Aug 7, 2017

Ocean Herd: 5



Ashriver stood in front of Springblaze, shocked. She had no idea what a Water Spark was, but it sounded horrible. "What's a Water Spark?" Moonwind asked. Darkstone answered. "Sparkwing said that it was a storm formed from the ocean. He said it was semi-similiar to something they call a hurricane, but deadlier. The storm starts out normal, but the middle of the storm clouds is a huge hole. From the hole comes Spark Lightning. Spark Lightning is said to be golden, silver, or white. White is dangerous, but if you are struck it wont kill you. Its safer than actual lightning. But golden lightning is worse. It will kill you. And silver lightning is the worst of the worst. If your struck, you turn to ash." Ashriver, Windstorm, and Moonwind gasped. "It reminds me of that starfire that Black Foal's have," Windstorm said. "That's what I thought." Springblaze answered. "But there is more. After the Spark Lightning is finished, the storm somehow takes a whole lot of water from the ocean and sends it onto the land, drowning everything and everyone. In huge waves." Ashriver started to fall over. She fell onto Windstorm, but the stallion helped her up. He stood her up and used his wings to keep her upright. Ashriver's eyes were wide. A Water Spark.. now that she knew what it was, the name sounded terrifying. She was thankful that they made it to the mountains before the storm hit. "Oh! One more thing." Darkstone said. "Legends say that this storm happens only every 1000 years. The stories say that the Fire Herd pegasi, who were caught in the storm 1000 years ago, all died. Except one stallion. They say that the stallion was named Flamebreeze. He only survived by taking shelter in these same mountains. He realized that this storm was dangerous, so he took shelter in a cave and filled the entrance with rocks. The rocks kept the water out." "What happened to Flamebreeze?" Windstorm asked. "He survived, and inspected the damage from the storm. He noticed ashes, and dead pegasi. Then he noticed that the land was very wet. But after that he journeyed across the land and found a mare. They became mates and so on. Flamebreeze told stories of what the storm was about. So that's why we know about it now." Springblaze finished. "Well.." Ashriver said. "I guess we should fill up the mouth of this cave in rocks." Her friends nodded. They all got to work. Other pegasi joined in, making the work go faster. But now Ashriver knew why she had a bad feeling. They might all die.

Aug 7, 2017

So I decided to make 2 today, just so I kind of catch up. Hope you enjoy!

Aug 7, 2017

To me, this chapter sounds like death and destruction...NICE!

(I mean this as a joke, don't take it to seriously)

Aug 8, 2017

Me to :)

Aug 12, 2017

Yay! Destruction!! Lol. Good story!!!!

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