Aug 23, 2017



(Starbrook1705, you can participate in this round)

*theme song plays as Autumngold trots onstage*

Autumngold: Hello, herd nerds, and welcome to the seventh episode of...


Autumngold: On Saturday's episode, Dragon was the first person to answer the question correctly. Congratulations, Dragon! You must really like TGH, because you know all of the trivia answers. That or you are reading my mind.... Here is your prize! I hope you don't mind that I gave Stormpebble a Nightwingish expression, which makes sense since she is Nightwing's granddaughter.



Autumngold: Since Dragon won the last round, she can not win a prize for the next four rounds (this counts as round 1). And now, without further ado....


Autumngold: *laughs* This one is going to be REALLY HARD! HA! (Hopefully!!!) What did Morningleaf become afraid of once she heard the story about Star killing Snakewing?

*jeopardy music plays in background*

Aug 23, 2017

Should I be able to find the answer in Starfire?

Aug 23, 2017

And i think there is mention of in in Stormbound

Aug 23, 2017

Okkkkkk, this could definitely be hard.

Aug 23, 2017

Can you give me a clue of witch chapter it's in or something?

Aug 23, 2017

I don't exactly remember which chapter 😐

Aug 23, 2017

This one is hard. Good question 👍🏼

Aug 23, 2017

Is it in the first half of the book?

Aug 23, 2017

Oh well, I'll just have to figure this out myself.

Aug 23, 2017

(I feel so evil. 😈 This question is hard. Haha)

Aug 23, 2017

Hahaha, don't expect this feeling to last long!

Aug 23, 2017

Do you need a hint? I'm feeling kinda gracious right now

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  • Hey! I'm not going to be here this weekend(from the 22-24) I know it's not that long of an absence, but a lot can happen in 2 days XDD As usual, I will try to keep with up the notifications and RP's as much as I can. If any of my OC's are needed in any RP's, someone can play him/her. Just don't make them do anything the character wouldn't do. (Example for anyone in Domination RP: Don't make Anblick suddenly full of self-confidence and don't make Thea suddenly all cowardly endnote the stubborn filly she is XDD) Basically, don't comment anything that I wouldn't comment about the character. ANYWAYS, I'll be back, thanks herd nerds! _ Riverbreeeeeeze
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  • I haven't gotten a response in days! I want to talk with other herd nerds but no one is responding anymore. Where is everyone. I even talk on the weekends but i still don't get any responses. I want to keep talking to you all but i cant talk with any of you if i cant get a response. Please write in the comments if your available at the time. I want to make a script about our characters and make the sandween story a movie. If anyone likes that then talk to Icesong because the script was her idea. But you don't have to respond to anything i say and that is fine. I just want to know if you all are still talking and still on the message board.


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