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Chapter 1:


She drug them on the ground like sagging dead tree branches, she wished for them to be free from her aching shoulders.

Violetstorm trots through the pine forest hoping to find rest, she's been helping Oaktrot all morning with her search of herbs.

Violetstorm collapses upon the sandy beach of a lake, the water was frozen but parts of it had been busted here and there by strong warriors.

Despite the cold Violetstorm was sweating her useless wings brought extra warmth upon her body making her hot at time of hard work.

She lays there for a long time, gaining what energy she could back—until she heard wingbeats.

She quickly scrambles to her hooves, when Oaktrot lands before her displeased,

“Sleeping on the job are we?” She sneers at Violetstorm.

Before she could respond Violetstorm felt Oaktrot’s sharp teeth upon her haunches.

“Ouch!” Violetstorm cried tears welling up in her eyes,

the mare barely broke skin but it still hurt—it always hurt when Oaktrot disciplined her.

“No laying around! Get back to looking for those red berries!” Oaktrot hisses, Violetstorm broke off into a hurriedly gallop into the pine forest,

Oaktrot had been extra irritable this morning—of course she was dealing with the aftermath of a battle.

Thunder Herd steeds went after Tundra Herd spies and got ambushed as a result.

Thunder Herd was restless now and their warriors needed to be in tip top shape if they wished to protect their herd.

Violetstorm looked all around though, but she could not find the red berries Oaktrot seeked,

The mare came upon her again, the red roan’s ears were still pinned but she didn't scald Violetstorm this time.

“I can't find them…” she says to Oaktrot.

She lashed her tail in thought “alright…shoot we really need those!…” Oaktrot stamps the ground.

Her light pink wings vibrate irritated,

She looks down at Violetstorm “go on—you’re free for today—I’ll find them elsewhere…” she says before kicking off in the air.

Violetstorm watches her ascend effortlessly over the trees and into the pale sky.

Violetstorm sighs, she couldn't help but feel as though as if she's failed once again.

Violetstorm trots along a deer trail that lead back to the meadow alone, she wished to be something more to her herd—she longed for her first birthday to get here sooner—but it was still several moons away.

These few moons her—and her brother Fireshade would receive their Starfire from the Hundred Year Star that loomed over her in the blue sky.

Violetstorm wished to see her brother but she doubted he was free—he was a strong black foal when he was born able to move his wings and was already flying here and there.

But Violetstorm was not so strong, she was believed to die in her first hours—but obviously she made it through.

Fireshade was being trained here and there by Windfire one of their captains. Fireshade didn't like it very much however—for he was being pushed to be a warrior at such a young age.

The twins hated their life in Thunder Herd, no one knew of their secret they had made amongst themselves. No one but them,

Violetstorm was lying beside her brother watching the setting sun, tears of pain fell from Violetstorm's eyes as she bared stinging teeth marks upon her haunches,

Fireshade places a warm red—orange wing over her back trying to comfort her.

“Why are the adults so mean to us? Why don't they care about us like they care about their own foals!?” Violetstorm asked in a bitter tone.

“I care about you” Fireshade offers gently, “I will always care about you—I wish I could protect you…but when I grow stronger I will! I'll protect you! And no one will ever be mean to us! They'll fear me!” Fireshade declares.

“No Fireshade…no…” a better more realistic idea came upon her mind, she rose looking her brother in the eye,

“We'll both grow stronger—only within a few moons from now…and when we do we'll leave! Leave together!” She says nodding her head.

Fireshade blinks at her idea, “how?” Fireshade asks tilting his ears back.

“How? Who would stop us? We'll be invincible with the Starfire! If they try and stop us we'll burn them up like Nightwing did!” Violetstorm dared to say.

Violetstorm flattened her ears recalling her words as if it were yesterday—she was determined to leave Thunder Herd even if Rainwing didn't approve of it.

He wanted them for their power anyways it's why he's been pushing Fireshade so hard—and why Oaktrot has been so hard on her.

Oaktrot was supposed to have Violetstorm flying before winter but failed miserably.

There were times Violetstorm believed the mare did pity her—for she did protect Violetstorm from a pack of wolves once.

The pegasi within Thunder Herd despised the twin foals greatly however—for they knew that Rainwing will use them to destroy Tundra Herd, and anyone else that dare oppose him.

Violetstorm halts as she peeks out of the forest—there in a vast meadow was Thunder Herd steeds, thick coats were upon their strong bodies.

They grazed peacefully, their colorful wings glistens in the sunlight,

Violetstorm's mood immediately brightens as she spots Fireshade rocketing down to her, he lands clumsily before her out of breath.

“You're free too?” Fireshade says tilting his head at her,

“Yeah…why aren't you training?” Violetstorm asks.

Fireshade tucks his red—orange wings upon his back, “well…Rainwing sent Windfire and a few other off to spy on Tundra Herd—I hear that Whitecloud was spotted near our borders!”

“Whitecloud!?” Violetstorm gasps, Whitecloud was the lead mare of Tundra Herd—but she was much more than that—her skills of spying were legendary she's never been caught by Thunder Herd nor seen for that matter.

Until now,

“Why do you think she'd be spying on Thunder Herd now?” Violetstorm asks flattening her ears.

Fireshade steps closer to her, lowering his voice, “isn't it obvious? Us silly! We're growing closer to our first birthday” Fireshade says.

It suddenly made since to Violetstorm now, Whitecloud was possibly seeing how much the twin black foals are growing in strength,

Violetstorm lowers her head,

“Do you think Tundra Herd sees us as a threat too?” She asks quietly.

“Of course they do” Fireshade says bitterly, “Hawkwing is afraid of losing power” he says.

“But we don't want to take power away from them…or anyone—we just want to be on our own…right?” Violetstorm says gazing up at her brother, his ears flicked forward as a soft smile played his muzzle.

“Right—I think we should leave a day before our birthday however…” he says turning serious.

“A day before? Why?” Violetstorm questions, if they left before they receive their Starfire Rainwing could hunt them down and possibly kill them then.

“Think about it…Rainwing and Hawkwing will be watching us—we must leave before hand…”

“But I can't Fireshade—I can't fly!”

“Don't worry about that sis—perhaps you will be before then and if not we'll leave on hoof!” Fireshade says nudging her shoulder,

Violetstorm wasn't so sure however.

Fireshade looked her in the eyes, “we'll be leaving—together ok? I'll be right beside you” he assured her.

Violetstorm smiles lightly at Fireshade the sleek black stallion trots away knowing his sister would follow.

Violetstorm was small compared to her large brother—he was solid black the only thing that made him stick out was his red—orange tipped wings.

Violetstorm's useless wings were violet—black tipped, they weren't nearly as glossy as Fireshade’s how could they be? When she's dragging them everywhere she goes.

The twins spent most of the day together grazing and playing it had been sometime since they'd had a whole day to themselves.

No biting, no yelling, no kicking amongst them—it was just them enjoying each other's company.

“Where do you want to go when we leave?” Fireshade asks circling her in a low swoop, Violetstorm shrugged “I don't know—and I don't care—just away fro—”

Violetstorm was cut off by a piercing whinny, they both froze at first thinking they had been caught but soon realized that the whinny came from the meadow.

Fireshade pinned his ears and rockets into the air towards the meadow—Violetstorm thunders after him on hoof, her hooves thundering across the forest floor.

When she erupts out into the meadow she saw pegasi fighting five Thunder Herd steeds were circling a pure white steed high in the sky.

Fireshade saw the fighting pegasi and rockets over to them with great speed—he was determined to help them but he was quickly cut off by Rainwing

The blue roan flares his mighty wings as he hovers before Fireshade, “leave this to us!” He ordered soaring away to attend to the outbreak.

Fireshade realized that the white steed they were attacking was a mare, his eyes widened

'no…it couldn't be…’ the stallions overpowered the mare and forces her to the ground by her white wings, she kicked and bit at them but it did her no good.

Fireshade lands as pegasi gather around the commotion. Violetstorm quickly came to his side, “what's going on?” She asks in a hushed tone,

“I don't know…” Fireshade replies looking on.

The white mare glares up at Rainwing as he lands before her his blue black spotted wings outstretched making him look bigger.

“Let her go…she can do us no harm now” he says in a pleased tone, Windfire releases her wing, “You won't keep me here for long Rainwing! I'll escape right under your big fat nose!”

The mare hissed at the Over—Stallion.

Rainwing merely chuckles

“You've been quite the trouble Whitecloud—spying upon us giving away our secrets…ambushing my stallions” hatred now plagued his voice as he glared down his nose at her.

Whitecloud this beautiful white mare was the legendary Whitecloud she's never allowed herself to be caught up until now.

Something wasn't setting right with Fireshade 'why was she really here?’

“Believe me Whitecloud, you won't be escaping—for you will pay for the trouble you've caused me” Rainwing continues.

He lifts his head up high, “you will be executed tomorrow morning” he declares, gasps and murmurs erupt throughout the herd.


“She should be!”

“She's nothing but trouble!”

Fireshade swivels his ears as he listens to his herd simply accept this.

It felt wrong to him however…Whitecloud’s gaze landed upon him and Violetstorm.

They seemed to brighten at the sight of the twin black foals of Anok— “Hawkwing will be furious!” Violetstorm says in a hushed tone.

“He'll be upon us like a storm…” Fireshade says in a saddened tone. Maybe that was Whitecloud’s plan—to get Hawkwing to rain down on them in a blinding rage.

Hawkwing was a force to be reckoned with, Rainwing has never taken the stallion on head on.

And now his possible fury was upon Thunder Herd’s heads.




NIGHTTIME HAS FELL OVER THUNDER HERD, the steeds were settling down for the night.

But not Violetstorm no she could not sleep knowing what she'll have to witness tomorrow.

Fireshade was already asleep next to her, he was a warm lump.

Violetstorm got up and trots to Wind Lake, it was frozen stiff due to the cold winter night.

She pins her ears and concentrates, she attempts to move her sore wings.

But she could only feel the base of her wings, her wingtips felt dead.

She sighs lowering her head, “maybe Fireshade should just leave me here…” she said to herself.

“Or you could come with me”

Violetstorm whips around startled, her eyes widened there standing before her very eyes was Whitecloud!

The white mare flexed her wings and swiveled her ears.

She was listening—and anxious! But how was she away from the guards!?


“I’ll explain everything later, but first come with me—” the mare says,

starting off down a forest trail.

“She's gone!”

“She just vanished!”

Loud whinnies erupt throughout Thunder Herd, Violetstorm pricks her ears alarmed, but her instincts told her to follow the lead mare.

She gallops after her easily catching up to her in long strong strides, Whitecloud seemed pleased to see Violetstorm next to her.

“How did you escape? Thunder Herd steeds were literally circling you!” Violetstorm cried.

Whitecloud pinned her ears

“Hush now child—I told you I'll explain everything—but not now” she scowls.

Whitecloud leads Violetstorm near the edge of Thunder Herd’s borders, the pine trees disappear gradually and the Vein comes into view Violetstorm halts realizing that this mare was trying to lead her out of Thunder Herd.

Whitecloud seeing her stop halts as well, “come on” she encourages.

“But—where are we going?” Violetstorm questions narrowing her eyes at the mare.

Whitecloud seemed displeased by her gesture but remained neutral, she spreads her white wings out wide.

“Listen to me Violetstorm…” she starts her tone was soft.

“I have been watching you for quite some time—Shadecloud wants a better life for you away from Rainwing—we’ve made a deal to get you out of here” she explains.

Shadecloud was the twins adopted dam, she nursed them when they were born—she had lost her own foal to wolves.

Shadecloud loved them for who they were not what they were. Tears rimmed Violetstorm’s eyes Shadecloud was doing something a Lead—Mare should never be doing—going against her Over Stallion.

“Wh—What about my brother?” Violetstorm sniffles shaking away her tears.

Whitecloud’s eyes darkened,

“You’re brother will be fine—but if you stay here any longer…” Whitecloud didn't finished, she turned towards the Vein beyond Thunder Herd was a vast land Violetstorm had never explored before.

But she refused to follow Whitecloud, “I can't leave—not without Fireshade!” She says stamping the ground.

“We can't go back for him—forget him!” She says sharply. Violetstorm flattened her ears,

“no! How dare you say that!” She bellows.

Violetstorm whips around and bolts to the forest

“Violetstorm! Wait!” Whitecloud easily swoops past her and lands before her wings flared.

“I'm not leaving without him!” Violetstorm whinnies

“But you must!” Whitecloud insists blocking the black filly off.

Suddenly two stallions behind Violetstorm, her eyes narrowed at them.

She didn't recognize them at all, “grab her—she’s not cooperating” Whitecloud orders them.

Violetstorm squeals as they grab her by the wings

“Let go of me!” She screams.

“It's for your own good Violetstorm—please try to understand…” Whitecloud whispers before Violetstorm was carried off by her stallions.

They were dark bays the colors of their feathers were dark blue and the other dark green—they wouldn't be so easily spotted in the night.

Violetstorm thrashed trying to pry her wings from their jaws, their grib was too strong however and fear set in as Violetstorm was carried high over the trees the land seems to shrink before her very eyes.

Her heart was reiling in her chest, 'this is a lie—it has to be—Shadecloud would never just give me away!’

Shadecloud would never agree to this—Whitecloud was kidnapping her!

But why? “For power!” Fireshade's words rang in her mind.



(Fireshade POV)

Fireshade flew frantically all throughout Thunder Herd—but he could not see his beloved sister in the chill of the night, he couldn't really see anything within the darkness.

Rainwing was furious for the stallions guarding Whitecloud has failed miserably.

Shadecloud was settled next to him quietly, her expression was unreadable—and yet Fireshade just knew that deep down, she must know something.

Rainwing threw back his head trumpeting his rage in an ear piercing whinny,


Windfire and his team all skatter into the air, it was going to be a long night for them.

When Rainwing storms off to go cool off Shadecloud comes up to Fireshade.

“I can't find Violetstorm!” He says prancing in place.

Shadecloud’s eyes widened in surprise, “oh my…so she did it…” she murmurs.

Shadecloud grabs Fireshade by his wing and leads him to the cover of the lower part of the meadow, it was empty all of the steeds were in a panic in the upper parts.

“Fireshade…you must forget about your sister…”

Shadecloud says her tone shifting from surprised to sadness.

“What!? Why!?—”

“Because Violetstorm has left with Whitecloud, in hopes of having a better life in Tundra Herd”.

These words…they stung Fireshade's heart, “wh—what?…” He breathes softly.

Shadecloud seemed puzzled by his reaction, “are you not happy for her?” She asks tilting her head.

Fireshade shook his head “I—I don’t know! What if it's not safe for her in Tundra Herd…” he lowers his head remembering their secret plan.

'What happened to leaving together…?’.

“Don't worry Fireshade—she will be…I hope…” Shadecloud says placing a wing around him.




Chapter 3:

WHEN THE MORNING CAME VIOLETSTORM was far from Thunder Herd territory.

Her shoulders burned from the stallions holding her for so long in the air, she's never felt so much discomfort before.

She squirms as spasms of pain prickle up her shoulders, warm tears stream down her cheeks,

“Hey—uh…Whitecloud? I think we should rest”

One of the stallions calls to the white mare leading them forward.

“Land wh—oh” her expression filled with guilt as she saw Violetstorm crying in pain.

Whitecloud halts hovering in place the stallions halt as well, “ah—yes…come” The white mare dives down through a forests, the stallions follow they land perfectly near a sparkling lake.

They released Violetstorm from her pain, she staggers to her numb hooves unsure of what to do.

Whitecloud looks down at her apologetically,

“sorry—I forgot about your wings…” she says.

Violetstorm pinned her ears, but said nothing.

She was already feeling more alone from being away from her brother, she wanted him here but she doubted he even knew she was taken.

“Now…about all this…” she says gesturing her wings to indicate Violetstorm and her stallions.

“We mean you no harm black foal, simply to give you a better life away from Rainwing” she explains.

“How do I know that!? How do I know that you’re not just taking me to even the Plainfield!”

Violetstorm erupts she was not in a good mood to be hearing a bunch of nonesense.

“Evening the Plainfield? What nonsense are you talking about!?”

Whitecloud shot back lashing her tail.

Violetstorm turned from her,

“you know exactly what I'm talking about! Hawkwing just wants me for power!” She sneers at her.

“That is not true!” Whitecloud stamps her hoof.

“Hawkwing doesn't even want you in our herd but I’ve been seeing what you've been going through and I wanted to help you!” Whitecloud says her wings were a blur of fury.

“I don't know what they've put in your head about us but get it out!” She snorts before storming off.

The two dark bays watched Violetstorm calmly, she didn't try to run away, how could she? She couldn't fly so it was pointless.

The bay with the dark blue feathers steps forward,

“Please understand…what Whitecloud speaks is true we merely want to help you—please just try and trust us” he says kindly.

This stallion looked old and seemed to have been through quite the battles over his years.

His scarred body told that he had stories to tell.

Violetstorm lays down exhausted, she didn't feel threatened by this stallion however,

she didn't feel threatened by any of the Tundra steeds strangely but this one she seemed to believe more than Whitecloud.

“Who are you?” Violetstorm asks curious.

The bay raises his head up high, “I am Darkriver and this is my younger brother Willowfire” he says.

“We assist Whitecloud in almost all of her…well spying missions” Willowfire says bobbing his head.

Violetstorm was allowed to dose off for a small amount of time, but she was soon awoken by Whitecloud,

“we have to get moving again—I’m sure Rainwing will be sending his warriors after us by now”. She says keeping her pale blue eyes to the sky.

But Violetstorm shies away from the stallions as they come to grab her wings.

She did not want to endure any more long excruciating pain in her wings.

Whitecloud seemed to grow restless with her, “we’re not that far from Tundra Herd lands now—please just a bit longer?” She presses.

Violetstorm shakes her head,

“If we're not that far then we can walk!” She suggests.

Whitecloud rolls her eyes, “grab her” she says annoyed, Willowfire starts for the black filly as she cowards away from him.

“No” Darkriver breaks in.

He looks at Whitecloud, “Tundra Territory isn't that far Whitecloud—we can make the journey” he pressed.

Whitecloud seemed surprised at his words, her ears flattened in thought,

“Alright…but you get to walk with her” she sighs after a moment, her tail strikes against his chest as a smirk played her muzzle.

Darkriver seemed pleased and didn't care about his position on the ground,

“Willowfire with me—we’ll be watching out for Thunder steeds” she says rocketing into the sky.

Willowfire follows suit of her, “be careful of predators” he calls.

Darkriver looks down at Violetstorm, he offers her a blue wing, “it's ok—we can walk now if you want” he assures her.

Violetstorm has never convinced an adult before to do something before, she straightened her posture and began walking beside Darkriver.

“Will you go back for my brother?” Violetstorm asks as they travel through the dense forest, the trees were leafless, bits of snow covered the ground here and there.

“I'm sorry dear—but I don't have a say in that matter…” Darkriver says.

Violetstorm's ears drooped, “does no one care that my brother is being kicked and beaten too?” She questions bitterly.

Darkriver flicked his black tail in thought, “Hawkwing was only willing to take in one black foal not both…perhaps you are right to question his fear of losing power” the bay says thoughtfully.

“So why am I more valuable than Fireshade? I mean—at least…he can fly…” she says gazing down at her pitiful wings.

Darkriver lifts his head towards the sky, a white feather drifts down indicating that Whitecloud was listening.

He sighs “Whitecloud will discuss more of the matter with you when she feels you're ready”.

“But for now…just try to trust us…” Darkriver advises.

'They keep saying that—but how can I trust them if they're just going to leave Fireshade under Rainwing’s wings?’

Darkriver and Violetstorm traveled in silence for a long time, only the sounds of birds made her ears twitch.

It seemed like a dream to her, being out of Thunder Herd's territory, the forest to her—was beautiful it was different.

Deer trotted here and there—and they even spotted a few paint land horses.

The horses watched them pass through with pricked intrigued ears.

Their dark eyes shoned in the sunlight dappling through the trees, perhaps different wasn't the word Violetstorm was thinking of but more of—peaceful.

'Yes…that’s the word…’ she only ever felt this when her and her brother were alone together.




Chapter 4:

(Fireshade POV)

FIRESHADE LAID UNDER A giant oak tree alone.

He wanted to go find his sister so badly he could hardly hold himself still.

But word of her disappearance has spread throughout the herd leading the news to Rainwing's ears—who was displeased by Whitecloud's escape already enough.

“It doesn't make sense! One minute she was there the next—gone!” Fireshade had overheard Windfire say.

Rainwing's patrol was now ordered to keep a very sharp eye on Fireshade,

He wished he could simply slip out from under their noses like Whitecloud did.

Windfire was standing near him watching him like a hawk, the silver stallion trots over to him after awhile.

“Perhaps while we have this spare time we should train a bit” He says churning the soil with his sharp hooves.

Fireshade stood, he was quite large for his age, his legs were long—and his body was smooth and lean.

“I'm not sure I'm in the mood too…” Fireshade says lowering his head,

Windfire lashed his tail displeased “if you would be trying harder perhaps you could be helping us track down your sister and that white devil!” He scowls.

Windfire tossed his head shaking away his growing temper.

“Come on—let's see how well your tracking is” Windfire continues.

Fireshade looks at him surprised, before he could respond the stallion kicks off into the sky.

Fireshade quickly follows, they soar over Thunder Herd steeds, they all looked so small to Fireshade from up in the air.

The wind currents were strong he struggles to keep up with Windfire tailing off of his tailwinds.

His red orange feathers drifted off in the wind here and there.

They headed off towards the Blue Mountains, according to the elders this area was once ruled by a herd named Mountain Herd.

But not anymore, these were Thunder Herd’s training grounds now—it’s where yearlings went to train to be scouts, battle steeds, spies perhaps.

Fireshade saw a few yearlings out with their flying instructor up ahead, they circled one another in perfect form.

Fireshade couldn't help but wonder how hard they were pushed to be so perfect.

“Humph, with me as your mentor you'll be flying much better than that, and a whole lot sooner” Windfire snorts.

“You really think I could fly better than them as a foal?” Fireshade asks.

Windfire looked back at him,

“Well—look how high you're flying now! A bit clumsy I'd say—but you'll grow out of that” he says.

Fireshade looks down never registering that he was flying higher than most weanlings his age.

Windfire halts his wings flapping slowly holding him in place, “now—your first scouting test begins—simply try to come find me” he explains.

The silver stallion then rockets down into the cover of the forest in a silver flash.

Fireshade makes a wide circle around the forest slowly descending closer to the treetops.

Fireshade lands a little ways from whence he saw Windfire disappear.

He didn't know how to approach all of this, his nostrils flared wide taking in the ping scent all around him.

He caught many things, pegasi, horses, deer. But not Windfire not right off.

Ravens squawking above his head made his ears prick up, they were upon some branches, they sounded as though they were laughing at him—at his pitiful attempt to track his mentor.

Fireshade tossed his head a fire growing within him, 'I’ll find em! I'll find him—then my sister!’ He thought prancing forward his tail raised wings tucked neatly upon his back.

A little digging had to be done before Fireshade finally found a feather of Windfire, his silver feather was stuck upon a fallen tree log.

Moss has covered the bark indicating it has been here a long time.

Fireshade swivels his ears and flares his nostrils once more as he leaps over the log.

He began to pick up a hint of Windfire’s scent—but he couldn't pinpoint where.

White flecks began drifting down from the sky, it was starting to snow.

Fireshade continues forward cautiously a whistling sound made his ears twitched—he drew his eyes upward towards the trees.

A silver flash strike down upon him knocking him to the ground.

Windfire toward over him his ears pricked half pleased,

“Well…you didn't fail completely” he says flexing his wings.

“On your hooves” he orders in a stern tone stepping back from him,

Fireshade gathers himself upon his hooves,

“Listen—Rainwing is doing what he can to find your sister—and Whitecloud, but for now your attention will be upon me—nothing else, understood?” He said raising his head in authority.

Fireshade lowers his head,

“Yes sir…” he answers.

But deep down he was pretty sure he wasn't going to be able to keep his attention upon his captian—not without knowing if his sister was safe for not.

Windfire nods, “good—now follow me…” Windfire says before kicking off into the sky.

Fireshade follows him—they soon come upon caves were the yearlings stayed during their training.

Fireshade soars up beside Windfire, “what are we doing here?” He asks over the whistling winds.

Windfire looks at him, “I want you here for awhile—to study and observe the yearlings…for it won't be long you'll be amongst them—I want you to be prepared for what you'll be going through…” he says before soaring down upon the hardened soil.

Fireshade lands clumsily next to him.

Inside the cave Fireshade was shocked to see other foals his age inside, their eyes widened in fear as he entered.

A sick feeling twists his heart as he saw their colorful wings ripped to shreds and destroyed.

His heart raced and he whips around only to see Windfire rearing over him, before he could react pure black crashed into Fireshade's vision.





There were dozens of pegasi grazing upon the land—strong winds whipped through the manes and feathers—but they hardly seemed bother by them.

She drew closer to Darkriver as the steeds all raise their heads upon their arrival, these steps—they were her first upon Tundra Herd’s territory.

A brown feather drifts down upon the ground as a shadow casts over Violetstorm and Darkriver.

Whitecloud lands before them just as a liver chestnut touched down proudly before them.

His ears forward intrigued by the appearance of the black foal upon his grounds.

“It is done Hawkwing” Whitecloud says bowing her head.

The stallion narrows his eyes at her grimacing “so it seems” he says pinning his ears.

“So this is the black foal Rainwing wanted to dispose of?” He asks coming closer to Violetstorm.

She lowers herself as he towers over her, there was a sparkle in his dark brown eyes, “can you really not fly?” He asks lowering his head.

He inspects her tattered violet black tipped wings.

Violetstorm couldn't muster words so she just nods, Hawkwing raises his head he began circling her.

“Hmm…it must be quite the pain having to heave them around everywhere you go then—but, your legs look strong” he says.

Hawkwing didn't seem all that enthused about Violetstorm being in his herd but he was being mildly reasonable with it as well.

“Take her to Berrywind, let her care for her wings” Hawkwing orders.

Darkriver nods,

“Come—Violetstorm” he says guiding her with a blue wing towards the herd of pegasi, their ears were pricked as goes past them.

Their coats were brighter than those of Thunder Herd, they looked healthy and shiny.

Most looked leaner—not as muscular as those of her herd however.

Violetstorm follows Darkriver to a small grove of trees that was quite far from the herd’s meadow.

In the center of the small forest was nest like beds woven with leaves and sticks quite like a birds but much larger.

A red roan with silky magenta wings came fluttering up to them.

Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Violetstorm,

“So…you’ve succeeded…” she says in a slightly bitter tone.

Darkriver merely nods, “yes—Hawkwing wants you to care for her wings” he informs her.

Berrywind was silent for a moment as if hesitant, which a flick of her tail she sighs, “war will be upon us—Hawkwing knows this and yet he let Whitecloud do this…” she murmurs.

“Come black foal—” she says trotting to one of the nests, Violetstorm hesitates looking up at Darkriver.

“She doesn't seem to like me…” she says lowering her head, she couldn't help but being reminded of Oaktrot’s bitter words.

“Berrywind just isn't sure of Whitecloud and Hawkwing’s…deal yet but I think she'll come around with you” he says he nudges her lightly forward.

“Now go on I must seek my own rest” he says softly.

Violetstorm wished Darkriver wouldn't leave her here alone, but she does what he says pushing down her fear and trots over to where Berrywind was.

With one last look back she watches Darkriver kick off into the sky leaving her completely.

“Come lay here—so I can examine your wings” the mare says. Violetstorm climbs into the giant nest and lays down it was quite comfortable and warm.

“…Aren’t pegasi nests supposed to be in the trees?” She asks as Berrywind fiddles with her tattered feathers.

Berrywind pricks her ears in thought, “yes—but I made these so that we wouldn't have to haul those with injured wings all the way up a tree” she explains.

Violetstorm's eyes widened,

“You made these?” She says surprised.

Berrywind nods, “I had help of course…” she dozed off in thought for a moment.

Then sighs, as her magenta feather runs over Violetstorm's body, Violetstorm's muscles twitched anxiously.

“Can you move your wings at all?” She asks clearing her throat.

Violetstorm gazed back at her wings she attempts to move them again but only succeeds in raising them a few inches off the bedding of the nest.

“No…I can't do anything with them” she says ears drooping.

Pain stabbed her shoulders making her wince.

Berrywind reaches into the little basket around her neck and pulls out some herbs, Violetstorm pricks her ears recognizing one as

a passion flower, having been searching herbs for Oaktrot most of her life.

The mare grinds up the herbs with her teeth and places them before her, “here eat these—they’ll help you rest” she says her bitter tone had disappeared since Darkriver left.

She ate up the bitter herbs, after a few long moments she feels the passion flower settling in.

The pain in her shoulders drifts away as well as her anxiousness.

“You should rest now, I must attend to others…” Berrywind says before trotting away to the other nests.

Violetstorm lifts her head to see other pegasi laying within them, some were standing outside of them however.

“How are you feeling Sunheart?” Berrywind asks a palomino standing.

Her pale pink feathers were mangled, “I feel better than I did Berrywind…” she says raising her pitiful wings.

Berrywind looks down at them with worry, Violetstorm could tell she was deeply concerned, would the mare ever fly again?

Violetstorm curls up burying her head beneath her wing,

'I wonder what Fireshade is doing…’ she thought slowly drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

When Violetstorm awoke snowflakes was fluttering down from the sky like butterflies.

For a moment she'd hope to find her brother next to her reaching out to the white flurries with his wings, but he wasn't.

This was their first snow and they were experiencing it separated from one another.

'What does it mean now? Me being in Tundra Herd?’

Violetstorm lifts her head still seeing pegasi standing around while others lay within the nests.

'I wonder what's wrong with them?…’ Curious the filly stands stretching her legs.

She slowly trots up to the mare she saw Berrywind talking to earlier, the mare was dozing under a tree, her ears flicked forward at the sound of her hoofsteps.

“Hello, young one” she greets.

Violetstorm lowers her head nervously, “um—hello…” she says

“I'm sorry…I didn't mean to wake you…” Violetstorm began to turn to leave the mare alone.

But Sunheart spoke,

“It's ok, I assume it's been a scary journey coming here yes?” She says raising an eyebrow.

Violetstorm looks up at her,

“It was at first but now…I’m not so sure…I just—wish my brother was here with me…” she sighs.

Violetstorm looks around at all of the injured pegasi, the ones standing didn't seem in all that bad of shape.

They had patches of green upon their wounds, but those laying in the nests they looked…ill their muscles twitching violently and they grumbled as if in pain.

Their eyes covered,

Violetstorm had recalled seeing some of Thunder Herd's steeds like this.

“What's wrong with them?” She asks sorrow filled her heart.

Sunheart sighs raising her frail wings weakly,

“Berrybreeze doesn't know—she thinks it's some sort of new disease—but for whatever reason it's not contagious…it’s been striking our elders left and right…” the mare explains.

Violetstorm walks slowly up to the nest where a elder mare lay shivering violently, she seemed cold and yet she was sweating all at once.

She was snorting and grumbling in distress, her head raised but her eyes were covered.

Sunheart came up beside her placing a gentle feather upon the old grey mare.

“There, there now, Smokebreeze it's alright” she tries to soothe the mare.

“Why are their eyes covered?” Violetstorm asks.

Sunheart looks down upon her, “the disease makes them hallucinate…so we cover their eyes to try to keep them calmer” she explains.

Tears well up in Violetstorm's eyes as the mare lay panting in such a pitiful state, her teeth chewed excessively at the nest’s bedding.

“I'm coming!” Berrywind cries suddenly as she soars over to them her hooves never touching the ground.

“Hold on Smokebreeze…” she says as she quickly gets out herbs and gives them to the mare.

“She's so hot…I need water!” Berrywind says prancing in place.

Sunheart lifts her head, “don't worry I'll get it” before more could be said the mare races off on hoof.

Berrywind looks to Violetstorm, “um—you…for now go out into the meadow walk around—until I get through this…” she says in a hurriedly tone.

Her expression read worry and her magenta feathers were shedding off of her like mad.

Violetstorm hesitated I could help…could I? But she does what Berrywind advises and trots away.

Nov 17, 2018

That is some really good writing Violetstorm!!!

Nov 17, 2018

I like it :D

Nov 18, 2018

woah i loved it! its really amazing on the emotions!

Holy cow......... ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to write more soon. You dont HAVE to, its just so amazing I cant wait for more!!

Nov 20, 2018

Love chapter three!

Nov 21, 2018

Wow! This is so well written! I can not wait for the next chapter. your ref drawings are so awesome! How long did it take you to draw them? And what drawing app/ program do you use?

Nov 22, 2018

It took me probably an hour to do both, they're just little sketches really, I used Sketchbook pro for mobile, thank you:)

Nov 24, 2018

woah chapter four is just woah. I have no words for the second time this day.

Nov 24, 2018

Wow this really is AMAZING!!!

Dec 18, 2018

Oh WOW! That drawing's AMAZING!

Dec 18, 2018

WOW! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Your hoofs are absolutely perfect! What art supplies do you use and may I ask what character is this?

Dec 17, 2018

Hey Corraleaf, are you new? Great picture! Love the muscle details.

Dec 17, 2018


Dec 18, 2018

welcome! call me Skippy(Haha Skippy peanut butter...)

Dec 18, 2018

WELCOME CORRALEAF!!!!!!!!! I'm Riverbreeze!!!!!!!!! But, you can call me River!!!! I'm SO glad your here!!!! And that's so sweet of you to say!

Love Those Cats I did it by hand. It's just a random pegasus, I copied a Breyer horse I had and added the wings out of my head.

Dec 20, 2018

its such a good pegasus

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