Aug 14, 2017

Destiny 5


Thundertail opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings. He nudged Iceblaze awake and she sneezed a leaf off her delicate muzzle. She yawned. "That's a first. You're awake." Thundertail nodded. "Should we go?" "No, let's eat and drink first." His gut tickled at her bossy tone, but he agreed with a slight nod of his head. The passing hour they spent their day grazing and drinking from the nearby lake they found in silence. Finally she spoke. "What do you think is going to happen?" She asked. "You know after we go to that 'Different Anok'?" "I don't know." He admitted. "I was thinking we would just find them. But it won't be that easy." Iceblaze nuzzled him, and he continued. "When we get there, do you think we can actually start a different life. That we can, let this go." Iceblaze closed her mouth, and he gazed into her dark brown eyes. Iceblaze met his eyes. "I wish we could. I really do Thundertail. But we can't let the pegasi in our Anok continue to live like this. We can't abandon them because of our selfishness. Yes, it won't be a while, and during that while we can be normal, get to know about the lore and the pegasi there, maybe even befriend them. But our mission stays the same." Thundertail gaped at her. Again Iceblaze proves smartest. But the real surprise was the fact that she cared about each and every pegasus in her Anok and the Anok they are about to encounter. During the years he've lived with her, Iceblaze has always been one of those spunky, sarcastic pegasi that all the stallions were into. She'd never shown any sign of fear or sadness. This has always awed him. And seeing her doubtfulness and worry made Thundertail question himself if he really knew her. He pushed his thoughts behind him and asked. "You ready?" Iceblaze nodded and they kicked off. Thundertail gripped the current with his wings, coasting slightly sideways. In front of him not far in the distance was Canyon Meadow, and there they will find out if the prophecy is true.

Aug 14, 2017

HEY GUYS! C: Here's part 5! Were half way through! :D I can't wait to make part five C: Cya on te other side!

Aug 14, 2017

So.... good....





















Aug 14, 2017

"One of those spunky sarcastic pegasi that the stallions are into." Lol its true. if I was a pegasus I would be mini brackentail XD

Aug 25, 2017

YOU. THIS. I don't think I need to explain anything.

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  • Name: RainFire Age: 2 Horse years Gender: Female Sire: FrostHeart Dam: LeafRoot Appearance: blue and green coat (light blue, dark green) bright Red wings, bright blue eyes
  • Okay me first Song: Wolves Icesong is lost in Mountain herd's territory trying to get to Jungleherd where her fillies and foals. She meets some wolves who know their way around Mountain herd she follows them. (can it be kidz bop please don't judge me 😢) As the song goes she does not eat or drink until she finds her foals. One of the wolves dies by Nightwing at the edge of Mountain herd'd territory ans she burry's the wolf. When she finds her fillies and foals one died because of Nightwing. Next I want to thank Everhope. Song: This is me Everhope is alone in the forest. As she sees the spirits of her friends that are still back home she starts trotting faster into a sprint as she looks for star her other friend. She knew he would welcome me with open wings. I soon see a white pegasus with light blue wings. She is following a pack of wolves. She stops and the wolves do too. She sees my coat and markings. She motions for me to go with her I asked where we are going she said to get my fillies and foals then to Sun herd so we go together. Thats all I could get so far let me know what else and I hope you like your part Everhope I hoped I included what you wanted☺
  • Last comment from part 6- Iden: She with the foals and the new mare when something triggered her senses. (good senses in kinda part of her powers) "EVERYONE BE QUITE" She yelled her eyes fixed on the ground so she could focus. Her ears flicked back and forth, trying to picking up very sound. She could feel that someone was in trouble so she concentrated harder to piece the noises together and find out where it was coming from.


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