Sep 3, 2017



so i was in the car th eother day going to my friend's house and i brought my awesome horse that looks exactlly like Star. About half way there Stand By You by Rachel Platten came on! I WAS ALL LIKE AAAHHHHHH EEEEEKKKKKK YAAAAASSSSSS! #starleaf4eva #creepybutcool #whyamidoinghashtags

Sep 3, 2017

That's so cool!! (I still wish I had a horse) 😐😢

Sep 3, 2017

Wait, logan do you mean toy horse or real hors

Sep 3, 2017

Ohhh... good question, Dragon

Sep 3, 2017

Its a toy horse! I wish it was real..

Sep 3, 2017

Aww, ok

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  • Light, that's the first thing I saw when I was born. And warmth and 3 fillies? I also saw a colt flying in. He had beautiful fire colored feathers I looked at mine. A light blue. "Good morning Icesong my beautiful fillie." I soon learned the other fillies names witch were my sisters. Thunderbrook was the color of lightning, Moonleaf's were the colors of a light purple flower I did not know of but I saw it when I was in the field. And Ashmist had blood red feathers. I played in the field all that afternoon. I went to bed the next night I woke up in snow.
  • I really like Hamilton. The musical is epic! So...does anyone else like it?
  • All the decscendents of Star have a power. Most have certain ascpects of stars power, silver or gold, but some have different powers. These powers are prized by the herds, (the original ones) but one power is prized above all. Magic. (They have a more varied power type. [Yes, all of this is magic, but...hold on] they can shoot balls of pure magic, or the can tie it to an element, earth, air, fire, water, ice, lightening, light, dark, chaos, or soul. [I added a ton cause I hope a lot of people will join]) over time, the pegasI with magic split into elemental groups, and eventualy became separate herds. dedicated to @Iceflower


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