Jul 27, 2017

Tails of Snow Herd: Chapter 12: Flames


The days grew longer, and the nights grew shorter. Patchfeather, Dragonfrost, and Smokemoon kept busy keeping track of Coldfire. He hadn't done anything out of the ordinary for weeks, and there hadn't been any more bear sightings either.

Patchfeather was getting inpatient, and Dragonfrost still wanted proof.

Then one day, about two weeks before Snow Herd was planning to migrate, Patchfeather woke up coughing. She looked and saw the sun was reddish haze meaning smoke was blocking it.

Patchfeather flew up above the tree line to try to pinpoint where the smoke was coming form. Then she saw the fire, it was less then a mile or so from the herd and traveling fast.

Patchfeather flew back to the herd, "Smokemoon!!! Dragonfrost!!!" she yelled.

"Ugh... Patchfeather it's to early to get up." said Dragonfrost, groggily.

"Wake up." Patchfeather shoved Dragonfrost, "There's a fire headed straight for the herd!"

This got Dragonfrost's attention, "What!?!" he exclaimed.

"Come on, we have to wake the rest of the herd!"

While Dragonfrost stayed to wake up Smokemoon, Patchfeather ran around waking up as many steeds a she could, but by this point most of them had waken up on their own.

Icewing trumpeted for his herd to fallow him. Everyone was awake by now and fallowed Icewing either flying or walking as fast as they could away from the flames.

Patchfeather looked back as the place where Snow Herd had been was engulfed in flames.

"Snow Herd, we must save the grazing land!!" yelled Icewing, as he landed near a river. He scooped water up with his wings and walked as fast as he could back to the flames.

Many other steeds fallowed Icewing's example. Soon all of them that could hold water in their wings were carrying water to the flames. But It wasn't enough, every time a steed dumped water on the fire, something else would start to burn.

Patchfeather grew tired, so had many other steeds, but the fire kept getting larger. Finally Icewing told Snow Herd to stop. He ordered the walkers into the river, and those how could fly to go up as far as they could.

The fire raged on for hours, but could not cross the river, then finally in late afternoon the flames had died down enough that it was safe to land again.

Patchfeather landed near the spot she had slept the night before, the ground was covered in ashes, nearby trees were nothing but burned stumps, there was nothing left. Nothing except several thousand tired and hungry Snow Herd steeds.

Jul 27, 2017

I love it though!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 27, 2017

THIS. IS. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 27, 2017

Thank you CassTucker1 and jgracew421

Jul 28, 2017

How could Coldifre START a literal FIRE?? Meh great story!!! Cant wait 4 miore :3

Jul 29, 2017

Umm... I didn't say Coldfire started the fire, actually forest fires are very common in areas like Snow Herd's territory, well during summer

Jul 29, 2017

I'm just thinking.. it could've been where he was trying to kill Dragonfrost again?

Jul 29, 2017

Not likely, considering everyone in Snow Herd was threated by the fire, but if Dragonfrost was on his own or with a small group of pegasi it would be mere likely

Jul 29, 2017

Yeah..... but in the movies that's kind of what it is, but oh well

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  • So for a really long time I have been struggling with thing happening in my life. Feeling unloved, having no friends, maybe moving. So I went to a really good friend and she is helping me. I think why I made my oc, Nightsong look the way she does is because that is how I used to feel. When I am all the way healed, how ever long this takes, I want to change my oc to this I want the freedom that Windfeather has. I want to love myself again. Her eyes look like this because you never forget. I choose the name because of the fact that sometimes we are just a feather in the wind. And sometimes we choose the breeze that carrys us. I dont want to be ashamed of who I am. I am brave, caring, hopeful, optimistic, I want to do good in the world. Something I once heard said. "Go out in the world and do good!" The student asked, "Dont you mean do well?" And he said. "Do Good in this world, you only have one chance." Lets go out in the world and do good! Something I just wanted to say was, I read a lot of books and this stuck out to me. A man took an arrow for a girl and they were talking and this is what was said. "It would have hurt me far more if the arrow had hit you." The man said. "Because of your manly pride." The girl said. "Because you are worth protecting! So worth it!" Dragon, RB, Echo, Rainfire. Starleaf. All of this herd needs to know. You are so worth it to God. Go out and do good. Remember you are so worth it to God.
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  • I want people to add their ideas to make this script amazing. look for the post Script for the start of the play. We were thinking of adding to it and see where your pegasi meet in the story. I want to ask anyone to put your ideas in the comments below and me and Icesong would love to hear your comments. I hope you read this and comment. It would be nice to hear other ideas then the one we started. Thank you for your time and we hope to get this play started.


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