May 8

Bored, Bored, Bored. Any Requests?


Heeeey...... So I am EXTREMELY bored and I have nothing to draw. So I saw other members do this, and, if you have any requests then REQUEST AWAY!!!


- A headshot of any oc pegasus (peg)

-A full body of any oc peg\ peg + rider

-Feathers of any peg or ship

-any headshot ship

***I CAN do something like a book cover or scene, just know that it will take much longer. Know, fill my drawing list with REQUESTS!!!!!!!


*I am so cringy lol*

OOO YAS. Could you do a drawing of a ship headshot of Canyongold and Stormglade? Canyongold is blue roan with a star on her forehead, and honey wings, two hind socks. Stormglade is a dark dark brown bay with one front left sock, and light tan feathers with streaks of dark creamy gold

Canyonglade\ Stormglade x Canyongold



Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRYYYYYYYYYYY for da fuzzy photo!!!!!!!!!!! >w<

May 8

A full body picture for Sirenvoice dappled silver mare with Dark and light green feathers and they fade to silver at the tips.

Bloodwing (becuase WHY NOT) dark grey stallion with ruby wings And one white sock.

Does Sirenvoice have a black or silver\white mane? Dapples come in both lol.

YOU ARE NOT CRINGY! ^~^ also could you please do a headshot of the Bumbleberry ship? Thanks xx :DDDD

Can you please do a ship headshot of Crowfire and Dawnroot? Crowfire is a dark bay with no markings and dark blue feathers tipped with sliver . Dawnroot is a buckskin with a blaze and two socks with light pink feathers tipped in light green. THANK YOU!!!!!!

May 8

Could you do Rainshine? (Pegasus)

She's a tall, elegant dark dappled bay mare with freckles of tiny, pepper-small black dots barely visible. She has dark, light, and medium shaded violet wings and a few white ones here and there. Rainshine also has black points(Black mane/tail, legs, ears, and muzzle blended into the color), a large crescent star with a snip, and golden eyes dappled in dark and light green.


May 8Edited: May 8

I’m sorry bothering you again but is there any chance that you can do a ship drawing

The same Bloodwing

And Spiralmoon or cloud white mare with black spots and orange wings with tipped in bronze.

i need to write a story about those two soon.

May 9


could you do a fullbody of yellowblossom? i just made a post on him so if you need a ref he’s there. also you can always ask me to give a detailed description

I got it! He'll be drawn soon. (His tail is the same color as his mane right?)


When I'm bored, I would often let my mind wonder! Imagining and listening to dramatic music.😁

lol same. when I'm bored I literally just think of anything like "Godzilla" then my mind builds a whole scenario about what would happen if Godzilla ripped off the roof or something like that. its an especially nice skill for when you need to escape from boring or long or boring and long assemblies ^~^~^

May 9

@Echomoon Haha same! I let my mind have its imagination when I’m bored

could you do

~Amethystsong, rose grey mare with moderate purple feathers, white star

~Yudah, golden bay with navy feathers tipped in gold, one white sock, with his rider, Saga, girl with reddish-brown hair and green eyes

Thanks! If Yudah and Saga are too complicated, you can do just Yudah

May 11

Yep I can draw them. Ill try to draw Saga, it just probably won't be in the same picture.

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