Apr 14, 2018

The 4th Annual Summer Book Contest!


Edited: Apr 14, 2018

The 4th Annual Summer Book Contest Starts Now! by Sara CarothersWe are so pleased to be kicking off our 4th Annual Summer Book Contest! This year, students will create an original, illustrated 18-page mystery story using the Lulu Jr. IlluStory kit. When they finish,they mail the completed pages to Lulu Jr. and receive their own hard cover book in the mail!And while you can read all about the judging criteria and fantastic prizeson the website, I want to talk to you parents for a minute about some things you may not have considered. 1 – The book your child creates is a snapshot of their imagination. The story is their own; parents are not allowed to help beyond getting the pages mailed and following up with an email to enter the contest. 2 – Your child is using their own handwriting and illustrations. They have to take their time since neatness is a criteria for judging. How many times have you had to tell your child to slow down and write neatly? 3 – They have to plan their story thoughtfully. They will develop characters, a setting, the plot, a conflict, resolution, and a satisfying conclusion. It’s a small book, so their choices have to be carefully edited. 4 – We will be looking at their sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. 5 –It will be beneficial to carefully read and follow the instructions in the book kit itself, as well as the contest rules on our website. They have to be conscientious. If they miss a step, there may be a negative consequence either in the quality of their finished book or in their entry. 6 – There are three age groups and two winners per group. Not everyone is going to win a prize even if they write a great book. We have several judges all using the same rubric and we total all of their scores to determine the prize winners. This is not an easy thing to do, so we have made it as objective as we could. You will have the very same rubric to refer to when writing the story and know exactly what we are looking for. The first contest had 40 entries. The second contest had 145. There is a lot of competition. 7 – Every contestant will be mailed a $5 Dairy Queen gift card as a thank you for entering. Everyone gets a hardcover copy of their own book to share with friends and family. You can even purchase more copies of it on your own from Lulu Jr. for about $15 each. However, the real prize is in their hard work and the book they have to show for it. 8 – The overall winner will have their book printed and sold by Rainbow Resource Center, with royalties paid to the young author, as well as a cash prize. That is pretty awesome! But think of the academic value, the keepsake to treasure, and the independence of a child being in charge of writing their own book brings to the table. If you have a child who enjoys writing or drawing, we hope you’ll consider the Summer Book Contest. We can’t wait to see their story!” You guys are amazing writers, and you deserve to enter and win this contest. I hope you will think about it!

Apr 14, 2018

Uhh............ Okay? I've never heard of it. So I probably won't do it but i'll gladly create a mystery story!

Apr 14, 2018Edited: Apr 14, 2018

I"M SO IN!!!! How do I sign-up??? I love a good mystery!

I feel like I'm not going to win,because there are so many talented writers out there. However, I'd love to join!


Thanks Wispi!

Apr 15, 2018

Oh, I just realized something. You have to buy a $15 dollar starter kit.

Apr 17, 2018

Well, even if you don’t win you’ll get a hardcover copy of your book/story. And Nightmist, this is a Rainbow Resource writing competition that is nation-wide (as far as I know). Rainbow Recourse is a company that sells school supplies and (apparently) publishes books.

Apr 17, 2018


Apr 17, 2018

I saw that, but I feel like there's a catch.. Is there?

Apr 17, 2018

You have to send it in by August (forgot the day) to get the hard cover for yourself, and Nightmist you have to be one of the two winners to be published.

Apr 17, 2018

I see. I looked at it, and you also have to buy a $15 starter kit. However, if you win you get like $100 for a cash prize, or more. If you don't win you will receive a gift card.

Apr 17, 2018

Idk but I would like to go to their website............

Apr 17, 2018Edited: Apr 17, 2018






Here's what their website says.


It's time to solve the mystery of the 4th Annual Summer Book Contest! This year, young writers and illustrators have the opportunity to write an original mysterious tale using this kit from Lulu Jr. Plan a mystery with characters, conflict, clues, and a conclusion. Our theme this year is: MYSTERY. We will be sharing some classic and modern mystery books this spring to get you motivated, but your story must be an original!

The kit includes story pages and complete instructions, but you also need to follow our contest rules shown below. We have 500 kits available for $14.99 with free shipping. For free shipping, leave a note in the comment box when ordering online. Once those are sold, you can still enter the contest by purchasing item 000283 (regular ship rates apply.) When your story is complete, email us to enter the contest and mail off your story pages to the publisher. It takes 2-3 weeks to receive your hardcover book in the mail.

We will choose a winner and runner-up in 3 age groups: 7-10, 11-14 and 15-18 year olds. Entries will be judged based on the criteria found on the rubric (see Rules). First place winners receive $250 and runners-up get $100 cash. One overall winner will be chosen to have their book printed and published by Rainbow Resource Center. Every contestant who enters will receive a $5 Dairy Queen gift card in the mail. Deadline to enter is August 31, 2018. Winners will be announced November 1, 2018.

Apr 17, 2018

My mom is buying the kit for me

Apr 17, 2018

I think I'm going to do it then. When you think about it..It's an investment in your writing.



I'm so in!!! :D

Apr 17, 2018

Do you think someone on here will win?! That would be super cool.

Apr 17, 2018

That would be really cool. I think there's a good chance.

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