Apr 19

First try painting a horse


Edited: Apr 19

arg sorry the photo quality is horrible put here it is!!!


Apr 19

That’s really amazing! please teach me how to use watercolor

Apr 19

Thanks!! and here are a few tips,

1. using a canvas is easier for the watercolor I use

2. draw the outline of your horse before you begin painting

3 paint the background first

4 if you want clouds here's what I do, Get a water syringe and get the water in it (This only works if you already did the sky) drip some water onto the canvas sky, get a piece of toilet paper and get it into the ball, press onto the spot where you dropped the water hold it for about 3-5 seconds, take it off carefully, and WALA you have a cloud

@Sunblaze you drew this on a canvas??? Like a painting canvas? Wow! Good job! I prefer watercolor paper, but this looks great!!

Apr 19

Oooooh! Thats amazing! I love the tail flick xD

Apr 20

Oh wow Sunblaze! That looks great!

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