Oct 30, 2018

TGH Mary Sue/Gary Stu kinda thing


For those of you who don't know what a Mary Sue or Gary Stu is, it's basically a really, incredibly really overpowered character that has all the cliches: tragic past; dead parents/siblings; "special snowflake" tendencies. Gary Stu is the guy version and Mary Sue is the girl version. This post is just a trollfic for everyone to have a laugh at because it's so stupid XD




Gender: MARE

Age: 102&2727299192827363638282817263787362517283645 but looks and sounds like a 16 year old in human years



Description: Bright White mare with rainbow mane and tail and rainbow eyes. Her wings are white but are tipped in rainbow. She has extremely strong starfire (even though she isn't the black foal), so strong that she can basically open her mouth at someone and the starfire will engulf them, either killing them or healing them. Did I mention her starfire is rainbow coloured? And that she can bring back long-gone pegasushis from the dead?! THATS HOW SRRONG HER STARFIRE IS CUZ SHES ABSOLUTLY PRFECTTTTTTTTTTTTT IN EVRY SINGL WAY POSSIBLEH


Name: Lakefeather

Gender: Mare

Age: 2 years

Role: Lead Mare's daughter, but she will fight you

Herd: Desert Herd

Description: Small White mare. Her wings are white, and her mane and tail are grey. Her eyes are blue. She has dark points on her legs and muzzle.

Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard!!! Rainbows Echo? Really?!! Lol I think its the main reason Im laughing!!

Oct 31, 2018

Rainbows is the #3 cliche for Mary Sues /Gary stus. At least for the MLP fandom

Oct 31, 2018

Ah MLP would explain a lot of that

Mar 14

yeah it would ^~^ XD

Mar 16


The Warriors canon chracters and non-canon has a lot of these. -cough- in the later series after like the first or first two Firestar. Hmmmm Spottedleaf. Dovewing.....

Dovewing is way overpowered. I’m glad (spoiler for VOS) she lost her powers.

Mar 17

@Scipio same, and I think, since of course he's blind, he should have been able to keep his powers

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Galaxyburst sounds scarry. I wouldn’t wany to meet her in a dark alley.....

Mar 18

xD that's the point, I seriously doubt anyone would... what an abomination

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  • Dear Herd Nerds, Okay, I am not on this alot, but I feel like so many new people have joined since I was on last. Can someone please update me on who everyone is and how everyone is doing? It's so great there are so many Jennifer Lynn Alvarez fans! =) -Rainleaf
  • So for a really long time I have been struggling with thing happening in my life. Feeling unloved, having no friends, maybe moving. So I went to a really good friend and she is helping me. I think why I made my oc, Nightsong look the way she does is because that is how I used to feel. When I am all the way healed, how ever long this takes, I want to change my oc to this I want the freedom that Windfeather has. I want to love myself again. Her eyes look like this because you never forget. I choose the name because of the fact that sometimes we are just a feather in the wind. And sometimes we choose the breeze that carrys us. I dont want to be ashamed of who I am. I am brave, caring, hopeful, optimistic, I want to do good in the world. Something I once heard said. "Go out in the world and do good!" The student asked, "Dont you mean do well?" And he said. "Do Good in this world, you only have one chance." Lets go out in the world and do good! Something I just wanted to say was, I read a lot of books and this stuck out to me. A man took an arrow for a girl and they were talking and this is what was said. "It would have hurt me far more if the arrow had hit you." The man said. "Because of your manly pride." The girl said. "Because you are worth protecting! So worth it!" Dragon, RB, Echo, Rainfire. Starleaf. All of this herd needs to know. You are so worth it to God. Go out and do good. Remember you are so worth it to God.
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