Jul 9

Character-A-Day Challenge #1


Okay, so today's Character-A-Day Challenge was to draw Star. And I decided to draw a picture of him mourning those close to him that died throughout the books. The feathers featured are (top to bottom) Silverlake, Bumblewind, Thundersky, Grasswing, and Dawnfir.


Jul 9

i love this! the feathers look great!!

This is so amazing! :D I only just finished my entry but haven’t posted it yet :/

I really like this. Buuuut.......... where's Lightfeather's?

Jul 9

I chose to only put the feathers of characters who had actually been present throughout at least one of the books. Lightfeather, wile she was very important to the whole series, was primarily only present in flash backs and dreams. Plus I ran out of room before I could put her's in (I was also planning to put one in for Morningleaf)

I really like it!!! Great job, Dragon! Star is a bit hard to see though.

Jul 10

Thanks, and it depends on your screen brightness, and how your screen is tilted

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