Jan 16, 2018

Petalcloud's Spy: Chapter 1, Broken Promises


A blue winged bay weanling filly stood watching foreign pegasi soar over Sun Herd's territory. The filly was starving, as were her herd mates. You could see their rib cages, and their coats were dull.

The filly's attention was pulled away form the skies by a palomino appaloosa mare, Brightsun, the filly's dam, who let out a whistle calling the bay filly to her.

"Yes mama?" said the filly.

The mare bent her head down and nuzzled her filly, "I just want to know were you are, Honeyfall." said Brightsun, "I don't like having foreign pegasi in our territory."

"I wish they would leave so I can graze all I want." said Honeyfall.

The Brightsun smiled and nuzzled her filly again, "We all do."

Just then a blizzard of feathers rained down form the sky, Honeyfall looked up and saw a silver colored mare followed by seven Sun Herd warriors heading towards the center of the meadow.

All around Honeyfall frightened steeds stampeded into the sky. "Land and hold steady," ordered a voice, but Honeyfall didn't recognize it, nor could she tell were it was coming form. But Sun Herd obeyed, and landed.

"Who said that?" asked Honeyfall.

"That's Maplecloud, our new lead mare." whispered Brightsun in Honeyfall's ear.

Honeyfall remembered the Maplecloud, she was a not very pretty blonde buckskin, that often nipped disobedient weanlings. She had been recently appointed lead mare of Sun Herd, after the old one had be charged with treason and banished form the herd.

"It's Silvercloud." gasped a near by steed. Honeyfall craned her neck and spotted the silver colored mare, and sure enough it was Sun Herd's former lead mare. What is she doing hear? wondered Honeyfall.

"Mama!" Honeyfall heard the cry of Silvercloud's weanling filly, Morningleaf, as the filly flew to her dam's side. Silvercloud was then surrounded by the Sun Herd warriors who had been chasing her.

"She came form the direction of Mountain Herd. She's alone." Reported Twistfire, the sun herd captain who had been commending the warriors who had been chasing the former lead mare.

Thunderwing, Sun Herd's over-stallion, stepped forward and addressed Silvercloud. "I thought you went to live with the black foal." As the over stallion was talking, Maplecloud landed next to him.

Silvercloud stared at Maplecloud for instant before she answered, "No. I've been hiding in the Blue Mountains, living with land horses."

"You have broken your banishment by returning here," Thunderwing shook his head, "You know the consequence for breaking banishment is death."

"I haven't just been hiding," said Silverlake, panting. "I've been spying on Mountain Herd. Rockwing has assembled an army. He's going to attack Sun Herd."

"When?" asked Thunderwing, he sounded tense.

"Within the hour."

"How many?"

"Three thousand strong, all warrior stallions. They're just over the second ridge in the Blue Mountains."

"Three thousand? Rockwing doesn't have that many warriors in his herd."

Silverlake exhaled; the look in her eyes was grim. "It's not just Rockwing, attacking us. He's joined with Snow Herd, Desert Herd, and Jungle Herd."

Thunderwing pinned his ears. "Over a few trespassing weanlings?"

Silvercloud shook her head. "I don't know. But there are enough of them to annihilate us."

A palomino stallion Honeyfall recognized as Grasswing whinnied. "I can guess Icewing is behind this. After informing the herd we lost the black foal, he must have convinced them to unite and attack us."

Thunderwing nodded in agreement. "And when it's over, Rockwing will claim our grazing lands so he can expand the size of his herd."

"He's wanted our lands since he became over-stallion." Grasswing tossed his mane and narrowed his eyes, scanning the faces if all the gathered steeds. "We're not just fighting for Echofrost and Brackentail anymore; we're fighting for all of Sun Herd."

Sun Herd fell silent. Honeyfall swallowed, Sun Herd was going to war in a few minuets and both of her parents were some of Sun Herd's best fighters. That meant they were going to be sent into the deadliest of the fighting.

Orders rang out, steeds gathered with their platoons.

Honeyfall's father, Nightfire, landed. He was a handsome dark bay stallion with navy colored wings. Nightfire nuzzled Honeyfall, "I will see you when this is over." he promised. Then he and Honeyfall's dam started to leave.

"Mama! Papa!" Honeyfall called after them, "Don't leave me, I'm scared."

Nightfire turned, "We have to go Honeyfall, but I promise, we will both return." and with that the pair took off and joined their platoons.

Honeyfall was rounded up with the rest of the weanlings, and was herded into the nearby forest. She found a hiding spot that she was invisible from the sky, but she could still see the battle.

Sunstrike, a chestnut colt with a badger face in side of a blaze, flaxen mane and tail, and light blue wings, sat down next to Honeyfall. Sunstrike was Honeyfall's cousin on her sire's side.

"I hope no one dies." said Sunstrike.

Honeyfall stared at him, "We're going to war, pegasi will die."

"Maybe Rockwing is only coming to negotiate."

"With three thousand stallions? I don't think so."

Sunstrike fell silent. Honeyfall went back to watching Sun Herd's army preparing for battle. Maplecloud was flying off with her battle mares, one of which was Honeyfall's dam.

Honeyfall spotted Nightfire with his platoon standing ready for Thunderwing's next orders. When they came, the whole of the Sun Herd army kicked off, covering Sky Meadow in a massive shadow.

It was an incredible sight, hundreds of warriors beating their wings in one steady rhythm. A silence had fallen over the meadow, that was only broken by the whinnying and snorting for Sun Herd's army.

Then off in the distance, Honeyfall spotted Rockwing's army. It was much larger then Sun Herd's army, and even though Honeyfall knew that Rockwing's army were going kill some of her herd mates, she had to admit it was amazing to see all those pegasi together.

Thunderwing flew back and forth in front to his army, ordering them hold steady. Just a few minuets now before Rockwing's army arrived, if Sun Herd fell apart now, there would be no chance of victory.

"I can't see what's happening." said Sunstrike.

"There's not much to see at the moment." said Honeyfall, "But Rockwing's army is huge."

Sunstrike let out a whimper, "We're all going to die."

Honeyfall turned her attention back to the battle, Rockwing's army had just crossed the boundary line into Sky Meadow. Thunderwing released his warriors, and with a deafening battle cry, the two army attacked one another.

Blood and feathers went everywhere. Some warriors had already fallen, and were finished off by the walkers. Honeyfall located her sire, he had already taken down several warriors, and was covered in blood. Nightfire wove his way in and out of groups of fighting steeds, knocking as many as he could to the ground.

Suddenly the battle was swarmed by the battle mares who had left before the battle had began. Hundreds of Rockwing's stallions fell at the hooves of Sun Herd's battle mares, but wasn't enough.

Honeyfall watched as her sire was thrown from the sky, and he didn't get up. Tears started to well up in her eyes, "No." she whispered.

Seconds later she watched her mother met the same fate. Honeyfall couldn't watch any more, and she turned away.

Jan 16, 2018

Well here's the first chapter

Jan 16, 2018

Good job!!!! This is great!!!!!

Jan 16, 2018

Thank you

Jan 16, 2018

Woah . . . It's awesome to get the perspective of a foal with army parents in the war! This is

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! please write more soon

Jan 16, 2018

I will

Jan 16, 2018

Aw... this is really sad! But so good too!!!

Jan 17, 2018

Nice to know how Honeyfall's parents died. . . . . . . . . . . anyways AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 17, 2018

Fabulous!!!!! But sad... 😭! Why’d they both have to die?!?!

Jan 17, 2018

😭Why???? Anyway its great!!!!

Jan 17, 2018

Thank you

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