Oct 12, 2017



Surprise Dragon! I decided last night to draw Honeyfall!

It's the first time I ever used markers on a pegasus so it smugged a tiny bit.

Oct 12, 2017

Wait, Crazy Cat Lady did you just like my post?!

Oct 12, 2017

I love it

Oct 20, 2017

has Dargon actually seen this?

Oct 20, 2017

scartch that j scrolled up and saw her comment XD

May 22, 2018

I just realized I forgot the socks >.<

May 22, 2018

DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -is about to spam again OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG- wait.

-takes a breath-

Amazing drawing wispi :D

May 22, 2018

Thanks, but looking back I kind of rushed through that one. It could have been ten times better.

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  • So...um...I might be slightly...insecure about everything I do cause I live with my family. Especially my sister. So...yeah. I don’t need complement, but if you have to critisize my art, please do it constructivly, or in a separate post. This is an evil sea monste. I worked hard on the uglyness. this is an epic dragon monk hero. (yes, that is the D&D symbol on his robe. I do play it. even though I am 12. I have a nerdy family, okay?) Baby Cerberus. Not great. Baby chimera. (I really like mythology) Baby dragon. My little cousin named him Pepper Centauricorn. I made this one up I didn’t draw this, but it is just plain hilarious. I did draw the sometimes I forget leg day one. Before I got into digital art
  • so the last time i did this was back in april, i kinda think my style has changed since then. for those of you who don’t know, every once in a while i post an style update showing you all how my art has come along. hehe sorry this is not tgh don’t kill me uwu sry if pics r sideways hehe DEEEKKKUUUUUU opal from steven universe :3 spinel!!! baby!!!!


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