Dec 26, 2018

Winged September day 8: and in the morning, I’m making WAFFLES!



(By the way, SORRY FOR THE LATENESS OF THIS POST! I was super busy in September so that’s why I didn’t post them on time)

So you are probably wondering how in the world does a quote from Shrek has anything to do with my least favorite ship! I shall explain....

So my least favorite ship is probably Kolfrost. Why? Because Kol is selfish, vain, foolish, annoying, conceited, and obnoxious. He would never leave Brauk, while Echofrost, on the other hand, is all about freedom. They are basically opposites. Even their wing colors!!!!

I didn’t want to draw them nuzzling, because that would go against one of my favorite ships, Echowind! So I drew one of their scenes in Across the Dark Water. I chose the scene when Brauk was putting Kol’s armor before the longest day of the year on and Kol says, “It’s full armor today. And Brauk shined it for me. His too.”

Echofrost replies, “it’s magnificent,” to get more information about the Landwalkers from him.

So my drawing is supposed to be of this scene, but as I was watercoloring it, Kol was becoming less smirky and more ecstatic about just being alive. And Echofrost became more and more annoyed. When I was done with it, it didn’t exactly look like what I had planned in my head. But Kol reminds me so much of Donkey from Shrek. So here you have it:



Donkol lifted his head from preening his loose feather and started bouncing up and down. “Me and Brauk are going to stay up all night, telling manly stories. And in the morning, IM MAKING WAFFLES!”

Shrekofrost raised an eyebrow, looking annoyed. “Sureeeee.”

(by the way, who thinks I should make more Donkol and Shrekofrost fan art? 😏)

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