Aug 24, 2017

The Prophecy ***The 5th and Last Season***


Brightstripe cantered through the trees "Stormbrook!?!??!? Stormbrook!?!?!?" The strong winds of the interior covered her voice. "Where could that stallion have gone?" She nickered. There was a storm coming, she could feel it. Now was not the time he should be playing hide and seek. She went to her dam Pebblecloud. "No sign of him?" She shook her head. Stormbrook was not like the rest of the lake herd pegasi. He always asked questions about why they follow there religion. This worried the herd. None of the weanlings were fond of him except for his best and only friend Brightstripe. A clashing of hooves interupted the somewhat silence upon the winds. Stormbrook skidded to a halt panting. "Sorry! Brightstripe look what I found! I asked Riverwind if I can sample both the golden and silver starfire and look!" He held two separate jars of silver fire and golden fire. "Starfire can be held in containers!" Brightstripe opened her mouth to say something but not before her sire Rainwing did. "Enough!" He brayed "Starfire is not to be played with nor sampled! That "stuff" can kill you! Only black foals hold own it! Not a mortal!" Stormbrook's smile evaportated. Rainwing turned his back. "Take me to Riverwind." He ordered his mate. Pebblecloud nodded and kicked off. Brightstripe trotted by his friend's side. "Why is everyone afraid to just find out the truth." He sobbed. Brightstripe dunked her muzzle in his chest inhaling the familiar scent. "I don't know Stormbrook. It's just... unheard of for a pegasus to interfere with our culture." Stormbrook closed his eyes. "I know... but what if we found out the true power of starfire. And learn about it... from a safe distance." Brightstripe leaned on him. "Then that would be the most helpful access Anok could have." Stormbrook thought.

The most helpful access Anok could have.

Aug 24, 2017Edited: Aug 26, 2017

I know I know. Confuzzling... lemme explain.

This series takes place during Lake herd's time. And the black foal of anok. Before nightwing. Stormbrook is the first pegasus to think of this. So as he passes his mission to the generations. Which pegasus would succeed? The answers within the episodes. Each episode will explain each of the generation's story behind the scenes. All the way up to Elmglade's time. :]

This is how the new pegasi of this episode look.

Brightstripe: Rose red feathers


Stormbrook: Emerald green feathers


Riverwind: Very Dark Magenta Feathers tipped in magenta


Pebblecloud: Dirt brown feathers


Rainwing: pale orange feathers



Aug 24, 2017

Yeah, I really like Brightstripe, Stormbrook and Rainwing!

Aug 24, 2017

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 24, 2017

Awwwwwwwww the picture for Brightstripe is so cute....

Aug 26, 2017

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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