Jul 18

Character-A-Day Challenge #8


Today's Character-A-Day Challenge was to draw Hazelwind, and I chose to draw him *Windborn Spoiler* when he was preparing to leave Anok. I know that this isn't a completely aceturate depiction, but I wanted to get as many aspects of that part in: He's looking back for the last time at his birth land, witch is now holding it's breath waiting for the out come of Star's battle with Nightwing; while Storm Herd is beginning their journey to cross the Dark Waters.


Jul 19

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!! :D BOOOOTTTIFFFFUUULLLLL JOOOOBBBB!!!! :D I like how you got the angle on his neck. Darwing horse/pegasus necks bent at an angle has always been hard for me xD

Jul 19

Thank you, and same here, I was relying pretty heavily on references

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