Mar 4, 2018

TGH Quote Challenge


Sunnythorn: "Hello and welcome to the TGH Quote Challenge!"

Thistlestorm: "This challenge was inspired by Rainfeather's quote."

Sunnythorn: "So this is how it works."

*shows on screen*


  1. Comment below if you are going to participate.

  2. Find a quote said either by a TGH OC or an original TGH character.

  3. Post in the comments the name of character who's quote you will be working with.

  4. Create a background for your quote

  5. Post your finished quote in the comments

*Example by Dragon*


Thistlestorm: "Here are the rules."


  1. Quote must be from either an original TGH character or a TGH OC

  2. Backgrounds must be draw by the contestant

  3. Entries do not have to be digital, but they must be easy to read

  4. No tracing, but you can use references

  5. No two people can use the same quote

  6. Have fun

  7. All entries must be posted by 3/15/2018


Sunnythorn: "And here are what ya'll might win."


1st: digital OC drawing, & feather drawing

2ed: nondigital OC drawing, & feather drawing

3rd: OC head shot, & feather drawing

Everyone else: feather drawing


Thistlestorm: "Dragon would like to say she is really excided to see the entries, but will unfortunately be off line most of March 9th-11th."

Sunnythorn: "Let the challenge commence!"

Mar 4, 2018

Ok, I’ll join! I’m going to go back through my fanfic

Mar 4, 2018

And where are you going?

Mar 4, 2018

I'm going to AKWG cadet competition

Mar 4, 2018

AWESOME Cass? You've missed a LOT on Wispi's chat just so ya know

Mar 4, 2018

A LOT because Wintermist gave birth to twins

Mar 4, 2018

And Nightmist came back and Wintertwilight, Featherlily, and Tigerstripe arrived. ANd for some reason Flare came back.

Mar 5, 2018

"when you dream to fly,wings are just a minor detail" this realates to me because I'm a dud with a big dream to fly

Mar 6, 2018

That one was said by Morningleaf, right?

Mar 6, 2018Edited: Mar 7, 2018




Mar 6, 2018

I took the picture for the background, and as everyone must know anyway I used Morningleaf’s quote.

Mar 7, 2018

Wait, am I suppose do to quote one of my own characters?

Mar 7, 2018

It says TGH character or OC, so that works.

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