Jan 26

Mud feather / mini story


Edited: Jan 26

Shadow path stormed of into the woods, the news about his mother and his farther disappearing had made him combust, first aunt dew berry and now them he had lost everything, he was so focused on his anger he did not notice the tree before he bumped his head into the trunk “really,“ he stared up into the tree tops. He walked a little more before he stopped, he spotted three fillies in the next clearing. Two of them was surronding the third “ mud feather where is your mommy,” the largest of three called out “ leave me alone,” the one in the middle squeaked, shadow path could see why they called her mud feather, her coat was splattered with mud,dirt and leaves. Shadow path was fairly sure no one could see him because of his black coat, but the mud filly looked in his direction with huge terrified eyes. The other fillies looked in his direction and screamed in terror “ BLACK FOAL !” then they fled “ thank you, but they are going to come back,” the small filly nickerd “ do you want a bath,” the filly looked terrified

”dark stone and ash berry says i will poison the lake, and if i tried they would tell everyone that did not already know that blood wing is my sire.” Shadow path was about to back up, but then he spotted her eyes two beautiful pale green eyes, that danced like the northern lights “ don’t listen to them come.” They trotted out of the forest down to the lake, with smoke heart’s eyes galring in there direction with her blue grey wings folded around dark stone and ash berry, shadow path and the filly walked down to the shore ” come on, you can do it.” The filly looked nervous at the clear surface, then took a deep breath and stepped into the lake. The mud flowed away from her coat and sank to the bottom, she trotted deeper until the water touched her chest and then she dived in.

” Mud feather is poisoning the lake.” smoke heart voice pearced the silence, but everyone just stared at the surface, for right there was the most beautiful filly, her silvery white coat shinned like the moon, her long silky mane and tail shinned with water drops and her feathers went from a gorgeous dark green colour speckled with silver stars that faded in to a amazing set of mint green feathers that at last faded into silver, all the steeds was stunned “ what is your name?” A elderly mare spoke aloud as the first, the filly looked foughtful for a moment before speaking “ siren voice.”

smoke heart, ash berry and dark stone walked away from the lake. Mastering the art of the death glare.





Jan 26

Aww you are sweet thank you

Jan 28

By the way this is chapter one, it kind of explains the orgins of siren voice and shadow path

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