Sep 21

Hi everyone, I hope you are well! I receive many lovely letters, and I'm a bit slow about answering them--I'm sorry! It's always faster to reach me via email, however, it is fun to get letters, and I
10 hours ago might be slightly...insecure about everything I do cause I live with my family. Especially my sister. So...yeah. I don’t need complement, but if you have to critisize my art, please do it
12 hours ago

my horses look like bags of sand and muscle compared to you guys' drawings :( ive been practising my drawings for like three years and I've only gotten 2% better :( I tried taking art classes a while
a day ago

Mossberry cheering Star up: Here's my sketch before I colored it. *looks it over* SHOOT!!!!! Moseberry's wings are so small!!!!!! Why can't I do anything right? * Because you're you.* Good point. Hope
3 days ago

Yeah, so, I’m bored. And I need something to draw, and something to write. But I’m gonna leave that up to you guys! You can either choose to request nothing and leave me feeling bored, or you can cho
Nov 3

so the last time i did this was back in april, i kinda think my style has changed since then. for those of you who don’t know, every once in a while i post an style update showing you all how my art h
Oct 22

I looked at the last newsletter and seen this picture from Audrey T. & I was like oh my goodness grashis! I loved it!
Oct 8

Happy B-day Pananah!!!🎉🎉🎉
Sep 27

Sorry lighting is bad
Sep 25

I have finished the first request!
10 hours ago

Yo I finally finished the drawling of my new and main OC!
11 hours ago

Send me things I should draw! I need to get some more confidence in sharing my art so I’m asking for you’re help with it! (However I put it this it sounds desperate T^T)
12 hours ago

my drawings of Pegasi look like twigs pretending to be horses pretending to be wine bottles. what's wrong with me?? ive been drawing for like 3 years now!!!! :(
3 days ago

4 days ago

Idk if you'll ever see this Starleaf, but here is your prize for my Create-A-Pegasus drawing challenge. Sorry it took so long to get done Also, what do you guys think about the background? I found a n
Oct 25

Here's Echomoon's OC!! Hope you like her! (Apologies for the lack of blaze/snip: it slipped my mind until after I'd colored her in and then it was too late)
Oct 17

So, as promised, here's were you can vote on your favorite drawings from my Create A Pegasus Challenge. How this works, is I will put both drawings in separate comments below, and then the winner will
Oct 4

I made Mapleheart yesterday, she is a beautiful 6 year old mare. She is a white mare with a brown and white mane, her wings are white and the tips are powder blue. She has blueish eyes. (Her eyes are
Sep 26

Inspired by GuardianAshglade c: Ameythystfeather: The cute one Raintree: The bootiful one Thunderray: The... idk what to say. Nerdy one?
Sep 25


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