May 31, 2018



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The first roleplay I have made for this series!!

This is going to be a little less crazy than the rest. I'm all for crazy (I LOVE IT!!!) But I'm going to write a book so the story needs to make more sense XD

I know this a lot of stuff but you only have to read it once!



Everyone welcome.

Please do not double-post unless someone has not responded in the last hour.

When talking out of character, use parentheses. (Like this)

Write from a past point of view, as if you were writing a story. (Example:) Frostymane nickered to her friends. "How are you guys?" she asked cheerfully. This will make it easier for me to put it into story form.

Try to make each post a few sentences long.

Please try to use correct grammar and spelling

Everyone may have up to two characters. (Until further notice)



In five months the black foal will receive her starfire. Some pegasi are on a mission to kill her. Others to protect her. Star Herd is no longer safe for the newly formed band of pegasi, Fire Herd. They set out on a mission to escape Star Herd and the other herds and survive.



Rainflight will be the black foal. There will be five or so friends of hers, many followers, and five or so pegasi out to get her.

Your character can be a weanling, yearling, young adult, adult, medicine mare, or elder. Only one medicine mare for Star Herd, and one for Fire Herd. First come, first serve. Same with the other major roles. Here's a list of all the major roles available. I will update this when people claim them. (Only one major role per person)

Since we already have an OC chat RP, this one will have brand new characters (except for Rainflight: who's only keeping her name and nothing else.)


Black Foal - Rainflight (Rainflight)

Star Herd's overstallion -

Star Herd's medicine mare -

Fire Herd's medicine mare -



Here's a quick little thing to fill out: one for each character you are submitting.













May 31, 2018

I'll be Star herd's over stally? Two questions tho, is the over stally a black foal and is he mean or nice?

Jun 1, 2018Edited: Jun 1, 2018

You probably just make that up, and, HERE I GO!!!!!

Name: Cedarpond

Age/Rank: Age 2

Descirption: I think a red roan appoloosa? Accept they are like Zebra stripes, flaxeb mane/tail tipped in a redish color. Light pink feathers.

Herd: Star Herd

Personality: Cheerful, happy, playufl, SMART,wise,caring, helpful,

Strengths: Song, happiness, speed, agility, and wisdom along with smarts.

Weaknesses: Fire, and war.

Family/Friends: Sire: Unknown Dam: Treeheart Brother: Smoekflight Friends: Rainflight, Smokeflight

Other: She is a follower of Rainflight and hopefully a close friend?



( That is her bro :3 )

Jun 1, 2018

They're perfect!! Thanks!!

Rainfeather, the overstallion of Star Herd is not a black foal: in fact, he hates them and is the one who wants to kill Fire Herd and the black foal the most ;)

Jun 2, 2018 is Smokeflight's description....

Name: Smoekflight

Ahe/Rank: 3

Description: Gray pinto, stripe on forhead, four black stockings, dark grey mane/tail faded into white, and peaches or pale tan feathers.

Herd: Star Herd

Personality: Fierce, protective, deep down a really soft guy, quick in action so can annalize problems and solutions pretty quickly, and wise

Strengths: Strength, combat, flight, ground, water, and agility

Weaknesses: Fire, ice, and speed

Family/Friends: Sire: Unknown Dam: Treeheart Sister: Cedarpond Friends: Cedarpond, Rainflight

Crush: Rainflight but doesn't really know it

Note: VERY protective of Cedarpond and would do anything, ANYTHING to save her or keep her safe




( This is his sis :3 )

Jun 2, 2018

I love them!! I think we can make the Rainflight/Smokeflight thing work!

New Posts
  • This is just a random theory I got from my disorganized fandoms brain of mine. This has to deal with black foals, I know one of the books say that all the black foals after nightwing were killed at birth, but is it possible that the tame pegasi over were the landwalkers are. To have a black foal? This is just a theory but something interesting.
  • During the battle of the black foals, another group of pegasi headed off in the opposite direction, than the pegasi that went to the Territory of the Landwalkers. And they ended up on a large island, 5 thousand years later, the pegasi of Anok became a legend. They are now a fully functional herd. What new dangers will the herd face? Will the end up back on Anok? Add your OCs, name, age, gender, family, rank, dislikes and likes, and discription in the comments. Rules. 1, when doing a non roleplay comment use these () 2, limit of 3 characters, (may change) 3, have fun! Overstallion. (Nightsong) Lead Mare, Captains, Battle mare captain, Dasiyfire Battle mares, Thundershine Medicine mare, Mares, Lightsong Under-staillions Yearlings Foals.
  • Welcome to the message board tiger! You can just call me Sunblaze or Sunjazz, there are many amazing people on here! If you have any questions just ask, anyways WELCOME! 🎉🎉🎉🐎🐎🐎


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