Jul 27, 2018

WELCOME TO THE MB, MOONLEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


WELCOME TO THE MB, MOONLEAF!!!!!!!! I am Echomoon, Leader of Welcoming Other Pegasi, and -


Me: x running and huffing x x jumps on stage x x shoves Echomoon off stage x OMG ECHO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!!!!!!!!! x pauses to recieve breath x whew.... PLEASE IGNORE MY PEGASONA, SHE ALWAYS DOES THIS.....


Anyways, I'm Emi! Or you can call me Echomoon/Echo, whichever works for you. On the MB, you will meet amazing people (which I will not list because I will PROBABLY not remember them all).

When I first joined the MB, everyone welcomed me so warmly and everyone was just so nice. We're so close, they're basically like a second family. Heck, I trust them so much I opened up to them about... ...things, and they supported me.

They were incredible to me, and I'm definite they'll be incredible to you.


Enjoy your stay!

~ Emi & Echo

Jul 27, 2018


Jul 27, 2018

What they said (or typed)!! I’m Jonathan, but everyone on here calls me Flamefrost.

Jul 27, 2018

XDD HELLO THERE! You know my name by my account thingy so that's not a problem......

New Posts
  • Have you guys noticed that Rockwing and his mate, Birchcloud, never have colts only fillies? And after Petalcloud abandons Frostfire to Rockwing she becomes barren? I think the Ancestors of Anok have power over living pegasi. I think they watched over the steeds and saw Rock wing get nasty and they knew he would make his colts the same monsters he was. And they cursed Petalcloud then she betrayed her colt. But the Ancestors had pity on Frostfire because he was forced into bullying. His true nature was revealed when Starfrost became known. His love was revealed
  • IK this is more suitable for the "favourite characters" section but IDC IM LAZY 1. Bumblewind. Always and forever. 2. Echofrost (hey, she's awesome, plus Bumblewind is my twin irl and Echofrost is me) 3. Dewberry 4. Graythorn (he seems like a super interesting character, I wish we could've known him better) 5. Star 6. Darkleaf (LiTERALLY NOBODY KNOWS HER WTH) 7. Flamesky (the name is awesome) 8. Starfrost (mah cute lil bubbah) 9. Hazelwind 10. Grasswing 11. Lightfeather 12. (lucky number ttiimmee!!) Larksong (she's underdeveloped. I would love to see her more.)
  • Since we should take a break on Dragon's RP till she comes back lets make this one, riders and their mounts Character rules: Try for 2 mains and 2 mounts. You can have others but try to not make them everywhere. Mount rules: No un-natural colors please. Please try to make sure they dont look to much the same. Other things: Clans, Clan of the 8th and clan of the 7th. If you want to be a monarch ask. Character form Name: Age: Family: Clan: Friends: Looks: Rank: Mount form Name: Age: Friends: Looks: Rider: Image: Not sure how long we will do it maybe till she comes back


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