May 4

No title read if you want......


*to Pegasi steps on to the scene, while a third runs out of the room*


Doebloom: Hi erhm.... this is us we are trying to help Stormflower *gives spotlight to Wrentalon*


Wrentalon: We are here to inform you of what have going on with Stromflower. For a first she been going through a rough time the bullying going to the level on getting hit.


Doebloom: she was at this competition and she was pretty stressed when it came to a quiz, This jerk from her class started to dance infant of the screen to annoy them Stormy has quite the temper you can guess what happened "GO AWAY!" then smack right on the shoulder I mean HARd really hard, She began to cry and well.


Wrentalon: she really stressed so after about four days she broke down in tears at the end of the day Sobbing while saying "I JUST WANT TO GET LOST." the teachers tried to help but.........


Doebloom: She also wants to know want thing more it's a weird question for Scipio "Is the vase still with Hestia."



I am so sorry,,, I wish I could help.. Just stay strong, and press forward,, Just stay strong.

May 4

Kids are jerks. Trust me, I actually had a situation with someone recently that wasn't quite bullying, but still left me frustrated and disheartened. My advice for dealing with this would be trying to see this from the prospective of the other person. There may be something going on out side of school, and he/she is just taking it out on you. I know it's kinda hard to do this some times, but going back to the situation I was in, I found out a few days later after the incident that he is actually pretty insecure and I realized that he just didn't know what to do. I'm not saying that this was okay, but you may want to try to bring another person - preferably an adult or another authority figure - to help. Sounds like you kinda did this with the teachers, but maybe in the future you may want to have them intervene before it gets to out of hand.

My mother just tells me to ignore them most of the time, and don’t let them get under your skin. One of the ways i do this is by knowing they’re making a fool of themselves for even thinking whatever they’re doing is cool of funny. We love you Stormflower, and please trust us when we say our advice is in your best interest, even though it may not seem that way at times.

May 10

They just want attention. Don't give them that and the satisfaction of letting them know your really mad! They won't stop. Kids like this are really immature and their not worth it. Too bad my whole school is filled with them.


Is Hestia's vase with her? Are you talking about the "Pandora's Box" but not so box situation? Good question! Um I don't think he released Hope, did he? If you are talking about PJO. So yes, the vase is probably still with Hestia! xD

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