Jul 9, 2018

Which Character Are You Most Like In WOF??


The replies/post may contain some spoilers, just warning ya.


To be honest, I think I'm Glory and Sunny combined. Glory because I've always been sarcastic (heavily sarcastic when I'm grumpy, same as Glory) and Sunny because, honestly? I think I'm pretty much another Sunny. Everyone always adresses me as "sweet", as if that's all they needed to know XD and I'm so apologetic...

But, hopefully, I change something like how Sunny changed something!!

(Not saying what happened due to spoilz, plus I haven't really done anything big like Sunny has yet, soooo yeah .-.) also I'm teeny for me age, and I'm more treated like a DELICATE CHILD WHICH I HATE .-.

Im probably like Tsunami or Glory most. Tsunami 'cause I have a fighting streak. And Glory, well for the same reason as you Echo

Apr 12

Same! I was just going to say Tsunami XD

Jul 9, 2018

I have no idea what y'all are talking bout, but it sounds interesting!!!!!

Hmm My personatlity is part Clay becuae I am loyal, Part Starflight becasue I love reading and I am smart. Part Blue becase I worry a lot. Part Luna becuase I am not afreid to speak my mind and fiannly Cricket becuase I am curious

Apr 8

I am Moonwatcher(I am scared of going to a new school or something like that and afraid to do stuff), Glory(I'm grumpy), and Blue(I always think I'm gonna get in trouble, I'm awkward, and I leave scenes)

Lol now I’m actually pure Sunny, SUNNY IS THE BEST!!!!,

I took the “Which Dragonet Are You?” Quiz on Scholastic and I got Sunny ^~^

Im a lot like Moon because I love to read and am a bit shy.

im like clay in the way that I love my family and to eat.

Im like Glory because I can be sarcastic and annoyed a lot.

Im like cricket because I love reading, learning about new things, and asking questions.

(i got clay on the which dragonet are you quiz)

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