?

Junetree: -makes small gasp- -whispers- You can not let Wispiflower see her.

Mintbreeze: -lands and brushes tip of wing against Windwing's cheek- I've arrived to hear your answer. -leans into him- It better be yes.

Mapleglade: -slaps wing across face also- -whispers back to Junetree- Come with me let's lead Wispiflower away from here

Rainblaze: -starts to walk back to the herd- -looks back at Coperpool- When do you think Autumncandle will come back?

Coperpool: I have no idea. Why?

Rainblaze: -shrugs- I want to be here when she comes back

Junetree: -nods and turns to Wispiflower- Hey Wispi Mapleglade and I want to show you this beautiful spot we found that's COVERED in flowers.

Wispiflower: Okeyy..

Coperpool: I would make sure you were there no matter what, don't worry about that.

Mapleglade: -nods- There are these really cool white, blue and purple flowers that match your coat and wings


Rainblaze: -nickers- I'm glad I didn't say no -looks in front of her- Race ya!

Coperpool: -nickers and chases her almost all the way back-


-nickers- If its really that special than I wanna see it!

Junetree: -sighs in relief- Ok, c'mon!

Mapleglade: -nickers also- You'll really like it!


Rainblaze: -bursts out of the forest nickering-

Rainblaze: -gallops over to everyone and notices Mintbreeze- -stops and rears- Autumncandle and now YOU?!

Wispiflower: You guys are still acting weird. I thought I told you to stop!

Mapleglade: -pushes Wispiflower away from Mintbreeze and starts walking towards the area- Uh we're just acting how we usually act!

Coperpool: -shakes head in disbelief- My exact thoughts!

Junetree: -nods frantically- What he said.

Wispiflower: -clueless of what's happening because she didn't see Mintbreeze- Whatever you say.


Windwing: -waits till Wispiflower is out of sight to speak-

Rainblaze: -gallops up to Mintbreeze and almost crashes into her- Who said you're gonna be Windwing's mate?! HE'S ALREADY GOING TO BE A SIRE!!


Mapleglade: -flies into the sky quickly-

Racewind: -flies into their path- Is Windwing here?

Windwing: -watches Wispiflower and the other two leave- -turns and bares teeth at Mintbeeeze- Leave.


Mintbreeze: -says in a calm voice and rolls eyes- My Windwing will be the sire of my foals soon, no one else's.

Rainblaze: -lands ands takes a deep breath, and doesn't say anything about her and Coperpool's relationship-

Junetree: He's down there somewhere. What do you want?!

Racewind: I want Wispiflower.

-whistles- -four pegasi come into view two take Wispiflower's wings and the others fight Mapleglade and Junetree- She's mine.

Mapleglade: -rears- What is this for?!

Mapleglade: -rams into Racewind, causing him to lose balance- -flies over to a stallion holding Wispiflower and rams him too- -whinnies to Junetree- Attack!

Windwing: -snorts- Like I would ever be your mate.

Mintbreeze: -smiles in an evil way- We'll see about that -turns and whinnies an order-

Rainblaze: -looks up and sees 6 stallions charging at them- -whinnies loudly in panic-

Racewind: -regains balance and flies back up- -rolls eyes- She's mine so I'm taking her.

Junetree: With pleasure. -rams the other stallion holding Wispiflower but he doesn't move-

Coperpool: -rears- Let's help him

Mapleglade: -rears and hits the stallions head with front hooves- You're never gonna get Wispiflower, Racewind

Stallion: -falls out of sky-

Racewind: Yes I will, no one can stop me!

Mapleglade: -looks at Junetree- We will!


Rainblaze: -glares at Mintbreeze- Windwing is to strong for you and your little friends

Racewind: -takes the stallions place and starts carrying Wispiflower away-

Wispiflower: -kicks at him and the stallion- Let me go! -yells as loud as possible- WINDWING!!!!!!

Windwing: -perks ears and turns around- Wispiflower! -bolts up into the sky after her-

Mintbreeze: -yells to her stallions- Get him!

Junetree: -yells down to their other friends- Get up here and help us!!

Coperpool: -flies up to his sister-

Windwing: -sees Racewind and ignores Mintbreeze's stallions chasing him- Let her GO! -charges at him and rams Racewind right in the shoulder, almost breaking it-

Racewind: -winces and let's go of her wing-

Windwing: -looks at Mapleglade- Guard Racewind -turns to attack the other stallions holding Wispiflower-


Mintbreeze: -looks at her stallions- Wait, when Windwing and his puny friends get tired, attack them. Don't kill them though. Get Windwing, and help Racewind get Wispiflower.

Other stallions: -weeken there grasp-

Wispiflower: -breaks free-

Racewind: -sees her get out- -grabs her wing and flies out of sight with her-

Junetree: -gapes- HOW DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!

Windwing: -gets knocked in the head and starts to fall towards the ground-

Mintbreeze: Catch him!

Mapleglade: -sees his brother falling- Windwing! -chases after him and yells to Junetree- Help me!

Junetree: -dives to his aid-

Mintbreeze's Stallions: -race to Windwing before Mapleglade and grab his wings-

Mapleglade: -rams a stallion and starts fighting him, but energy is decreasing-

Junetree: -groans- Drat.

Mapleglade: -gets kicked in the wing and falls towards the ground but regains wings and lands, to weak to fight anymore-

Rainblaze: -gets a boost of adrenaline and rams Mintbreeze- Let Windwing go!

(Mean while,)

Racewind: -lands in the interior of Anok with Wispiflower- Finally, you're all mine.

Mapleglade: -pants hard- I.. I know -pants in between words- Mint.. breeze won't hurt.. Windwing.. and that.. mad st.. all..ion won't hurt.. Wispiflower -collapses on ground- Im out shape..

Junetree: -just enough strength to bring herself to land properly- You.. won't.. get.. away with this...

Mintbreeze: Yes I will.

-orders stallions to pick up Windwing- See you around.

Rainblaze: -smacks Mintbreeze in the muzzle with wing on accident, letting the mare bite her wing- -squeals in pain and falls onto the ground letting Mintbreeze bolt to the mountains with Windwing and the stallions-

Racewind: -lands on the green grass of the interior- Now, you're mine.


Mapleglade: We'll get them back soon..

Rainblaze: -gulps, nervous- Great. Our over-stallion and lead mare are gone!

Windwing: -opens eyes and sees two stallions holding his wings and the ground below him- What? Where am I? -still in a daze and doesn't remember much-

Mintbreeze: -lands in mountains and orders stallions to put down Windwing but hold his wings in case he tries to escape- Be my mate or I'll order my stallions to kill you.

Windwing: -memory blank- Who are you?

Mintbreeze: -gets idea- I'm your true love Windwing, don't you remember?

Wispiflower: -backs away- I am NOT yours.

Windwing: -tries to stand up- I don't remember you -looks at her- But you are beautiful


Racewind: -steps forward- You are. I told you I would be your mate when I was a foal with you. I vowed that to myself. And today is the day you will become my mate.

Wispiflower: -backs away even farther- No!!

Mintbreeze: I know, now will you be my mate or what?

Windwing: -suddenly remembers something- My Herd! What about the Herd? -turns to Mintbreeze- I have a Herd! And I still need a lead mare! I haven't chosen a lead mare! -looks at her- Are you responsible enough to be a lead mare?


Racewind: Wispiflower, you know that we are meant to be

Mintbreeze: Yes, I've always thought so.

Wispiflower: We are NOT.

Windwing: Will you care for the mares and foals?

Mintbreeze: Sure sure.

Windwing: Will you willingly lead migrations?

Mintbreeze: YES.

Windwing: -sits on haunches thinking-

Junetree: -flies over the mountain and sees the dazed look on his face- Is it just me or did he loose his memory?

Windwing: If you become my mate, will you love and care for our foals?


Mapleglade: He got hit in the head pretty hard

Junetree: What if he doesn't remember Wispiflower?

Mapleglade: -shakes head- I don't think he'll forget her -looks down at him- Well maybe..

Junetree: Just in case, -yells- WISPIFLOWER!!!!!!!

Racewind: Wispiflower, if you don't become my mate, I will order Mintbreeze to tell her stallions to kill Windwing.


Windwing: -perks ears- Who's that?

Junetree: Yup, he got his head hit really hard obviously harder than we thought.

Mapleglade: -sees his reaction- Ok this is bad.. but we can't help him if he doesn't remember us! He'll be convinced by Mintbreeze that we're here to kill him

Mintbreeze: Oh, that's nobody. I think she's your brother's mate or something.

Windwing: -stands up- I have a brother?

Mapleglade: Aw c'mon! He doesn't remember me either

Mintbreeze: Yes, but he wants to kill you.

Junetree: I feel sorry for you right now.

Windwing: -eyes widen and pins ears, then looks deeper into the cave- Let's go inside deeper where he can't find us.


Mapleglade: -whinnies loudly- Why would I want to kill him?!


Mintbreeze: I think that's probably a good idea. -starts to push him in-

Windwing: -walks deeper into the cave ignoring them-

Mapleglade: -snorts- I would say let's go in but those stallions will just kill us

Junetree: You're probably right..

-pauses- Maybe we can somehow sneak in and spy on them?

Wispiflower: -gasps in horror- You wouldn't!

Mapleglade: -shrugs- We could try


Racewind: Then become my mate.

Windwing: -walks far into the cave where it's almost pitch black and stops- This is good

-makes sure no one is around-


-hesitated but decided it's the best thing to do- I can't, I'm with his foal.

Racewind: -snorts- I don't believe that for a second.

Wispiflower: Just wait a few moons and you'll see I'm telling the truth.

Racewind: -pins ears- I'm not waiting that long.

Wispiflower: Well I'm afraid you have no choice. -takes one more step back- Bye now! -flies as fast as she can toward Mountain Herd's old territory-

Racewind: -watches her leave- -brays at the stallions- Get her!

Wispiflower: -flies down into the forest bellow and looses them-

Windwing: -looks at Mintbreeze- Now my final question: Will you help care, protect, and lead Prairie Herd, with all your heart?


Racewind: -follows the stallions and sees Wispiflower dive into the forest- -tries to squeeze between the branches but doesn't fit-

Wispiflower: -flies for a few hours- Phew!

-sighs in relief- The mountains.

Junetree: -looks down- Wait, is that..

Racewind: -snorts and starts flying to where Mintbreeze is with Windwing- I know where she's going..


Mapleglade: -nickers in relief- Its Wispiflower -quickly flies down to her-


-practically hugs him- I found you! -sinks to the ground being extremely tired- Just give me a second.

Mapleglade: -nods- How'd you escape?

Wispiflower: I distracted Racewind every time I took a step back by giving a reason why I couldn't be his mate.

Mapleglade: -nods- That's a smart idea- but- we have to tell you something.. about Windwing..

Wispiflower: What?

Junetree: -gulps-

Mapleglade: He's lost his memory, we think, since he got hit in the head so hard by a stallion. He doesnt remember you, me, or Junetree. But he thinks that Mintbreeze is a perfect lead mare for the Herd. He might ask her to be his mate.. he forgot all about you.

Wispiflower: -stammers- Wh...what?

Mapleglade: -sighs- I'm sorry.. we would try to get him away, but he's deep in the cave with only Mintbreeze, and 5 stallions are guarding the entrance. We could get killed by them if we tried to get in

Wispiflower: But-but we have to do something!

Junetree: I suggest we try to find another way into the cave through a side tunnel and spy on them.

Mapleglade: That's a good idea

Junetree: -bows- Thank you!

Mapleglade: -nickers- I'll go up and see if there are any caves close to the one their in -flies up and avoids being seen by the guards-

Junetree: I'll check the other side. -very carefully sneaks around the guards-

Mapleglade: -sees a cave only about 100 feet from the main one- -mouthes to Junetree- Found one, I think it connects to this main one

Junetree: -mouths back- Ok, I'll go get Wispiflower.

Mapleglade: -nods and walks into the cave, hearing faint voices-

Junetree: -flies over to Wispiflower- We found an opening.

Wispiflower: Good.

-follows Junetree toward the small cave opening-

Junetree: -stops in the opening- Here it is.

Wispiflower: -nods and goes in-



Oct 2, 2017

Hope y'all enjoy even if it is frustratingly long!

Dec 23, 2017

Eek exes are so hard to overcome :C

Feb 4, 2018

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Brackentail never stopped nagging Morningleaf to love him. He tried everything. Walking with her, giving her gifts, and just spending so much time trying to impress her. He never stopped getting ideas to try and make her see his worth. And it was getting on Morningleaf's nerves. This morning, Star had called a counsel meeting and Brackentail had no choice but to attend. They had finished all matters when Sweetroot, the current counsel mare, called Star aside. "Star," she sighed, "I can't keep doing this." "What do you mean?" "I'm too old. I was a leader of River Herd, but that was almost a year ago. YOU need to find yourself a mate. She can take-over my job. I know you've been waiting to find someone perfect, but she's been in front of you this whole time." She said looking at him with her old eyes. She put her wing on his chest, as if she were his Granddam. "You know she is the perfect leader." Star sighed, knowing he should've taken responsibility and not have put pressure on the old mare in the first place. He had a huge decision to make. And little did he know, Brackentail was listening the whole time. It was time for Brackentail to make his move. He knew Morningleaf would never love him as long as Star was around. He needed to find a way to get rid of Star. But how. Star had always been his best-friend. (Besides for their childhood) He couldn't hurt Star. But he could get to Star's 'special someone' before he did. And that was exactly what he'd do. He puffed his chest and walked up to the most beautiful mare he had ever met. "Morningleaf, can I talk to you." (EW. This was : A; horrible B; Short And I think the last time I wrote one of these was like............. Januaray, so uhh yah its been a hot minute. Which is why im so rusty. :l )
  • ThunderFeather glances around her and spots another pegasus sneaking up behind her. “What is your problem, FlameHeart?!” she whinnies exasperatedly. “I am supposed to get you! Your mom ordered me to!” FlameHeart says in his usual high and mighty way. ”Could you maybe be a little less snooty once I a while!” ThunderFeather snaps angrily, “I will go to my mother...without you!” ”Ugh! You are so annoying! Why can’t you just do as I say! My dad is the over stallion! I am the grandfoal of ShadePebble and ClawFire! I deserve respect!” ”Yeah, well try earning it!” ThunderFeather leaps off the ground and flies to the other yearlings. “Where is MorningDew?” She asks.”She is over there with StarFeather,” ShadePepple says. ShadePebble usually stays and watches over the yearlings. ClawFire died 8 years ago defending SunHerd territory from a MountainHerd raid. ”Hello ThunderFeather!” Her father, StarFeather booms. StarFeather is ThunderFeathers uncle and Star’ and MorningLeaf’s second foal, and her mother, MorningDew, is the first. “Hi!” ThunderFeather runs up and nuzzles him, “What happened? You were gone for days!” ”I was on a mission. And practicing with this,” his eyes twinkle and he breathes a small burst of golden fire. All the descendents of Star had one of the powers of the star fire. Her mother could create a shiel, her uncle could breathe healing fire, and her cousin could breathe silver fire. ThunderFeather couldn’t do anything yet. ”Look, I know you will be able to do something,” her mother says. ”I honestly don’t care. The other yearlings make fun of me enough right now, and powers will make it worse.” ThunderFeather says for the thousandth time, mother! ”why? You will be able to stand up for yourself.” StarFeather ask. ”I can stand up for myself perfectly fine right now. I can fight better than any of them.” As she says this, two sparks fall to the ground, one silver, one gold. ”See!” says her uncle, “I knew you could do it!” As he says that, one of the yearlings playing turns aroun, and promptly bursts into flames. ”Well, little foal, I guess it is time to wake up. i will have so much fun. You...might not,” it ends in a cackle, wich turns into the foals dying scream.
  • Is it okay to write a fan fic about Raphael (my rp character)(domination rp) anyone? Can anyone answer?


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