Sep 2, 2017



I think he had too much sugar yesterday....


Sep 2, 2017


Sep 2, 2017

I found a really cute picture of a horse smiling so I had to turn it into Bumblewind

Sep 2, 2017

I think I just found my new wall paper

Sep 3, 2017

I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 10, 2017

😂😂😂😂 I Love Bumblewind!

Nov 10, 2017

he's my new wallpaper, beating Yosemite, which is hard

Nov 10, 2017


Nov 11, 2017

He's been my wallpaper on my Amazon Fire for like over two months, and it still makes me laugh

It looks great :) It really made my day

ah! my stomach hurts from laughing so much

Feb 15

LOL -inserts thousands of laughing faces-

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  • might be slightly...insecure about everything I do cause I live with my family. Especially my sister. So...yeah. I don’t need complement, but if you have to critisize my art, please do it constructivly, or in a separate post. This is an evil sea monste. I worked hard on the uglyness. this is an epic dragon monk hero. (yes, that is the D&D symbol on his robe. I do play it. even though I am 12. I have a nerdy family, okay?) Baby Cerberus. Not great. Baby chimera. (I really like mythology) Baby dragon. My little cousin named him Pepper Centauricorn. I made this one up I didn’t draw this, but it is just plain hilarious. I did draw the sometimes I forget leg day one. Before I got into digital art
  • so the last time i did this was back in april, i kinda think my style has changed since then. for those of you who don’t know, every once in a while i post an style update showing you all how my art has come along. hehe sorry this is not tgh don’t kill me uwu sry if pics r sideways hehe DEEEKKKUUUUUU opal from steven universe :3 spinel!!! baby!!!!


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