Apr 11

Thunderstar and Morninglight.


Edited: Apr 11


Thunderstar: Black yearling colt with light-blue feathers, black mane and tail, white star, two white hind socks, golden eyes.


Morninglight: Bay filly with gold feathers, black mane and tail, white blaze, four white socks.


Star looked at his new filly with bright eyes. "Morninglight" he said.

"Oh, Star! That's beautiful!" said Morningleaf, as she nuzzled her. "Morninglight. Our little filly"

"Come on in, Thunderstar. Come meet your little sister." Star said to peeking eyes behind him. Thunderstar slowly walked to his Dam and new baby sister. He looked at this little wiggly pegasus, and said. "What's her name?"

"Morninglight" said Morningleaf. And at that moment, Thunderstar knew he wanted to protect her forever.



Apr 11

Such a Amazing and cute short story!!!! :)

Apr 11

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! It just kinda came to me 'u'

Apr 11

Awww, Thunderstar got himself a baby sister <3

Apr 12

I know! *shake fists around, and whispers* yay

Apr 11

Also, I think there should be a pole or something to figure out how many foals people have imagined for Starleaf because that would be interesting

That is super adorable. Thunderstar is gonna be a great big brother!

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  • This pic might be depressing but I did it anyway. ... anyways I think I’m naming the colt Goldenfeather. I feel like Ivorysun and Thunderblaze would like to have honored thier much anticipated foal.
  • I think I do to much drawling. o-o Thunderblaze is the mate to my previous post and drawling, Ivorysun. He was born to ShowHerd. Thunderblaze was devastated when his and Ivorysun’s colt was born dead. When his mate announced that she would be taking an orpahn filly named Riverdawn under her wing, Thunderblaze was hurt and angry that his cold born colt would be replaced by the unfortunate filly. He acted cold towards everyone after that and avoided any contact with Riverdawn.
  • I just finished one of my OC’s which I’m calling Ivorysun. She is the adoptive mother to Riverdawn and she was born to SnowHerd. After her first colt was born dead, Ivorysun decided she would care for an orphaned filly named Riverdawn which SnowHerd had just discovered on the borders of their territory.


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