Jul 14

Storm Herd RP Characters


Edited: Aug 15


So I am starting a new RP. Anyone is welcome to join.


Somewhere while a migration is underway, a huge storm splits the herd. Half of the herd find their way to their initial location. But, half the herd is spit out on the eastern boarder past the interior. No pegasus has settled there so the land is unknown. They don't know what they will find or what they will encounter. The lost steeds consist of the over-stallion, the lead mare, a good amount of captains, an equal amount of mares and under-stallions, and a few foals\yearlings\weanlings. They have a good foundation to start a new herd but have no idea what danger lurks. They have to find a way to survive with such few numbers till the herd grows.


1. Be nice

2. Only RP for someone else if they give you permission

3. Comment in () if you are just talking and not actually RPing.

4. Comment in third person (Star walked to the river and drank the cool water)

5. Have fun!!


Add your characters down below specifying their rank, age, yada yada, yall know the drill.

Characters: Up to 3 (may change it but idk)

(1) Over-stallion: Stonewing (@Nightmist)

(1) Lead Mare: Stormcloud (@Starleaf)

(1) Lead Captain (not necessary): Snowfire (@Sunblaze)

Captains: Autumnfire (@Autumnsky)

Medicine Mare (optional):

Sky Herders: Junerye (Nightmist);

Battle Mares: Iceshard (@Sunblaze); Stormfly (@Starleaf)

Battle Stallions: Swiftmoon (@Riverbreeze);

Mares: Rosesky (@Rosestream);

Under-stallions: Sunripple (@Dragon);



Yearlings: Snowdust (@Sunnblaze); Doespeckle (@Scipio); Skydancer (@Mossbrook);



I'll join!!! Just a question, is this lbased off any herd in particular, or just whatever, since I don't want to have a character names Sunheart but they're based off of Snow herd or whatever...(Please don't take offence, the storyline sounds like Dawn Herd RP since they went past the interior xD idc though so please don't take offence)

Jul 14

To be honest half of the rps are past the interior so I wonldnt worry too much. Its ok XD.

Its not really based off one of the 5 herds. Its based off of a made up herd (example: Dawn herd :D) So don't rally worry about names or coat colors. This herd is very diverse.

Name: Rosesky

Age: 4

Gender: Mare

Rank: Mare

Personality: Motherly, kind, loving, softy

Likes: Flowers, summer, green grass, fluffy clouds

Dislikes: mean steeds, storms

Family: TBD

Crush: TBD

Looks: Liver chestnut mare with magenta feathers tipped in light blue



Jul 14

I looove flaxen liver chestnuts!!!

Jul 15

Oh hey Rosestream, I figured you'd like to be aware of the fact that the name Rosesky is already the name of an OC on here

@Dragon Oh, oops...Who's OC is it? I can change her name if you want me to?

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Jul 14Edited: Jul 15

Name: Sunripple

Age: 6

Gender: male

Rank: under-stallion

Personality: loyal; brave; rebellious at times; fearless; sweet; kind; slightly ambitious; protective;

Likes: Rubymist; flying; swimming;

Dislikes: not being with Rubymist; spiders; and now storms

Family: Rubymist (mate - missing); Unborn Foal (foal - missing)

Crush: Rubymist

Looks: golden palomino stallion, thin blaze, four white socks, creamy white mane and tail, dark cyan wings. 16.3hh


Jul 14

Can I be the over-stallion that survives?!?!?! I love being a leader-like character, I’m sorry xD I’m never al eager in any RP most of the time, because when I was younger I was always the ostracized character xD ANYWAYS, enough about my life xD

Jul 15

Of course! You dont have to ask to be a character.

Jul 14

If I can be an overstallion, then this would be my character:

Jul 15Edited: Jul 16

Name: Stonewing

Age: 30

Rank: Over-stallion

Gender: Male

Height: Stands at an impressive height of 17.5, a little bit tall for a thoroughbred, but the tallest one recorded was 18.1 hh

Description: A steel gray pinto, black mane and tail (Except for the occasional white patterns because he's a pinto), one hind right stocking, a large blaze down the length of his forehead, eyes like a dark twilight blue, and large electric blue wing tipped in cherry red.

Personality: More of a fun, caring over-stallion, not big and intimidating like others. He enjoys deep conversations, and he is almost like a person you'd go to to get something off your chest. He is also a very forgiving over-stallion, but when it comes to the safety of his herd, he is merciless.

Likes: Kindness, forgiveness, and clovers. He loves diplomacy. politics, and chaotic organization. For what is organization without chaos? He often say to pegasi who question him.

Dislikes: You know those kind of people, that when they shake your hand, they always squeeze really hard and hold it for a little too long to be intimidating? yah, he doesn't like those bozos xD.

Family: His lead-mare (No character yet) He had a twin sister who got lost in the storm, and he prays to the ancestors every day for her safety.

Crush: Lead-mare

Mate: Lead-mare




Jul 15

@Nightmist, Would it be ok for me to be the lead mare?

Jul 15Edited: Jul 15

@Sunblaze Did I just delete my comments some how??? What is happening?!?!?!?

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Jul 15Edited: Jul 17

Name: Snowfire,

Age. 6

Rank: Lead Captain

Description, LEopard appaloosa, with dark blue wings that fade into a icy white


Personality, kind-hearted, Determined, TBD

Hight, 16.3 H

Likes, Scouting missions, soaring in the sky, fresh grass.

Dislikes, Huge animals, tough summers, harsh winters, anything that could harm the herd.

Crush: Stormfly

Family: His younger sister Iceshard and his youngest sister Snowdust

Jul 15Edited: Jul 17

Name, Iceshard

Age 5.

RAnk: Battle MAre

Description, Dapple grey coat, wings are a purple that fade into icy white

Hight, 15.6 H

Personality, Kind, loving, determined, TBD

Likes, Scouting missions, soaring in the sky, fresh grass, sometimes apples,

Dislikes huge animals, tough summers, harsh winters, anything that could harm the herd.

Crush, TBD

Family, her older brother Snowfire and her younger sister Snowdust

Jul 15

I really like the name Icefire, but you can only use the suffix 'fire' for captains

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Jul 15

Sunblaze, it’s not up to me if you”re lead-mare or not XD But I’d be okay with it, of course

Jul 15

Don’t make me choose who is lead-mare! xD

Jul 15

Name - Doespeckle

Age - 1

Gender - Filly

Rank - Yearling


Personality - Sweet... like a doe. Doespeckle is quiet, shy, and sweet. She‘s a very nervous and on the edge type of pegasus; an over-thinker. She also has a wild and fast temperament like a stampeding herd of wild mustang. Though the filly is quite bright and logically smart. Maybe she’ll become braver as she ages... who knows.


Appearance - She‘s kind of small for her age and can be seen as a weakling... but know this: Doespeckle might be small but she’s good at flying and could make an excellent battle mare with her out-of-the-box thinking. Her body is in an upwards build, her legs standing four-square and straight. She has a light, silky coat and silky mane/tail. Her coloring is strawberry or red roan appaloosa type with no white markings and she has icy but a gentle blue wall eyes.


Likes - Flying, training, water, quiet things, beautiful nature, friends, flying high, calming sounds, family, and bird song




(almost done)

Jul 15


Jul 15

Yeah xD I took a break! Thanks.

Jul 15Edited: Jul 16

Name: Stormcloud

Age: 27

Rank: Lead Mare

Gender: Female

Description: Bay pinto mare with four high stockings. Almost like a splash horse but not quite. Back stockings extend to belly stripes. (Look at photo i suck at explaining things) Icy wall eyes. Dark blue wings tipped in white. Wide blaze. NOTE: SHE IS NOT THIS THICK OF A PEGASUS SHE IS LEAN. THIS IS JUST THE ONLY PIC I COULD FIND. (I just realized i had caps lock on XD)

Personality: Kind and motherly but is not afraid to stand up to people.

Friends: Rosesky, Iceshard, TBD

Mate: Stonewing

Likes: Stuff good for the herd (Im lazy and dont want to write out everything XD)

Dislikes: Stuff bad for the herd (Did it again)



Jul 16Edited: Aug 7


Age: 4

Rank: Battle mare

Gender: Female

Dicription: Light grulla pinto with black and white mane\tail. Patel aqua wings that fade to a light blue\purple at the very tips. One blue eye one brown eye.

Likes: Flying, scouting, helping in any way she can, winning challenges especially against stallions

Dislikes: Threats, loosing, bullies, extreme weather,

Personality: Loves to have fun. Skilled fighter when needed. Loves challenges and is always there for you.

Crush: Snowfire (secretly of course)

Mate: Nope



Jul 16

HTTYD reference?

Jul 16

Do we know when this role play will be starting?

Jul 17

Probably the first week of August. Im going to be in Maine next week. And I want more time for ppl to add their characters so it wont be this week. So yah probably the first week of August.

Jul 17

@Starleaf hey if its possible could you start it on the 2nd or 3rd of August I will be back from a summer camp one of those 2 days

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Jul 16


name: Snowdust,

age: 1

rank Yearling,

Gender: Female/Mare

appearance, grey blanket appalossa, a bit small for her age, skinny, her wings are a purpleish blue that fade into white

Personality: Much like her older siblings, she is determined kind-hearted, she likes to try and follow the captains or battle mares on their scouting missions, she likes to spy on other pegasi, and probably you already figured she wants to be a battle mare when she's older.

Likes. Flying, spying, joking, eating, flowers, sleeping, and apples,

Dislikes, mean foals, threats to the herd, her brother or sister going off on missions, huge bugs (Not butterflies)

Mate: NOPE

Crush TBD (Feel free to have your character like her)

Family, her older sister Iceshard and her older brother Snowfire.


Aug 5Edited: Aug 6

Hmmm... I would like to be a captain. I know I'm a lil late, tho.


Name: Autumnfire.

Rank: Captain.

Age: About 8 or 9.

Gender: Mare.

Description: Dark bay mare with orange feathers, white star and stripe on face, four white ankles, black mane and tail.

Likes: sleeping, flying through clouds, going on slow flights, a cool breeze through her mane, colorful birds, and playing with foals.

Dislikes: Loud noise, thunder, the ocean, dirt or sand in her mane, and bears.

Personality: strong, brave, loyal, smart, loving, kind, quiet.

Crush: none.

mate: none.

Family: none (wants to have a foal one day)



Aug 5Edited: Aug 9

Name: Swiftmoon

Rank: Battle-stallion(but he hates wars/battles)

Age: 4

Gender: Stallion

Description: Light dun with pale blue wings tipped in silver. Thin blaze, one front sock, and soft blue eyes. Black mane and tail. About 15 hands

Personality: level-headed, deathly loyal, caring, calm-even in a crisis, focused, quiet, an amazing listener, selfless, never gets angry, thinks before he acts, elegant, strategical, bad at hiding his emotions, and can be protective.

Likes: peace, no fights, calm and quiet afternoons, friends, flying, smiling, focusing on the positive.

Dislikes: wars, fights, being a battle-stallion, being away from his family, bullies, blood, loud noises, frowning, focusing on the negative.

Crush: Junereye (But, he's too shy and level-headed to tell her or anyone else, but its pretty obvious)

mate: none.

Friends: anyone really but mainly Junereye because he's known her since he was a colt.

Family: Dewgrass-Dam Wolfsand-Sire. Unborn future brother-Hollowpine. Both parents are with the other half of the herd and he has an unborn younger brother(but he doesn't know that)


(Like this except with one front white sock, a thin blaze, and blue eyes.

And not so much the Arabian build)


Nice! I'm so glad you adopted him! ^^ I love his personality!

Aug 6Edited: Aug 7

Name: Junerye

Rank: Sky Herder in training

Age: 4 1/2

Gender: Mare

Description: Rocky mountain mare, meaning a dark bay coat and creamy light flaxen main and tail, beautiful golden feathers, four white stockings and a wide blaze down the middle of her forehead.

Likes: Adventure, winning, exploring the wilderness, protecting the weak, and for some reason, sea shells.

Dislikes: She does not like pegasi who are too over-dramatic, grudges, and is deathly terrified of storms. That is why she had become so lonely and mentally scarred after the storm that separated her from her younger brother, but left her with her two parents who babied her so much after losing her older brother.

Crush: Swiftmoon (If that's okay with you Riverbreeze xD)

Mate: None.

Friends: Swiftmoon, and her older brother that she misses more than anything.

Family: Lilydawn-Mother Cocoadew-Father Rainchaser-Older Brother


https://www.theguardianherd.com/messageboard/herd-chat/beautiful-mares her description comes from the 5th mare on that post xD. For some reason, I couldn't get it to load :/




Aug 6Edited: Aug 7

OMGSH!! YEESSS!!! Swiftreye/Junemoon is on!

@Riverbreeze *GASP* I just realized! You two are shipping two of the pegasi I put up for adoption! OMG! That's so cool ^^

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