Jul 17, 2017

New Betrayals Chapter 11: True Light


Edited: Jul 17, 2017

I didn't know the answer to my own question. Maybe if I keep my own shield off for a while? I asked myself. No, probably not. Riversun slammed into me, knocking me sideways. She blasted the silver fire at me, but it just slammed into the shield and drew around it, evaporating in the air. Well, it's worth a shot, I thought. The golden bubble around me evaporated and vanished, like the fear of Riversun returning. Because that had already happened; the new fear floating in the air was fear of Riversun herself. But what could I do without the silver fire? I wasn't allowed to use it. Not just that, but everyone, my family, my friends, my herdmates, would see me as a killer. Then I had an idea. My father hadn't told me exactly how he gave the destructive fire back to Nightwing, but I did have an idea of how. But Riversun was gonna need to replenish her shield too. Her hooves glowed silver and she blasted the fire at me. I dodged it. How was I gonna do this? I didn't know. I never know. Then a streak of gold and royal blue light flashed past me and landed in front of Riversun. It wasn't a pegasus; just light. Then I slowly realized it looked like the same light of a feather. An Ancestor's feather. And then, the spiritual body of an Ancestor appeared. I gasped. He was just a yearling. The same age that Riversun was now. "Riversun," he spoke, his voice young, but boomed around the entire area. Riversun jolted as if struck, and landed. She foled her wings in front of the figure. He was blue roan with gold tipped royal blue and black feathers. His eyes were hard too see, but they were a mix of blue flecked with white and black. He had black points. "Why are you doing this? How does breaking us make us whole?" I gasped. Those were the words my father had used before he was about to die as a weanling, about to be a yearling. "Leave me alone, Ghostmoon. Why can't you go to the Golden Meadow and stay there?" Riversun snorted. "You abandoned me when I needed you the most, and I died at Moonmist's wings. Why did you leave me?" Ghostmoon spoke. "You're dead," she neighed. "You died 2 years ago." Riversun spat. "Don't do this, Riversun. You know this is the wrong thing to do." At this point, I had landed, my wings folded. Pepeleaf trotted up to me and asked, "Who is that?" I answered, "He's Ghostmoon. He's a distant relative of Hollyblaze's. Riversun and Ghostmoon were friends as yearlings, but Moonmist, an enemy over stallion, battled them... well, battled Ghostmoon, more or less. Ghostmoon cried out for Riversun to help fight him, but Riversun, even though she had the starfire, had not yet learned much about it, and hid. Ghostmoon died at Moonmist's wings, and all Riversun could do was grieve." Pepeleaf gasped. "How do you know all this?" He asked. I shrugged. "I heard legends about it." I replied. Ghostmoon spoke again. "You have no idea how long I've wondered, 'Who truly killed me? Moonmist... or my best friend?" Ghostmoon whispered. Riversun gasped, and a lone tear rolled off her cheek. It embedded itself in the soil, and a black and silver flower sprouted from the dirt. "Don't cry for me. Don't grieve for me. What's been done has been done, whether it be in the past or not." Ghostmoon snorted in disgust. "You're no yearling. You're a destroyer. You're a killer. You're a coward." Those were the very words Hollyblaze had said to Nightwing when her and her legendary Weanling Army scared him off, buying Silverlake, Dewberry, Bumblewind, Hazelwind, Echofrost, Brackentail, Dewberry and my moather enough time to deliver my sire to The Trap. Then Ghostmoon started chanting. "Destoyer. Killer. Coward. Destroyer. Killer. Coward. Destroyer. Killer. Coward!" He was chanting louder and louder and faster and faster. I saw this moment as my chance and siezed it. I lifted off, dove for Riversun, and encased her in my golden shield. My plan had worked! The next thing I did was swivel my head, closed my eyes, and shot the golden fire at Lilly. But it didn't come from my mouth. It came from my star. My star glowed gold and a golden ray of healing light shot at her, engulfing her. Lilly awoke and barked inside the mini shield I had projected around her. Her wounds healed, her eyes opened, glowing golden, and I set her down. She was renewed. She was healed. Riversun blasted silver fire at me. But it didn't hit me. It swirled all around the shield, hurting no body. Then I blasted her with the golden fire, healed all her wounds, and if I was lucky, the fire made it to her heart. I put my wing over her once she was healed. "Start over, Riversun. You don't have to live this way. You don't have to live in fear. See the light and turn good. You can rule Anok, with all of us. You haven't had a family. The only friend you had is dead, and you're to blame. But that's in the past. This is the future. Come with us; join us." I told her. She gasped and a single tear dripped off her face. It landed on the bottom of the shield and from it, a single black and gold tear sprouted. I smiled. She stared at it in awe. Then she cried freely. "I was raised to be like my mother and father. I was raised to be a killer. I don't want any of that." She sobbed. I flew down and relinqueshed my shield. Ghostmoon walked over to us. And I noticed something. He wasn't an Ancestor anymore. He was real! "You're alive!" Riversun gasped. Ghostmoon nodded, then smiled. "Yes, I am. I don't know how, but I am." I left them to talk. "Starsong!" I looked over to where the voice had called. There stood my family. My parents, my "pet", Lilly, and "Pepeleaf!" I gasped. "Starsong!" We bolted toward each other and slammed against one another. "You're alive!" He gaped. "Hey, WE exist, too!" I turned to a few other pegasi yearlings as I hugged my parents and gave my new dog a pat with my wing. Moonglow, Lightleaf, and Snowflower where standing there. I rammed into them and wrapped them in my wings. "You did it, Starsong. You turned Riversun towards where the true ligh lay." Pepeleaf nickered. "Yes," I smiled at him. "I suppose I did." And from that day on, me, Pepeleaf, Moonglow, Lightleaf, Snowflower and Lilly befirneded Riversun and Ghostmoon. A few months later, Riversun and Ghostmoon accepted each other as mates. And so did I and Pepeleaf. A few years later at early Spring, Riversun and Ghostmoon had a colt. They called him Spiritstone. And me and Pepeleaf had a filly another early Spring later. We called her Echomoon. Our lives were as good as it gets. And im sure our foals will carry out the future, whatever it may bring.


Jul 17, 2017

This is a nice and long chapter for the big finale. Hope you enjoyed New Betrayals, and I may write more in the future. You can continue this on Herd Chat if you want (but is it okay if you do, if you credit me at the end of the first chapter? Thanks), I won't stop you. Keep writing!! :)

Jul 17, 2017

You should definitely write more of these

Jul 18, 2017

Thanks both of you :)

Jul 18, 2017

And I might not write a chapter this long on this site again because my iPad was lagging like heck...

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