Mar 31

Riverfrost: Short Story Showdown (Contest) (Version 1.0)


This is my story for Rainleaf's (desert herd) and Starleaf's (spring herd) competition.

It is already in the comments but everyone else has their own post for it as well...... sooo

.......... that's what this is.



Riverfrost trotted through the trees and into a wide meadow filled with bright flowers and bustling pegasi. New born foals were laughing and nickering in delight as they playfully rammed each other. Spring in Sun herd was the best time ever. She galloped over to where her yearling friends were dozing under the grandmother tree.

"Hey who wants to play water tag!" she asked excitedly.

Her friends all whinnied in agreement and flew over to feather lake.

As they neared the lake, Hazelblaze, her best friend, offered a challenge, "Last one in has to eat a bird egg!"

"Yuck" gagged her friend Starlight as she sped up.

They played for hours in the lake and one by one her friends went back to dawn meadow, till it only left Riverfrost and Hazelblaze.

"We should probably start heading back" nickered Hazelblaze shaking like a dog and sending water everywhere.

"Hey watch it" Neighed Riverfrost as the water splashed against her flank.

"Autumnwind's face was so hilarious when he ate that egg." Laughed Hazelblaze.

Riverfrost was about to comment when she heard a snap. They both froze and spread their wings, ready to fly at a moments notice. Then from the trees stepped a hansom red roan yearling with green feathers. They folded their wings relieved to see it was only Stormleaf.

"Hey Riverfrost. It's a little late isn't it? Do you want me to walk home with you and keep you safe?" asked the yearling, Stormleaf, while trying his best to look strong. Everyone knew he had a MAJOR crush on Riverfrost.

Riverfrost let out a small laugh but stuffed it down and tried to look sincere. "Thank you for the offer but I'm good." she explained hopeful that she looked thankful, so that it wouldn't hurt the roan's feelings.

Stormleaf sighed and unpuffed his chest. He took one last look at her sleek grey body and bright blue feathers which matched her eyes, then watched her and Hazelblaze fly away. As soon as they were in the air Riverfrost let down her loving look and replaced it with a annoyed look.

"Ack, why wont he pick on another mare." she wondered out loud as she cringed at the thought of him flirting.

"I dunno," replied Hazelblaze as he watched Stormleaf gaze at them flying away. " ya know he still watching you" he said as he raised his eyebrows a few times in a playful manner.

"Shut up." She said as she smacked him in the head with her wing playfully.

This caused him to fall from the sky and Riverfrost nickered as he tried to regain his balance. By the time they got back to dawn meadow It was already dark and the stars were shining above them. They gazed at the stars for a long time and wondered about many things. Riverfrost wondered about the future and what it would bring. Who would be her mate? What wars would come? But she set those aside and focused on now. She focused of living her life as a yearling and making it as fun as possible. Little did she know that in a few short years the black foal of Anok would be born to her herd and change her life forever.


Here's ma pic:

I painted a wing next to her but I hated it so I cut it out*hehe* And because of this you can now see my desk, that's great! This is Riverfrost:

Yay, another fuzzy photo! *sarcastically* My camera has great quality! Can you tell?

Mar 31

As I've said before, your writing is good, but your art is STUNNING!!!!!

I like it! Now I feel SOOO bad for Stormleaf...... I WILL AVENGE U


And you're art's even better! GREAT JOB!! :D *so much for my dreams at being an author and artist* heheheheheh

Amazing writing!! I really enjoyed it! I hope you write more fan fiction soon!!! And as Dragon said, your fan art is beautiful! the eyes are so eye-catching!!! What supplies do you use?

Apr 11

Sorry it took so long to reply :) For this I honestly just used standard HB pencil and water color brush tip pens.*Yes believe it or not I actually succeeded in water color for once....yes I know very surprising.*

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