Oct 19

Shadepebble is such a pretty filly, and I think shes pretty nice!
Sep 18

Funny how you should promise to never leave again, to never fall out of touch. To tell us we're your best friends one day, then completely sever any contact with you the next? Irony is so cruel... "I
Sep 17

I can't explain just how much I love Shadepbble! I love how she keeps going! She's so strong! I feel like I could really connect with the fact that she's different. She shows how strong she is in that
Jun 24

I just want everyone that has written a short story series to write the name of it in the comments, and the number of chapters so that people cam find it if they haven't seen it yet.
May 1

He's kind and amazing and awesome! He had the chance to kill his tormentor and banish him, making him suffer, but he DIDN'T! That's something I'd probably NEVER be able to do lol (I'm not good Christ
Mar 19

This is the poem I wrote for Flamefrost's poem challenge: Lightfeather's Death By Annika Z. In the dark of the night A white mare woke in a fright The pain in her belly Would not let her sleep tight S
Feb 27

Brakentail beccse he was not all bad and he cares and protects motningleaf. Morningleaf becuase she is really smart and kind. Shadepeeble becuase she is very loyal and kind to her freinds and Star bec
May 24, 2018

I'd hang with them because Echofrost is like me; sometimes self-centered and doesn't accept change well, like when Star invited Brackentail into the herd, she told her friends that she thinks Brackent
Mar 1, 2018

I would LOVE to hang out with Star, and Morningleaf. In the begining of the series, Star was almost exactly like me, when I read about him, I know I'm not alone. I love Morningleaf because she's just
Nov 16, 2017

I mean seriously i feel so bad for Brackentail because of everything hes been through like bullying. I just think he did all of it because he was lonely and anyway hes not bad anymore hes good. But i
Oct 2

I am completely obsesed with TGH as you all know, but, I confess I also have a slight obsesion over both Desendants movies. For some reason Desendants really reminds me of The Guardian Herd. Why, you
Sep 18

I would love to hang out with star😥 so we can talk about unfinished business does he like morningleaf. Wait scratch that of course he likes her. But does morningleaf like him. 🤔 lol thats what i wo
Jul 19

Hmmm.... I hadn't thought of one of my own OC's to be my friend :/ But... I think I'd go with my OC Riverpearl. She is so thoughtful and all she wants is peace. She loves Butterflies, (and Rainblaze)
May 23

SHE'S SO UNDERRATED & UNNAPRECIATED! my entry for Starleaf's competition made me realise just how much I love her XD thanks Starleaf... by the way sorry for thinking you were a boy, it was a misunders
Mar 28

Star because I would want to see what other things he could do with his Starfire and because he is so Kind, Caring, and Loving (Especially for Lightfeather, Morningleaf and Silverlake)
Mar 16

You three helped me through a really rough time, first I had to move little fragile me from the capital, to a tiny city, I always had really hard time making friends with anyone because everyone thoug
Jan 8

Morningleaf because I love how the filly is the smarter one and the more loyal and thinking the impossible. I love that she takes risks that are necessary. Star because of his such a devoted loyalty t
May 14, 2018

1. Star is brave and he is bullied alot if i coud meet him i would ask him how he stood strong through all of that chaos. 2. Morningleaf shes brave and will do anything for her friends and she always
Dec 21, 2017

In the last TGH news letter, Mrs. Alvarez said that Star's B-day is on the winter solstice. Well the winter solstice is today, that means more sun light! YAY! In the part of AK where I live the sun ro
Sep 28, 2017

I would love to hang with Dewberry and Bumblewind(*sobbs* WHY IS HE GONE????) Dewberry might have seemed harsh but she is soooooo sweet with Bumblewind!! Bumblewind just really reminds me of my bestie


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