Aug 3, 2017



Edited: Aug 3, 2017

Hosted by the one and only.....


Crowd: WOOOO

Autumngold: *trots onto stage* thank you, thank you very much. *waves wing at everyone* Welcome to Guardian Herd Trivia!!! Every so often, I will post a hard Guardian Herd question. It can come from any Guardian Herd book or short story. So there will be spoilers to anyone who has not read all the books.

some random fan in the crowd: YAY SPOILERS!!

Autumngold: Whoever guesses the correct answer first, will receive an amazing prize! But you can only answer once until the next question!

Your first question is.....

Who was Grasswing's mate and what was her wing color?

*jeopardy music plays in background*


Aug 3, 2017

Grasswing's mate is Brightflower and her wing color is violet

Aug 3, 2017

Sorry, I get like that sometimes.

Aug 3, 2017

Huh????? How was his mate Brightflower?? How do you guys know that?

Aug 3, 2017

Ohhhhhh in his short story I bet...

Aug 3, 2017Edited: Aug 3, 2017

Autumngold: Congratulations, Dragon! You have guessed the correct answer! Your prize is.......................... a headshot of your oc pegasus! (This will be drawn by me 😉) Who shall I draw?

Aug 3, 2017

Autumngold: say tuned for more-


Aug 3, 2017

How bout you draw Patchfeather from "Tails of Snow Herd" (Patchfeather looks like Rain from the movie Spirit: stallion of the camarron, but she has white wings)


P.S. I do have a picture of her in "fan art" if that helps

Aug 4, 2017

Can't wait to see it :)

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