Aug 16, 2017

Destiny 7


After Stormfire reported the news to Elmwing, he set an army looking for the missing pegasi. Since that was taken care of, he thought he should visit Starfrost for once. Maybe he'll know if the prophecy has made its move. But he doubt he'll answer. When Elmwing became over-stallion after his best friend left this shook Starfrost in every way. He charged the over-stallion and he burned every feather in his wings. After his followers kicked him and beat him until he submitted into the herd. Even all these years past he still had scars from that day. He couldn't fly, he couldn't say his opinion, he couldn't go anywhere without permission. And with those consequences set, he muted himself. And Stormfire couldn't blame him. When he finally caught eye of him, Stormfire trotted by his side. He was looking at the sky, not even blinking, he was as still as stone. As if waiting. As if Moonheart and the rest would fly through those clouds and save everyone. Stormfire sat and didn't wait for him to speak. "Two of our herdmates gone missing." Starfrost didn't move from his position. "Only one pegasus reported them flying off to Canyon Meadow." He tried to gather his emotions, but he couldn't tell how the dreadful stallion felt. He continued. "Do you think... they are two of the prophecy pegasi?" Starfrost turned his head, long and slow. "Is there a reason for them not to. The prophecy is taking place. But it won't be long until we are freed." Elmwing heard the voice and trotted over to them. "What are you speaking of Starfrost?" Starfrost turned his head and closed his mouth, continuing to look at the sky. Stormfire answered for him. "About the missing pegasi Sir." "What about the missing pegasi?" Stormfire straightened his face. "Two of them are missing, they are going to Canyon Meadow. No one pays attention to that area. You of all pegasi should at least think that they have a chance to be one of the prophecy pegasi?" Elmwing whinnied and walloped the captain in the chest. "NEXT TIME, YOU SPEAK TO YOUR OVER-STALLION, PRESENTLY!" He brayed. Stormfire nickered and coughed blood. He was bluffing. The stallion knew he was right. Elmwing flew off into the cloud bank. Stormfire would guess to think of a plan. Starfrost stood his position. And Stormfire kicked off. His mate Windsun flew over to him. "What was that about?" Stormfire sniffed her main, inhaling her familiar scent. "The prophecy is making its first move Windsun. We will soon be free.

Aug 16, 2017

HEYO! I actually shed a tear when I was writing Starfrost's history. It reminded me of when Morningleaf's was turned into a dud... :C anyway, hope u enjoy and stay tuned! :]

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  • So, not to point finger (or wings) at anyone, but it's become quite a common thing for there to be multiple OCs that have the same name. Yes, it's not exactly a HUGE problem, but still, on one likes being told that someone else has already used a certain name -- especially when you put a lot of thought into it. Well, it's actually easer then you might think to figure out if a name has already been used: just use the search option. Right below the icon you click to enter the MB (it says 'MESSAGE BOARD' on it), there's a little box that says search. Whenever you create a new OC, just type the name into the box, wait a few seconds, and see if the name has been mentioned before. Ta da! No more repeated names.
  • Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like eveyone who was on when I joined in like 2017, is gone. @Brightberry(No Longer Active) , @Rainfeather , @Scipio (Skippy), etc. the list goes on I'm sure. Yeah, I'm not on a lot, but where did everyone go? I haven't seen a comment or post from @Dragon , @Echomoon , @Flamefrost , @Wispiflower , @Love Those Cats , @Riverbreeze , @Nightmist , and more recently. Did everyone go? (I didn't check the RPs though, so maybe they commented on there.) Is everyone gone? What happened to the MB I knew?
  • Everhope trotted into the woods alone because she thought she could finish her mission to join the river herd. I don't think i can do this. Thought Everhope. I want to help other pegasi but they hate the desert herd. Everhope crept closer to the River herd and saw colts her age and went to talk to them " Hey. Im Everhope.I want to join the River herd." The colts just look at her and then said Sure. " Im Rivertail and that is Hazelfrost. we are looking for pegasi lost in the woods that havent been captured by Nightwing." " That's good to hear that you wern't captured by Nightwing." said Hazelfrost. "Yeah. Where did Nightwing take the herds?" asked Everhope " I don't know but our families are captured and we don't know if we would see them again." said Rivertail. Everhope crept closer to Rivertail and said " Why are you here and not captured by Nightwing?" The colts didnt know what to say but Rivertail started to blush when Everhope crept closer to him. Hazelfrost noticed it right away and knew they would be a good couple. " we should look for other pegasi lost in the trap and unite as one new herd to fight against Nightwing." " Y-Yeah your right Hazelfrost." Everhope started to fall for Rivertail. " Umm we should get going then if we want to find other pegasi." "Yeah your right. Wanna be friends with us Everhope." " I would love to. Where are we going to start looking first?" asked Everhope " I don't know but we should start in the morning." said Hazelfrost. He was starting to lay down by the grandmother tree and sleep. Everhope joined him and then Rivertail. The next morning the fillies started to look for other pegasi. They soon heard screaming from another pegasi getting attacked by wolves.


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