Aug 13, 2017

Destiny 3


Iceblaze stood, thinking and then said "Hold it, since when were we talking about the prophecy here. It's already over Thundertail." Thundertail shook his head. "You don't get it, I saw it in my dream." His expression was excited, expecting her to believe. Iceblaze nickered loudly. "Ok. Bro, Dude, Pal, Amigo, you really should get some rest. You're getting under the weather here." She laid her shimmering golden white tipped wings on his shoulder, but he shoved her off. "I'm serious Iceblaze, we have a chance here!" "Only the prophecy pegasi have a chance!" She whinnied over his voice. He quieted, leaving her voice echoing through his brain. Then that deep, scorched pit flashed in his mind. In that split second he studied where that could be. He noticed where it was, at the heart of Anok. And that was at Canyon Meadow. He looked at her and saw what she thought in her eyes. He was crazy. He glared at her. "Fine. I'll do it then." He kicked off heading to Canyon Meadow. "Thundertail.." She moaned. But he didn't listen. If her sister was to ignorant to take him seriously he wouldn't take her seriously either. He knew his destination laid Northeast, but if he were to travel there alone he would have to fend off predators himself. He heard Iceblaze's anxious whinny. He flew on. After hours of flying he settled to rest. Once his hooves touched the ground he felt a wave a nausea pass through him. Maybe I am going crazy. Wait why am I traveling alone in the first place? He rolled his eyes. Yes, yes he was going crazy. He could barely remember yesterday. He didn't even know why he was doing this. Was it instinct. Or was it stupidity. He didn't know. But something drew him on to do this. And he had to follow that feeling, it wouldn't be there for no reason. Maybe I can rest just for a while... just a few hours after he shut his eyes, he awoken to the snarling face of a wolf. He staggered to his hooves and then noticed that there were more wolves, circling him. He threw out his wings to fly away but they lurched onto them, pinning them down. He reared and bared his teeth, trying to scare them away, but there eyes showed no fear of him. The rest of unoccupied wolves crouched about to pounce on him. He shut his eyes. This was the end. Suddenly, he heard a rustling of leaves. The wolves heard it to and twitched there ears sniffing the air. As sudden and they heard it, the short whine of a wolf made then let go of him. Then another whine of a wolf echoed across Sky Meadow, and then he saw who was downing the huge dogs. A hoof clubbed another wolf, he gasped. It was a pegasus!

Aug 13, 2017

HEYO! Here is part 3. Gawd I luv the cliff hangers :) Stay tuned!

Aug 13, 2017

Noooooo noooooo cliffhangers 😫



I love the story but noooooooooooooooooo 😫😫

Aug 13, 2017

Lol I love the cliffhangers! :D Ik I might be wierd calling myself a fan XD Thats cause I dunno what I doing.... but keep up the amazing stories! I'm hooked! ^.^

Aug 13, 2017

At first I was kinda shocked but its cool. :3 And Thx! :)

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  • Have you guys noticed that Rockwing and his mate, Birchcloud, never have colts only fillies? And after Petalcloud abandons Frostfire to Rockwing she becomes barren? I think the Ancestors of Anok have power over living pegasi. I think they watched over the steeds and saw Rock wing get nasty and they knew he would make his colts the same monsters he was. And they cursed Petalcloud then she betrayed her colt. But the Ancestors had pity on Frostfire because he was forced into bullying. His true nature was revealed when Starfrost became known. His love was revealed
  • IK this is more suitable for the "favourite characters" section but IDC IM LAZY 1. Bumblewind. Always and forever. 2. Echofrost (hey, she's awesome, plus Bumblewind is my twin irl and Echofrost is me) 3. Dewberry 4. Graythorn (he seems like a super interesting character, I wish we could've known him better) 5. Star 6. Darkleaf (LiTERALLY NOBODY KNOWS HER WTH) 7. Flamesky (the name is awesome) 8. Starfrost (mah cute lil bubbah) 9. Hazelwind 10. Grasswing 11. Lightfeather 12. (lucky number ttiimmee!!) Larksong (she's underdeveloped. I would love to see her more.)
  • Since we should take a break on Dragon's RP till she comes back lets make this one, riders and their mounts Character rules: Try for 2 mains and 2 mounts. You can have others but try to not make them everywhere. Mount rules: No un-natural colors please. Please try to make sure they dont look to much the same. Other things: Clans, Clan of the 8th and clan of the 7th. If you want to be a monarch ask. Character form Name: Age: Family: Clan: Friends: Looks: Rank: Mount form Name: Age: Friends: Looks: Rider: Image: Not sure how long we will do it maybe till she comes back


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