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Mortality #2: Chase


Star and Brackentail cruised over the Blue Mountains in Mountain Herd's old territory. They were both relaxing to the summer breeze and the sun high in the sky, but Star was mostly thinking about Morningleaf and their unspoken feelings yesterday. Little did Star know that Brackentail was also thinking about Morningleaf, with her amber eyes, luxurious aqua wings, her puffy tail, right down to her wide white blaze. Brackentail mostly admired her for her beauty, but very much liked her can do attitude. This contrasted with Star's feeling for he was in love with her courageous personality, even though he still got the wind knocked out of him whenever he saw her beautiful face. As they crested the ridge of the mountains, the canyons came into view and tension locked between them. Brackentail stared down ashamed and afraid to meet Star's eyes, because this is where Brackentail had tried to kill Star when they were weanlings. Star sucked in a breath and broke the silence.

"Look, that wasn't you. That was just some colt who didn't like another colt. It wasn't the loyal friend I am flying with now. You've changed 100%, and for the better." Star smiled at him and dived toward the canyons. When they landed Brackentail tried to speak but stuttered. Instead he just looked at Star with big sad eyes. Star put his wings on Brackentail's shoulders and exchanged breath with him. Brackentail softened and then lightened the mood.

"Tag, you're it!" Brackentail neighed, galloping into the sky.

They chased each other for hours, both happy to be making good memories at this site. Soon after Shadepebble, Clawfire, and a few others came looking for them.

"There you are!" whinnied Shadepebble in relief, "we were getting worried you got hurt or something. Morningleaf got so frantic she made us come looking for you."

"Morningleaf was worried about us?" Brackentail asked referring to him and Star, even though he wanted her to be specifically worried about him, hoping that showed she cared for him.

"Yah, she kept rambling on about how he may have gotten lost or got whipped away by cross winds." Explained Shadepebble pointing at Star. "I told her there was no way that a stallion as mighty as Star could be whipped away but..." she sighed and shrugged her wings.

Brackentail seemed devastated by the fact Morningleaf hadn't mentioned anything about him. Whereas Star seemed glad that Morningleaf was thinking of him.

"What were you guys doing here anyway?" asked Clawfire.

"Playing chase." Brackentail quickly responded still sad.

Shadepebble's body quivered in excitement at the thought of playing with other pegasi. Her father never let her play any rough games because she was his only foal, besides her sister Petalcloud who had left. She wanted to play so bad.

"Can we play? Pleeeeeeeeeeese?" she neighed in excitement.

"Sure!" Star instantly responded.

They chased each other till the sky turned orange, then headed back. Morningleaf welcomed them with lots of questions. Star and Morningleaf snuggled up together with Brackentail close on the other side. This had become their usual sleeping habit. Star's thoughts drifted to the herd counsel. They had chosen him as the leader for the counsel. He was in charge of hosting meetings about predators and threats. His future mate would be in charge of hosting meeting about foals and health. A little like the role of over stallion and lead mare except he had no say in what to do. The counsel would decide that. He was only responsible for setting up scouts and calling meetings. He had to find a mate soon to become counsel mare, and he had one in mind.


Myuahahahaha*starts choking on nothing*

I cant even fake laugh without messing it up! :(

Guess who Star wants to be his mate! *everybody knows Starleaf!!!* Oh well. Whatever. It is kinda obvious..... hope you liked it!!!!!

WOA THIS IS REALLY GOOD WRITING, STARLEAF!!!!! Im really enjoying your story and PLEASE WRITE MORE SOON!!!!!!!


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