Jul 13

Character-a-Day, day 3 & 4: Echofrost and Bumblewind



Hello everyone!!! Done with yet more days!!!

Here are the twins, Bumblewind and Echofrost, children of Chrystalfeather and Stormfire!




For Echofrost, I was going for a stubborn, brave, and cold look (she got a bit Petalcloudy..) and for Bumblewind, well.... I was going for Bumblewind...

Time taken: 36 minutes each





(Sorry Echofrost is late! I was too busy to post her yesterday)

Jul 13

same honestly ^~^ Bumblewind and Star are the best

Jul 13

1.) How the heck can you do such amazing work in 36 minutes?!?!?!?!?!

2.) Wow! Those really do both look amazing, and you totally nailed their expressions

1). Lots of practice and familiarity to the drawing program I use. It also really helps to have a stylus (I recently got one called Meko or something. And it really helps my digital painting go faster. And also I had already planned out in my head what I wanted for tgeir expressions so it was easy to sketch them out.

2). Thank you!!!! I’m trying to get better with expressions and glad you think so!!!

Jul 13

OMGGGGGG BUMBLEWINNDDDDDDDDDD ;( Yeah Bumblewind and Brackentail are my two favorite characters xD

YESSSSS BRACKENTAIL!!!! He is definately one of my favorites!!!!

Jul 13


I agree with Echomoon. Star and Bumblewind!!!

Mkay, this just says it all: 😱😍😍

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