Jul 13

Character-A-Day Challenge #3 & #4


So yes, I did not post a drawing for yesterday's Character-A-Day Challenge. But no, I did not forget about doing it. This drawing just a little special. By this I mean I drew the Echofrost side yesterday, and then did the Bumblewind side today. See, I've been kinda wanting to do a drawing like this of the twins for a wile now, and when I saw Echofrost and Bumblewind were assigned to back to back days I thought it was the perfect opportunity (especially since I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time to be drawing on either of those days). So yeah, here it is! Also, I have decided that I will not be doing this challenge on weekends because I usually have full day activities on Saturday, and Sunday is a nice day to relax, so this will be my last drawing till Monday.


So cool!!! I really like the backgrounds on both!!!! You really should try shading on your drawings!!! It will really make them pop!!!! Im here if you ever want any tips!!!

Jul 13

Thanks, but I uh did put shading in the picture... it just is really hard to see (I didn't want it to be super defined, and then it kinda became non existent...)

@Dragon I see it. I just meant that you should try full out shading!!!! It’s always good to experiment!!!

Jul 13


Jul 14

Wow....... this makes me wonna cry ;( I love it

Jul 18Edited: Jul 18

That. Is. So. COOL. I am genuinely impressed. May I share it on my Pinterest (with credit to you)?

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